Fiqh academy to reprint an amended version of Quran translation

State Islamic minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has said the ministry’s Fiqh academy will reprint an amended version of the Dhivehi translation of the Holy Quran.

“We discovered there were 180 symbols missing in the current translation, and verses of some Surahs were disordered,” Sheikh Shaheem said.

“The current translation was a version made with the assistance of a scholar’s council appointed by the former government, therefore the Fiqh academy will not invalidate the current version, but will rather reprint an amended version,’’ said Sheikh Shaheem.

Shaheem said as Quran was holy it should be well protected.

“If the incorrect version is not amended it could potentially lead to confusion in the long run,’’ he suggested.

In June last year the ministry sent a letter to the president’s office requesting the copyright of the current translation, which is required in order to reprint the translation.

“But the president’s office replied that they could provide us the copyright – it’s funny though, because everything related to religion is supposed to be kept under the Islamic Ministry,’’ Shaheem said. “We do not know when we will be able to start the [reprinting], until we get the copyright.’’

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair, was unavailable for comment at time of press.


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  1. In case this is not an urgent news it would be proper if minivan could wait for a while until they get any comment for Press Secretary.

  2. Addu, minivan cant wait on religious news. They need a steady flow of news on religious matters so they can continue their work of defaming Islam.

  3. @al
    Hilarious. If minivan news brings us information on something that is vital to the religion and to us, they are defaming Islam?
    Paranoid people like you who see conspiracies everywhere give muslims a bad name. Grow up.

  4. Haleem, paranoid I may be. But if you have been visiting minivan and if u had seen the way they bring news about Islam and anything about Islam it is written in a such a way so that the usual Islam-hating crowd will flood with negative comments on Islam. Minivannews love the hate comments on Islam. And so publishing such comments Minivan gets their job done without taking the responsibility since the comments do the work for them. I don't need much to prove this to you. Just browse through the site.

  5. What happened to the Adhaalath's version? They were saying then that the previous government's version was so bad that it should be discarded. It shows that Adhaalath is a fake, small party who can't do anything good.

  6. Goodness! what pray tell is up with this?
    I tell you I've just about had enough of this adalat aarukarty. Where is the democracy anni promised us?? where?

    It bad enough we have bangalhees flooding our streets with drugs(?), but the Islamist political assylums and their hitherto agendas is really becoming the froth on my cream.

    Quran maybe the relic of our vital past, the social vestige of our sarcenic inheritance but I dont see tharaggi on any of its horizons.

    i feel that the American Center for Endowment of Democracy has something to offer the maldives, in terms of moving forward on this manual of democracy & human rights. hmm losing track here though.

    keep the press hot minivannews. meheh

  7. @April on Wed, 18th Aug 2010 2:15 PM

    April, This is August 2010,Yet..Sorry to say but, you are mistaken.

    You said this:"Quran maybe the relic of our vital past, the social vestige of our sarcenic inheritance but I dont see tharaggi on any of its horizons."

    First of all The Glorious Quran in not a relic as you are understanding. It's a book of Guidance of around 6300 Ayaths (Signs, Teachings, Proofs. And a correct translation is what we all need today)

    Secondly, without following the guidance how could you expect "your ideological "tharaggi" on the horizons".

    I hope you understood my point. Otherwise please do come back with your views.

    Allah Knows Best
    In Almighty GOD we Trust

  8. "Quran maybe the relic of our vital past, the social vestige of our sarcenic inheritance but I dont see tharaggi on any of its horizons."

    @April: Mind your language! Quran is the ultimate Word of God for billions of Muslims around the world. Doesn't democracy tell you that you should respect the religious sentiments of other people.

    Dear Editor, Mr. JJ Robinson: you should be careful when you publish these kinds of comments.


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