Family of man who self-immolated in custody decide to bury body

The family of the man who died in police custody have decided to bury his body after keeping him for four days for investigation.

The man set himself ablaze after pouring petrol onto his body from a bottle stored in the police station, suffering severe burns. He was transferred to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) but died during treatment on Saturday. However, a member of his family claimed he was tortured in police custody.

Today a family member of the man told Minivan News that the body was buried today Asru prayers.

”We decided not to do the postmortem examination of the body, and besides it’s not very good to keep a dead body without burying,” she said. ”We have not received further information on the case.”

She said that the police were fully cooperating with the family to investigate the case and find out if there was any irresponsibility on behalf of the police.

”We will know further information after the police finish the investigation,” she added.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that police were investigating the incident and would reveal details after the investigation.

”The police are ready to provide any assistance that the family requires from police,” Shiyam said. ”They requested police investigate.”

He said that if the family requested police would offer the family postmortem but they wanted to bury them today.

Shahindha Ismail from the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) said that a team from the commission had arrived at Gahdhu Police station [where the incident took place] to investigate the case.

Shahindha said that the details of the case would only be given after the conclusion of the investigation.

”After finishing the investigation we will issue a press statement to give details of the case,” she said.

She assured that action would be taken against police if they were found to have been negligent.


6 thoughts on “Family of man who self-immolated in custody decide to bury body”

  1. As the formaru President of this country and the present Honorary Leader of DRP, I must say this is very bad for our country.

    In the name of our national security, what ever findings by the investigation team must be hidden from the public or else out national security will be in mysterious trouble.

  2. shahinda, why wouldn't your commission on it's own recognize and initiate an investigation to find out incompetency and corruption in our police force in these area's where public has gone mad, like the drug situation in this country, and the gang violence!! your poodle commission needs to be more proactive..when somebody slaps your commission you guys wakes up and starts some investigation .. for god's sake your fat salary is publics money ..

  3. "Family of man who self-immolated in custody decide to bury body" - The author seems to have already made his conclusions - that this is a case of suicide.

  4. When a man is kept in police custody, very conveniently there are cans of petrol and lighters next to him so that when the inmate wants to commit suicide he can do it. Very considerate of the police!

  5. So finally the champion of democracy President' Nasheed's regime burn people to death under police custody. Thats quite interesting. I wonder what Dr.Shaheed will talk now on UN human rights council.

  6. it seems Minivan news tries to minimize the importance of the incident. one example is at their news heading they don't mention that it was in police custody. by quoting "Family of man who self-immolated in?custody decide to bury body". this shows that what Minivan news want to hide they do it low profile reporting. if this had happen at former administration, this would have been extra exaggerated.


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