Terrorism tip-off letter sent to DRP MP, forwarded to authorities, media

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) is publicly claiming to have received an anonymous letter warning of a supposed terrorist attack against the Maldives.

DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf said he received the letter at around 8:30pm on Saturday evening, signed by “someone who loves their country”, purporting to have information regarding an attack later this month and detailing a list of targets, including the past and current President, senior officials, MPs from both parties, Criminal Court judges and foreign diplomats.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday afternoon, DRP Deputy Leader Umar Naseer said the party had yesterday “learned of the plot [concerning] a foreign group planning to attack the Maldives”, while People’s Alliance (PA) MP Abdulla Yameen – chair of the National Security Committee – confirmed there would be a meeting on Monday.

Umar went on to reveal the supposed ‘hit list’, which included President Mohamed Nasheed, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, MDP MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Gasim Ibrahim, Yameen, DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, DRP MPs Ilham Ahmed, Ali Waheed and Mahlouf, former Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, former Supreme Court Justice Mujthaz Fahmy, Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed, UN Resident Coordinator Andrew Cox, and himself.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) media coordinator Major Abdul Raheem confirmed that Chief of Defence Forces Major General Moosa Jaleel had been verbally informed of the letter, and an investigation was underway.

“There is no information as to the origin [of the letter], but we are taking it seriously and looking into the matter,” he said.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said police “are not saying anything officially.”

Mahlouf acknowledged the “odd” choice of targets for a supposed foreign terrorist group, but noted that the letter had asked him to pass the information to the concerned authorities. It was written in Dhivehi, he noted.

“I don’t know if it is true or false or a trick to threaten us. Still, it’s a letter I take very seriously,” he said. “In 1988 there was talk that the then defence minister received information about the attempted coup, but action was not taken because it was not thought to be serious.”

“Even when I first read [the letter] I thought it was a joke, but I discussed with my fellow MPs and decided to send it to the police,” he said. “I called Gasim and he said he had also received a note.”

Mahlouf said the DRP MPs had further decided to publicise the threats in the media “because we believe some people would try to frame the opposition as being involved in this. Also if there is an attack planned, [the attackers] may not go ahead because of the publicity.”

The President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair said the government wished to thank the DRP MPs for bringing the threats to the government’s attention, and said he believed “there might be some truth” to the claims as the MNDF had said they were “not isolated to one source.”

“It coincides with the importation of a stun gun and other security [events] by a Maldivian individual,” Zuhair observed.

Maldives Customs stopped two men aged 20 and 25 with a stun gun and nine masks from the midnight Sri Lankan Airlines flight. The 3,800 watt stun gun was found on the 20-year-old.

In past weeks, customs officials found five 3-feet long swords in a general cargo shipment at the Male’ commercial harbour, while on August 9, customs seized 250 toy guns guns and handed them over to the MNDF for investigation.

Zuhair added that he did not subscribe to the “theory of others” that the publicising of the letter was an attempt at political gain, but that rather its release showed the opposition “is trying to gain the confidence of the government following conclusion of the interim period.”

However, regarding the threats in the letter sent to Mahlouf, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed said he had “never heard anything more ridiculous in my entire life.”

“Obviously there’s a madman on the loose. But why wasn’t the information shared just with police? It doesn’t require scaremongering. My concern is that this is scaremongering, and that is not very helpful.”

Dr Shaheed further observed that “the collective wisdom of the ages is that one shouldn’t cry wolf if there is no wolf, and if there is a wolf, the concerned authorities should be allowed to make a swift, sharp and discreet investigation. Terrorists may be mad, but there is method to their madness.”

The concept of a military coup remains a sensitive subject in the Maldives, following an attempt by 80 armed mercenaries of the Sri Lankan People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) to overthrow the Maldives government in 1988.

The plot was foiled when Indian paratroopers arrived less than 12 hours later on request by then-President Gayoom. 19 people died in the fighting, along with several hostages.

More recently the government has expressed concern at rising levels of Islamic fundamentalism in the Maldives, culminating in the 2007 bomb attack in Sultans Park that injured 12 tourists, and an armed stand-off between islanders from Himandhoo in North Ari Atoll and police who were attempting to close the unsanctioned Dhar al Khuir mosque. Footage from a video taken inside the mosque prior to the police raid would later appear in an Al Qaeda recruitment video.

Last week, two of the three men sentenced to 15 years prison for the Sultans’ Park bombing, Ahmed Naseer and Mohamed Sobah, had their sentences commuted to suspended sentences by the government under the new Clemency Act, with accompanying promises that they would be “well observed”.

The bomb attack near the Sultan Park was the first such incident to occur in the Maldives and received widespread publicity around the globe, damaging the tourism industry.


29 thoughts on “Terrorism tip-off letter sent to DRP MP, forwarded to authorities, media”

  1. ooh, government has transferred the Sep2007 sultan park bombers which injured 2 Briton and 8 Chinese from prison to their home. All Maldivian knows what house arrest means, it means "your Free", why Minivan News do not clearly state how much sultan park bomb plot was given freedom from clemency act. if this was gayooms time you guys would have stated to the minor details. 2 Britons were hurt(burn) seriously. you guys try to hide President Nasheed mistakes.

