Failing to obey superior court’s decision violates constitution and Judges Act, Supreme Court warns Naeem

The Supreme Court has said that refusing to follow a decision made by a superior court violates the constitution and violates the Judges Act.

The Supreme Court’s statement comes after Civil Court Judge Mohamed Naeem said he would not accept cases concerning the state because the parliament had not then decided whether to give consent to reappointed Attorney General Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad.

Sawad has now been dismissed by the parliament for the second time, following his second reappointment by President Mohamed Nasheed.

The Supreme Court’s statement said that judges should at all times avoid any matters that could harm the reputation of the judiciary or cause people to lose confidence in the justice system.

The court also noted that it was against the code of conduct of the judges to disobey a decision made by a superior court.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has formed a sub-committee to investigate judge Naeem after he told the press that he had decided not to accept cases concerning the state, despite the High Court’s decision to accept cases.

Judge Naeem revealed that the Civil Court judges were split on the issue, however the majority of the judges said they wanted to accept and conduct trials of cases concerning the state despite the fact that Dr Sawad’s appointment procedure was then not completed.

President’s Member of the JSC, Aishath Velezinee, has stated on her Article 285 blog that “Judge Naeem has been under investigation since the interim Commission, [for] nearly two years. No updates on the investigation [have been] tabled despite the legal requirement that a report must be submitted in writing every 30 days.”


6 thoughts on “Failing to obey superior court’s decision violates constitution and Judges Act, Supreme Court warns Naeem”

  1. Majority of these judges are corrupt and is the main reason why criminals are running around free. Do they think we care about them? May Allah (swt) bring one trouble after another in their life and give them no rest from their difficulties until the people in Maldives can walk freely without fear of gang violence.

  2. These "so called judges" who do not have a trace of common sense and judgement cannot see that they are pulling down their own pants!
    They cannot see the injustice they are doing to their own self!

    So there is going to be a change of athletes for the bout - Judge Vs Judges eh!

    Judges are becoming the laughing stock of today and yet they think they are independent, honourable and un-touchable!

  3. Everyone holding public office need to do their job proffessionally.

  4. this judge naeem is corupt from the bones. he is still continuig a case where too parties have dissmissed the case but he has kept in on hold because he wants to be the one that decides how to split the money. he should be dismissed of his title.


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