Government decreases sentences of Sultan Park bombers under Clemency Act

The government has confirmed it has commuted the sentences of two of the three convicted terrorists responsible for the 2007 bombing of Sultans Park in Male’, under the Clemency Act.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said the pair, identified by local media as Ahmed Naseer and Mohamed Sobah, were “not granted clemency, but had their sentences decreased.”

The two men had their sentences changed from incarceration to three year suspended sentences under observation.

”Their punishment was delayed by the lawful offering of a suspended punishment,” said Zuhair, indicating that “they will be well observed.”

Naseer and Sobah were convicted for 15 years on charges of terrorism, ”but they were not the people who were in charge of doing this, they did not having the highest involvement,” Zuhair said.

He added that the government wished to “provide an opportunity for everyone to be involved in the society, and the opportunity to rehabilitate and recover.”

The bomb attack near the Sultan Park was the first such incident to occur in the Maldives and received widespread publicity around the globe, damaging the tourism industry.

The incident occurred on September 29 2007 in Sultans Park,  near the Islamic Centre.

The homemade bomb, which consisted of a gas cylinder, a washing machine motor and a mobile phone, injured 12 foreign tourists several seriously.

The tourists hurt included eight from China, two from Britain, and two from Japan.

10 Maldivians and two foreigners were arrested in connection with the case, and in December that year three men confessed in court and were sentenced to 15 years prison.


42 thoughts on “Government decreases sentences of Sultan Park bombers under Clemency Act”

  1. Wel Done Mr.President! Everybody deserve second chance! And fight for intolerance in society is to educate youth and rehabilitate them into productive work and allow them to express their views! I am happy that intolerant people previous Human Rights Commissioner Saleem is rejected by Parliment as he was not a good example to tolerance and also moral grounds! His famous Jariya case did prove to Maldivians of his "sickness"!! We cannot creat a society of respect and tolerance by hatred and name calling eacher! Mr.President don't let your "skewed" "advisors" mislead you!! This is not United States, France, UK for them to start a battle ground like in Iraq, Palestine and Afgan for the local and international business elite greed! Mr.President you normally speak plan truth and fact which others hid or deny..please continue your boldness! Cheers!!

  2. Heh. Let's see how "tolerant" you will be if that bomb had hurt your child, or your family.

    That bomb of theirs was made badly - a faulty detonation was a definite risk.

  3. I definitely remember the case of one Ali Jaleel, who was under a similar 'close watch'.

    The man later murdered several innocents in Pakistan, before releasing his proud tapes on an Al-Qaeda forum, extolling the virtue in the killing.

    The facebook groups run my Maldivians exist even today celebrating that 'martyr' mass murderer.

    I hope they "watch" these fundamentalist loons a lot more closer than the last time.

  4. The law is very clear on such a case, two men who are of legal age of liability, with no sign of mental disability, conspiring to commit first degree mass murder, causing grievous bodily harm to multiple victims, and property damage. There is no grounds for clemency here.

    And to top it off, no information of who was in the grander scheme of putting together the plan is revealed by those two.

  5. It was Japanese and British tourists who were maimed in this terrorist attack. I wonder what their governments thinks of this "pardoning". I hope the Japanese and the EU reconsider their aid policies to the Maldives in light of this policy of letting terrorists go free.