  2. anni should release the rest of himandhoo terrorists and let them join adhaalath and then to cabinet andget invited to london anti terror conference and then blow the venue of the place. this therat os near to be tru than vry wolf as discribed by tiny doctor. such a attaks full blame sud be taken by anni coz he is the one who is letting this out of hand and empowering extremists in maldives.

  3. Just an Analysis:
    I quote from the article:
    "Mahlouf said the DRP MPs had further decided to publicise the threats in the media “because we believe some people would try to frame the opposition as being involved in this. Also if there is an attack planned, [the attackers] may not go ahead because of the publicity.”"

    1.Is this some sort of a Scare Tactic?
    2.AND why publicize this so hurriedly? 3.Just to save an accusation?"“because we believe some people would try to frame the opposition as being involved in this"...hmmm?
    4.Is that a justifiable argument? Perhaps yes! ???

    Perhaps part of the answers lies within the article itself:
    Again...I quote from the article:
    "However, regarding the threats in the letter sent to Mahlouf, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed said he had “never heard anything more ridiculous in my entire life.”

    “Obviously there’s a madman on the loose. But why wasn’t the information shared just with police? It doesn’t require scaremongering. My concern is that this is scaremongering, and that is not very helpful.”

    Dr Shaheed further observed that “the collective wisdom of the ages is that one shouldn’t cry wolf if there is no wolf, and if there is a wolf, the concerned authorities should be allowed to make a swift, sharp and discreet investigation. Terrorists may be mad, but there is method to their madness.”

    We trust that Authorities [as said in the article] would take this seriously enough. May Allah help them unveil the Truth behind this and defend this nation from another attack (we are already under attack morally and spiritually from all directions).

    Allah Knows Best
    In Allah we Trust

  4. The Maldivian internal security ( Maldives police) and intelligence services cannot apprehend a single drug trafficker after 3 months of surveillance only object they could seize was an empty car .. which makes horrendously incompetent in countering terror threats and national security matters - especially in a region which faces constant threats and attacks .. We need to keep aside political differences and work for the betterment of the country.. Have we ever noticed how incompetent people are often incredibly confident? why? Is it the political assistance?
    According to the scientists, "Overestimation occurs, in part, because people who are unskilled in these domains suffer a dual burden: Not only do these people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices, but their incompetence robs them of the metacognitive ability to realize it." ABC Radio National's The Science Show recently explored the Dunning-Kruger Effect: “this really reminds me of Maldives police drug enforcement “ ….
    Can this country meet the expense of incompetent people managing our top security positions? It’s like this the more you know, the more you know you don't know.. I have nothing more to say .. there extremely intellectual people in the new government who would really understand what this is all about!!

  5. should i be laughing at the stupidity of both terrorizers and ppl who've been notified? but i know the madness is real, i know life is a very confusing thing to many ppl and do not know what to do with it. they kill, slaughter for a momentary victory and power. FAIL the nerve to see the bigger picture..
    Scare tactics by politicians OR be it real threat, this shows the real face of todays humans (who thinks so highly of himself with god-given reasons and purpose in life)..

  6. Who is the individual that has tried to import stunt gun & these swords to Maldives? Dont you all think that Public needs to know about these??? Any one who can shed light on this ??

  7. Who is telling the truth? They are more interested to find a political scape goat than safe guarding the country. To start with, Mr. expert has spoken.

  8. why send the letter to mahlouf's house of all places? why not alivaage or mndf or the president's office or one of the media outlets? so many questions go unanswered...

  9. well the hitlist has all the names maldivians can do without!! they are destroying this country...and i believe DRP is either stupid to release this to public or they have something to do with this...

  10. This can be nothing but a hoax. this is Anni's way of keeping the mismanaged situation under control. Besides, who else other than drug adicts and convicts are in this government.. they know how.

    But keep alert.

  11. Can't help but think that Nazim, Nihan and Moosa must be feeling a little bit unrecognised. Oh and of course Hassan Saeed and Hussain Rasheed!

  12. When an ex COP is so confindence that he should be the man incharge of the defence of this country he will come up with something like this.

    One wonders how many gofi's this DrP has, I think Mahloof and Naseer should be moved to "Menapause Gofi" or "Loonies Gofi".

    Maadha maa DRP ge Dheenee Gofin Baavaa Hukuru Namaadhu Kurumey Islamic Marukazu Gaa On Naane', Imaamu ve Namaadhu Kuraa nee Moya Moonu.

    Some people will do anything to be in the news.

    Dear Ameen Faisal be ready. We are on the attack, its called "Blue Dawn" led by Nasreena.

  13. It really is an interesting rumor/letter. To me personally I think the opposition is trying to use politics used by western countries. Since the past few weeks they had to give in and start playing nice to the government due to the public outrage against their members in Parliament and also some MDP members in Government.. they are either trying to cause a distraction away from them to something which might not even exist. We as a small society are very prone to rumors. Everyone knows this. Many just love talking about something, even if it might not have a single credible evidence. Anyone could have wrote that letter.

    Most of the people I talked to thinks its a plan by few people inside DRP, but others does not agree with it or something. Again.. all hearsay and nothing concrete.

    Inshallah I just want all corrupted people brought to justice and Islam being the rule of law in Maldives one day. Who knows, maybe in this coming election Adhaalath will make a big gain, but they must not be greedy for high status. Instead be humble and work only to please Allah (swt), not the people first.
    We are all tested in every action we do and word we say up to the intentions in our hearts...

  14. Paradise on Earth is now Hell on Earth! All thanks to the Maldivians who are digging their own grave. No, don't blame MDP or DRP. They all get the blame. This wasnt just Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's fault. Anni takes the blame too. All the politicians like Reeko Moosa takes the blame. Yamin too..

    This is just a mess and we dumb Maldivians still support their games and false promises.

    What's next? A bridge between Addu and Male' and 2,000 Flats on it? Or maybe a vacation island for the terrorists with jacuzi and butler service. After all Anni clearly believes they don't belong in Jail.

  15. i say out loud..this is annige fault. he is empowring extremists and the result will be more things like this. i hope pur deputy islamic minister mulla shaheem is not the jihadee who be blowing up himself to kill anni and few others like other wannabe presidents. so DJ baaree will become get a chance to be president and decalre maldives as a 100 percent habee mulla state. is nt fishy that non of the adhaalath or mulaa poilticains who dictate maldivain politics name is not in the traget list. i m sure mulla extremists want to wipe out democrasy in maldives.

  16. military should come out and arrest all those islamic extremist leaders belonging to adhaalath, salaf jamiya and islamic foundation etc and subject them to CIA style intorogation and in matter of no time the full details of the plot will be out. we should use this chance to crack down and finsh off these bloddy exteremists in maldives. insha allah this will be end of extremism in maldives.

  17. To unite the country as one, its time that Maldives look for a good common enemy. If there are no threats, even an fake threat needs to be created..

  18. i think some people connected to opposition is planning all this...and what the opposition is doing in majlis is getting inside knowledge of whats being done by police and army by giving this a name of 'investigation' by majlis..this all makes the attack easier to succeed...and i think police and army should be very careful what information they give to majlis about this.

  19. President Nasheed wants to turn the country into terrorist haven by bringing in Guantanabo Bay suspected terrorists and releasing the Sultan Park bombers. No wonder we are facing terrorist threats.

  20. Letter sent to Mahuloofs house???
    Are you kidding me?? Who is to be notified.. Lol
    As far as I think, Mahuloof himself wrote it to get some publicity..:)

  21. I want Mahlouf's diagnosis when he was treated on government expense. I suspect some maniac disease was there too. His attitute shows the symptoms.

  22. Let me get this straight: Mahloof got an anonymous letter. It must have been written by somebody smart enough to realise that it is only Mahloof, and not Thasmeen or Shahid or Yamin or Ali Waheed or even Mao who can save Maldives! Okay. The anonymous writer was so honest he or she did not want to write to MNDF or the police about it. Fine. The writer was so concerned that he or she knew that it is Mahloof and not Anni who can actually do something to stop the impending attack. Intelligent stuff! Looks like dumb and dumber, with the writer being dumb, Mahloof being dumber and the media being the dumbest! QED!

  23. just fiqured out who are the people blaming this on oppposition threats, its those extremists who are paid to keep a watch on minivannews. hehe. this attack would have been planned by nobody else but the collective effort of jihadese like baaree...shaheem ...seku fareed and many more beardies

  24. i just dont understand how UN resident coordinator fit in to this list. what exactly does he have in common with these politicians? if anything what UN does and have done is help maldives. if he is on the list; then it must be some ungrateful idiots or some jihadi wahhabis behind this plot. about time we wake up and act against extremism (including adhaalathism)

  25. UN Resident coordinator is the symbol of Western Imperialism which the Jihadists (whatever name one may call them) feel need to be eliminated... Even if our Foreign Minister believes it is a hoax, we must understand that the edge is indeed through "madness without method"... It is madness without method that allows the enemy to enter one's country/territory and to let thousands if not millions be killed in order to "trap the enemy"... there is no method to terrorist madness; believing it does is the good luck of the terrorist...

  26. It is told there was a guy who set fire to a mosque and was inquisitively asking if anyone was saying it was him?

    Also very lately in an island there had been a person missing, presumed dead.
    Police and island people were searching and a person who was working very closely with them detected a different smell from the thickets, and finally managed to trace the body himself!
    At the end of investigation, it was found that the missing person was murdered by the guy who found him!!!!

  27. When you're tipped off a potential bomb threat at an airport you don't hysterically scream "bomb!" and scare the shit out of the crowd! You share the information only with the concerned authorities and let them run an investigation discreetly!


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