  6. When you say these people targeted innocent people..where are the 3rd November 1988 Coup planners which lead to innocent young, old people been murdered? Where are they today? Where is the Naseem Sir who abused several children? Don't get stupid Yammyn and Ahmed Aliasa! We cannot go into a happy future if are to be traped in the gloomy past! Also big fat FACT of both local (Sultan Park bomb proper investigation carried..its suspected Gayoom did it to get attention of USA and Western allies) AND INTERNATIONAL (You say terrorist to Afgan and Palestine citizens who fight for their mother land terrorist? and say USA and Israel innocent??) Yaamyn you must be deaf, blind and dumb!! Don't B***** on international politics and terror association to particular organisations as USA conviently used Al-Qaida in Soviet-US cold war and when the war was over USA wants to play big brother and protect worlds biggest terrorist STATE (ISREAL)!! I agree Arab are today pround and arrogant with the oil money..and they are even worse than westerners as far as moral gounds concern! THEREFORE ARAB, JEWS and Western countries are responsible for the worst terror ever in the world! Bush was equal to Hilter!! Where was the mass distruction weapons in Iraq that Bush was calming? Where is the inpendent enquiry of Sept 11? Why was so many USA soldiers and inncoent people bombed by US govt in Vietnam War to find a pretext for war..dont bull shit! Why is USA and Europe protecting the biggest DICTATOR SUCH AS SAUDI ARABIA AND KUWAIT?? World politics is not BLACK AND WHITE!! Go have a Zapple drink!

  7. Recalling history.

    "MALE - The Improvised Explosive Device detonated in Sultan Park on 29 September was likely the result of many months of work and Mohamed Sobah played a large role in the construction of the bomb, Maldives Police Service revealed yesterday."

    "Speaking at a press conference held at Police HQ yesterday, the Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz said that the bomb was built inside a guesthouse that rented day rooms and that several months of planning and work had gone into its making. He also said that they had found a computer hard disc which belonged to Mohamed Sobah who had played a major role in the detonation of the bomb and that they had found several key pieces of evidence on the hard disc."

    "In addition to Sobah, two others have so far confessed to the explosion at Sultan Park. They are Ahmed Naseer, 20, and Moosa Inas, 21. Police had earlier revealed CCTV footage showing Naseer and Inas’s activities before, during and after the explosion in which 12 tourists were injured."

    I request minivannews to ask press secretary regarding his meaning of "highest involvement".

    This might be a new excuse for the courts to free criminals. Even after brutally killing someone, one might not be highly involved.

    Police says = Courts are corrupt n they are letting alleged criminals get free.
    Courts says = police are corrupt and incompetent. So unable to provide proper evidence.

    My grandma said than from the few cases where criminals are found guilty the president is playing politics.

  8. Something dosnt seem to go right. If president anni dosn't understand what these terrorists are capable of then who would?
    Please for the sake of peoples safety, keep them isolated for a longer period.
    Mr. President, you are only welcoming more terrorists to the Maldives.

    Mr.President, anyhow i hope you know what you do, cus your taking advantage of the poor Maldivians who doesn't understand what terrorism and religious extremism

  9. Jerry,

    If the best argument you have that convicted, self-confessed terrorists should be let free into our society is that you don't like Maumoon - or that Americans did something in some far away country... you're seriously trying too hard.


    Brilliant logic, man. Hope you don't trip over.

  10. zuhair, the law is very clear on how we shold deal with a person who "assists in any way" to commit a terrorist act. and we are talking about the guys who "assisted" in the bombing and you are saying they didnt have the highest involvement? ok, if you think terrorist acts are cool, just kill all of us this instant...

  11. Lol'd at Jerry.

    When you ask where are the 3rd November 1988 Coup planners which lead to innocent young, old people been murdered are at... I need to ask you something, too.

    Where is Umar Naseer?. Where is Abdulla Yameen?. These people have caused far greater suffering to Maldivians over many years, and yet they are free.

    Last, but not least - The United States protects Saudi Arabia for the cheap oil. The moment the middle east runs out of the black, gooey stuff, you're going to see some changes.

  12. Jerry.

    Yes, we call the Taliban in Afghanistan the terrorists.


    Because they produce 4/5ths of the world's heroin.

    Because they execute children to silence dissent.

    If they're fighting for freedom by killing innocents, cutting off noses of women and massacring schoolchildren, they're doing it wrong.

    Lastly, Palestine wouldn't have ended up in that disaster if they were more diligent and hardworking. Their own laziness allowed a border-happy Israel to snap up land; and the hardliners are given more support every day because of the "islamic war doctrine."

    Yeah, those documents were leaked some time back. Needless to say, the Israeli military did NOT take kindly to what was said within and went berserk, deploying everything from WP canisters to KFC buckets.

  13. @Yaamyn

    Are you implying all those so called terrorist must be handed over to the "big brother" to BBQ them for the rest of life? And we close our eyes on the root cause of these terror activities? I support Jerry's point that Sept 11 USA attack and Male' Sultan park attack could all be part of the greater politically linked plans to push certain "agenda" forward! And Yaamyn you could be one who is a supporter of these plans or an active agent of these elements that are verrrry dangerous to the humanity today! So by keeping some young 'ill informed' (how world politics and terror organisations work and who controls)naive and brain washed in jail for life wouldn't solve anything! It makes it worse!

  14. @Ahmed Aliased

    You so stupid to believe what CNN or FOX news tell you?? What a joke!! When was Taliban given the voice to speak? What happened in Afgan for the last 5 or more decades? Who are we to judge people who were torn socially, economically and politically from the foundation by the "big brothers"? You say an American or Israeli or Maldivian citizen's blood is worth than others?? You say those who doesn't support the Greed of Capitalist or secularist must be suppressed?? The children of Iraq, Palestine or Afgan can be raped and killed? On one front you call for human rights and justice and on other hand when "big brothers" does all terror you guys call it "rightful interventions"!! You say Afgan War lords sell drugs, while US and the rest world of the world big tycoons sell Alcohol? Oh yes..Alcohol is holy water! So no problem!! haha! This is hypocrisy!! You and me know that there is only "money" which is the motivation for pushing for peace!

  15. I remember reading in some media a while back that the Ministry of Islamic Affairs has been undertaking religious rehabilitation of people previously convicted of crimes on religious grounds. Can the government tell us if there has been any religious rehabilitation of the people who have been granted this lesser sentence? In cases like this, the public needs to know if and how the level of rehabilitation has been assessed.

    Personally I believe that religious rehabilitation, just like other forms of rehabilitation, is possible, and people can and do change, with the right information and guidance and hope for their futures. To me, the same principle applies for such people, as that for drug offenders. Simply put, the argument is that crimes committed while in addiction should be viewed differently from other crimes, in part because addiction compels a person to do things that they would not normally do. I fully support this theory. In my view, the only way to move forward is through rehabilitation and reintegration for offenders.

    Of course any issue can be politicised. But where is the future for this nation or for that matter, for humanity, if we do not make an attempt to rehabilitate and reintegrate people who for the most part, were created as a resulted of an oppressive system that provided little guidance for a wholesome and honest way of life? We might as well live in glass political castles in the air, talk about reform and hope that we do not die, or have to pay penance at any point for our own mistakes, while we politicise every single aspect of life and judge others by standards different from what we would apply to ourselves and our own kith and kin. Seems to me that is what many of us are doing. In my view, that is living in denial. Pure and simple.

  16. Naseem.

    Did you just imply that the oppressed men, women and children in Afghanistan are all news-anchors of english tv stations?

    I'm amused.

    The taliban terrorists have no right to speak. Not after all they did to the people of Afghanistan, Kashmir and the rest of the world.

    The al-shabab has no right to speak after massacring hundreds who refused to bow down to their draconian laws.

    The wahhabis have no right to speak after formulating such frightening plans of genocide against the rest of the world.

    Even Maldives is suffering from their actions. Ignorance, heroin and arrogance is flooding this country as we speak.

    And yes, who is killing children, women and men alike in the oppressed lands?. None other than these terrorists who hide behind the name of islam.

    Do you know what gave the Israelis a free hand to go on a berserk rampage? When muslims disobeyed the prophet Mohammed's war doctrines.

    In fact, I'll say this now; the only way to deal with them is to do what the great patriot, Rukhsana Kausar did when the terrorists came a'knockin' for her body. Shoot back with a machine gun and make swiss cheese out of them.

  17. This was an Islamic terrorist attack on innocent civilians. The attack was premeditated and coincided with the anniversary of the Battle of Badr, the first of the wars Mohamed and his followers waged against his tribe and humanity. The perpetrators should still be behind bars.

  18. Mr President in several of his speeches and radio addresses talks about the important curbing fundamentalism in the Maldives. However his back door dealings with the Wahabbis make me question his sincerity. Surely this was done under some sort of a deal with the Wahabbis. How do you expect us to give you the benefit of the doubt when you do such things.

  19. Naseem

    "Are you implying all those so called terrorist must be handed over to the “big brother” to BBQ them for the rest of life?"

    This is the problem I have in communicating with sympathizers of the jehadi mass murder.

    You see implications that don't exist.

    All I stated was that the government had better do a better job of 'keeping watch ' on these people when they're released early - and I cited the example of another terrorist who was ALSO "under surveillance", before he got away and killed more innocents and became a celebrity for local jehadis with his video.

    The only implication is that they should NOT be released into the same society where peaceful Dhivehin live with a reasonable expectation of security.

    The juvenile attempts to distract everyone from that simple statement by bringing in America is not new.

    Some of you remind me of Olympic cheerleaders the way you go 'USA! USA!' no matter what is actually being said.

    I'm surprised someone didn't bring up Dawkins and Atheism into it as well.

  20. maybe mr.president is trying to win the hearts of this dotcom gang eh? he must be living in a dream world...

  21. @ Yaamyn & Ahmed
    Bit of joke you guys speak! the joke and "jewishness" is you relate Islamist with Terrorism!! While I am verry sure you both are agents of Zionist or Zionists! What justified the killing of millions by zionist state? In the name of Jews? NO pious Jews are disassociating with the secular zionists..same happening with Islamist are disassociating with secular muslims! Why? becoz these secular fanatics are the real terrorists and real danger to the world! I am sure you both would wish you could put me to jail for supporting and expressing my solidarity towards the "justice" which for you is a treat for your deviant life styles of drinking alcohol, prostitution, murder for money and your values, daylight robbery which you call business dealings, corruption which you call commission, Gay which you call equal rights! Its a joke on you dear and your like minds! We are muslim who love peace and wouldn't hurt a fly! nor would we terrorise other religious values! (NOT the secular values like mentioned above..alcoholism and prostitution) But you frame Muslim as terrorist by brain washing young muslim who hold muslim names and help them to kill innocent people like it happend in Male' and NY and then make a media frenzy of the event and blame all muslims!! We true Muslim Maldivians will always love our fellow humans and wouldn't hurt them but would demand justice! try your best to collect all of us to ur terror jails! Today can be ur's but remember death comes to all! We shall meet!

  22. Fasy, you and I both know how they operate. Through intimidation, and terrorism.

    I won't be surprised if al-qaeda agents threatened major terrorist attacks on this weak and helpless country unless their demands were met.

  23. Why not release the terrorists when President Nasheed is ready to import to the Maldives suspected foreign terrorists. Well done President Nasheed. You have done a good job at destroying a nation.

  24. Mr.President have remain unbaised and objective this time in Human rights unlike the Zionist agents who wants to distroy this country! May Allah SW give the wisdom and strength to protect our nation from the crusaders and zionist as our forefather did! The true terrorist in this world are those!! These zionist agents are there in all political parties, government ministries, civil service, defence, police..they are waiting to takeover the country when the "big brother" and zionist murders give the command!! History have already judged and proven that Zionist agents are present among arabs, Indian..etc and they always sell their values, country, religion for a CHEAP PRICE!!

  25. That is life.

    It is embedded deep into human nature. The arguments of religions, the hypocritic oaths etc... used and abused by political con-men, mad hatters, ego maniacs for centuries.

    No point in expressing your views as if they would. There there were years ago, they are there now, they would still be 3000 years from now.

    Every colour claiming it is the most beautiful, most glorious, when simply no one can prove it. Even the most solid sounding story is fraught with unbelievable concoctions.

  26. Heh. Poor Jerry doesn't understand what 'secularism' means. His accuracy in repeating the lies by the screaming mullah crew... its over 9000%!

    And how quickly he labeled us 'zionists' when we figured out the truth about the terrorists plans!. Definite speed record breaker.

    "We are muslim who love peace and wouldn’t hurt a fly! nor would we terrorise other religious values!"

    "We true Muslim Maldivians will always love our fellow humans and wouldn’t hurt them"

    Lol, what a joke. I have video data on that crowd that attacked a certain man who dared to speak his mind honestly.

    You know what? People like you who defend brutal criminals like taliban and the al-shabab DESERVE to be cooped up in the Guantanamo bay prison. And guess who the interrogators and torturers will be?. The innocent people of Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya who had been cruelly oppressed for years by the terrorists.

    It'll make for a spectacular entertainment show.

    Last but not least...Um, dude. I can't die.

    I was supposed to die on the World Cup 2010... but somehow, I have become unbound from time's grasp in continued existence.

  27. Allah SW knows best! Insha Allah he will show you who is right and wrong in the hereafter! We shall be judged! Lets patiently wait till then! Remember we muslims will always be there and we will always demand for our values and fundamentals of our religion! As I suspected you have deep rooted haterd for Islamic values and you wish we all could be jail and tortured (Read comments by Ahmed Aliased on Thu, 19th Aug 2010 8:24 PM)! Insha Allah you can harm bodies but not our soul! We muslims will insha Allah be always there! I call upon all muslim youth to refrain from hatred, alcohol, drugs, illegal sex, bloodshed and all crimes described in Quran and Sunnah! Be strong and wise! Don't be shaken by the devil plans of hypocrites and "Money Worshipers"!!

    Some of the Traits of Hypocrites:

    Traits: Causing Corruption and Mischief upon the earth

    “And when it is said to them: “Make not mischief on the earth,” they say: ‘We are only peacemakers.’ Verily! They are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive not.” Al-Baqarah 2:11,12

    * Trait: Inspiring one another with evil words

    “And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies – Shayâtin (devils) among mankind and jinns, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion (or by way of deception). If your Lord had so willed, they would not have done it, so leave them alone with their fabrications.” Al-An‘âm 6:112

    * Traits: Deception and Mendacity

    “They (think to) deceive Allâh and those who believe, while they only deceive themselves, and perceive (it) not!” al-Baqarah 2:9

    * Traits: Mocking the believers

    “And when they meet those who believe, they say: “We believe,” but when they are alone with their Shayâtin (devils – polytheists, hypocrites, etc.), they say: “Truly, we are with you; verily, we were but mocking.” Al-Baqarah 2:14

    Let us true Muslim build a peaceful and strong brotherhood!! May Allah SW give us the strength and patence. And give us the wisdom to avoid all bloodshed!

  28. @Ahmed Aliased

    Dear Mulla Alaised,

    You said this to Jerry: "You know what? People like you who defend brutal criminals like taliban and the al-shabab DESERVE to be cooped up in the Guantanamo bay prison. And guess who the interrogators and torturers will be?. The innocent people of Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya who had been cruelly oppressed for years by the terrorists."

    It’ll make for a spectacular entertainment show.


    You know what? People like you who defend and worship the crimes of Zionists,Nazis,the killing of 1000's of innocent human beings by your so called civilized States by indiscriminately bombing and the filthy crimes of Satanists deserved to be given to the masses of public to the street of a Muslim Country for them to decide your fate (With Almighty God's will)...!

    Oh! Such harsh words...hmmmm! Well! You just deserved it. Look at your "civilized" thinking and "decency" in your reply to Jerry above. I was about say "Should be SHOT dead at a public square" but that would be more lenient way to deal with you and your Al-Shabab team**.

    btw you really belong to Al-shabab and to the tribal warlords all sponsored by your ilk.

    You and your Al-Shabab Team**, should take a vacation at "Afghanistan".

    Such "Deceivers"(Dajjals) and a "mischief makers"(Shaitans)this team of your Al-Shabab is.

    **Your perfect Al-Shabab Team =(Mulla Ahmed Aliased (Chief) Yamyn (Deputy Chief), AVatar(Infecter General), Whine Lover [aka Wine Lover]- (The chief Whiner),......
    **This list will be updated as and when other members are gradually being identified**

    AND there's no point in yelling and screaming at this, because this is not an "Insult" but the "description" of you and your Al-Shabab Team's deeds and words as observed and you don't need to get offended by that.

    You said:"Last but not least…Um, dude. I can’t die.

    I was supposed to die on the World Cup 2010… but somehow, I have become unbound from time’s grasp in continued existence."
    You CAN'T Die? Oh!Great.. What are you, a cyborg? How come the world didn't know that you have developed a magic portion for eternal life on earth? hmm?

    SURE You'll die and we all will taste the death here on this world. You can jump,twist and dance , rock and head-bang over it but can't change that though!

    You are going crazy and as I said in another post everything in you is "loose" AND your "delusional disorder" and "worsening amnesia" is completely evident here.

    And you were supposed to die on World Cup 2010? How? With a "suicide vest" and blowing up as a name sake Muslim on a street of Jerusalem? Or was it a mission of jumping from a Tower?... So! you were replaced by one of your ex-comrade of Al-Shabab Team? hmmm, Interesting piece of Information. I hope MPS and Interpol could use this information in their investigations.

    Btw for your kind Information USA is disengaging from "Bush doctrine" and shaping up it's foreign policy more in line with reality and during May 2010, Obama's counterterror chief John Brennan said: jihad is "legitimate tenet of Islam": Even they have started to recognize the real meaning of "Jihad" in Islam(to strive , to struggle). There Policy is indicative to accept that Islam & Terrorism can never be coined together as portrayed by the proponents of Islamophobia.

    "Change is here , So does the Justice, Peace and Security will follow it in days ahead, Insha Allah, Alhamdhullilahi!"

    Btw We strongly denounce the use of violence, brutality, killings of innocents in any manner, and all other evils it be by people labeled as "Muslims", or by Non-Muslims.

    A True Muslim will not harm even a fly unjustly. That is so true but here's the point ** keyword "unjustly". IF the fly goes beyond it's rights and harms him,he has all the right to retaliate. [Do you get the idea of your so called flawed notion of "Peaceful Muslims" and difference in "Real Muslims"?]

    The blood of a Muslim Believer is more precious than the entire Kaaba: Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said in his famous saying that:”Demolishing the Kaaba completely is much more preferred to Allah Almighty than shedding the blood of a Believing Muslim.”

    And Quran says: 5:32 indicating “….if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole humanity: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.”

    It’s how much human life is protected in ISLAM. But that doesn’t mean just because we are peaceful we are weak.

    We are also instructed to confront with braveness to those who aggressively oppress us.

    Allah Knows Best
    May Allah bless us all

  29. Dear Brother Jerry,

    May Allah reward you for your struggle. Alhamdhulillahi (Praise be to God),

    You did a commendable job,I personally wish to thank you for standing against the deceptions(Dajjals)and Mischiefs(Shaithans).

    Allah Knows Best
    In Allah we Trust

  30. @Bismuth

    Jazakallah Khier! I wonder why the so called labelled muslims are so silent to these secular/atheist/zionist bulling! ARE YOU YOUNG MUSLIMS SLEEPING?? WAKE UP!! RAISE YOUR VOICE! Prophet (Pbuh) said: "Whosoever of you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart – and that is the weakest of faith." Hadith in al-Bukhari!! May Allah Sw raise a powerful (in Imaan and phyical) & educated youth to our leadership of this country to fight against the growing secular/zionist/atheist movement! These Athesits/Zionist agents/Secularist are cowards as they know they will never (insha Allah) have control of Maldivian society if they are not seduced with Alcohol and Sex! May Allah Sw protect us from these! Once again Jazakallah Khier brother Bismuth! Friend of Sayyidoon!

  31. I warned you once before, and I'll say it again, bismuth.

    Don't lie.

    You know what'll happen if you do. You will be forced to lie, insult and ignore evidence to cover your crimes up.

  32. Bismuth, you expect us to respect someone who doesn't respect us?.

    You should try getting chicken soup from a stone. You'll have better luck with that.

  33. @SS. Nowadays there is a disease to cover just about every immoral action, and if someone says this that person will be known as mean and insensitive.

    Labeling addiction as " a chronic, relapsing disease" gives everybody a pass. Nowadays criminals don't commit crimes, they "make mistakes". And often it is society's fault that those "mistakes" even happened in the first place.

    When parents are heartbroken because of the child damaged by an adult, the experts immediately start speaking, some of them sympathetic to the "disease" or "condition" of the victimizer, when someone who puts a knife through you to rob you while he in under influence it will be a criminal act in the eye of the law but with a highly paid lawyers spin, there is no crime and its only a "chemical dependence".... and the list of similar stories can go on.

    As far as I am concerned, if the addicted person keeps it inside then I don't care. Someone wants to get stoned all day long or practice extreme religious ritual, fine - as long as he doesn't hurt others.

    But the moment someone intrudes on freedom of others and hurts them or attempts to murder them, then we have a big problem and the government has the responsibility to side with oppressed and not the oppressor.

    As usual there are many hidden issues of this hiythirikurun of the executive. If they were released after rehabilitation then public has the right to know and we do know how Maldivian rehabilitation programs work. Simply putting blame on an oppressive system is a bad example for the parents and youths as well for future generations. Parents should be partly responsible for "cowardly parenting" and those who commit crimes should be equally responsible.

    If we, like other western theories, try to equate our every deed to an addiction then I honestly think the first addiction that we have to cure and rehabilitate is that of politicians. Their addiction for power and manipulation instead of the welfare of the nation.

  34. @ Addu - we are both individuals expressing individual opinions based on individual beliefs. to you be your way, and to me mine 🙂

  35. Comically, my original question remains unanswered - smothered under the screams of "ZIONIST!" and "ISLAMOPHOBIC!!".

    "Will they still defend the terrorists if that bomb had hurt your child, or your family?".

  36. @ Ahmed Aliased: If you ask me, I believe I would be willing to talk to the perpetrator, and try to understand how it all came about. I believe I would be willing to have them back in society if I could be convinced of his or her repentance and rehabilitation, which to me means a change in the perpetrator's thinking.

  37. Anni has failed in controlling the biggest unaddressed problem our country is currently facing. Extremism, mainly due to the cult known as Wahhabism. The wahhaabees are doing a great job at deceiving the Maldivian public, by confusing wahhabism with Islam. Wahhabism, ruined the name of Islam effectively and has destroyed the likes of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia. They kill and rape, finding justification from their own ignorance of a religion which gives utmost importance to peace within humanity, with NO violence whatsoever.

    I see Jerry is bringing up the usual conspiracy theories the jihadi apologists bring up. Boohoo! When you kill innocent girls, rape kids, blow yourselves up and kill hundreds of innocent civilians...that is all good. But when people fight against this oppression and try to defeat your ideas with intellect...they instantly become Evil atheist secular zionist homosexual dajjal shaithan hybrids. Well done wahhaabis, your logic is currently on failblog.

    The two guys who were released most likely are going to find themselves also killing civilians off in Pakistan. Let the Maldivian wahhabis celebrate their future "Jihad"


  38. Comment was that the following link covers what I had in mind regarding 'repentance'


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