Police conduct weapon searches after 17 year-old boy stabbed yesterday afternoon

A 17 year-old boy was  stabbed by a group of people near a garage in the Galolhu district of Male’ late yesterday afternoon, before sunset.

According to Police Sub-inspector Ahmed Shiyam  the boy was stabbed twice,  in the arm and shoulders, and was treated at Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

”Due to a rise in gang activity yesterday Maldives Police Services launched a special operation to check people and several areas,” Shiyam said. ”Police were seeking weapons and objects that could potentially be used as weapons.”

Recently another 17 year-old boy was stabbed to death by a group of men during an apparent gang fight.

The boy was stabbed in the leg as he was climbing onto a truck near the Social Centre in Maafannu, and bled to death despite undergoing transfusions at IGMH.

Police statistics for the first six days of Ramadan reveal that 225 criminal cases were recorded. There were 23 cases of assault, 61 cases of theft, three robberies, 22 drug-related cases, one sexual offence, 39 traffic-related cases, three cases of domestic violence, 21 cases of forgery, nine cases of vandalism, three cases of bounced cheques, four cases of embezzlement, 20 cases of lost items and 36 in the category ‘other’.

Comparative statistics between the number of crimes committed in the first three days of Ramadan this year and last year show that a decrease in crime rate in the first three days of Ramadan.


12 thoughts on “Police conduct weapon searches after 17 year-old boy stabbed yesterday afternoon”

  1. Why are the police constantly conducting special operations to search for weapons? Is it actually doing any good? These weapons aren't going out and killing people by themselves.

  2. Police, to serve and protect. make me laugh when i see them. these people are corrupt and does not deserve a pay check from our money. useless people, they only know to safeguard corrupt politicians of Maldives. last time when 17 year old was killed in-front of couple of uniformed police. what could they do? can a Maldivian believe this?

  3. Ibun Mahudy, this is why I believe that every citizen of the Maldives has the right to bear arms for self defense. They are too afraid of gang retaliation to help others.

  4. What happened to the recent alleged rape case in the police car. Will the police update on this case? It appears that our police is there to "protect & Serve the govt officials only" not the people.

  5. Yawns .. police and they special operations.. this time they have arrested a knife while it was attacking a 17 year old boy.. the other day they caught a car while drug trafficking..

  6. Why are you guys only blaming the police on this?

    It would be much fairer if you blame the parliament.

    Police can act within law only.

    Why don't you ask yourself what the Baby-elephant MP Ali Waheed is doing as the chair of the Security Committee in the Parliament?

    Who the hell is he? And what qualification and experience does he have to be even a member of that committee?

    And look at the other members of the committee.

    So I advise you to look into the matter deeper.

    In a legal case there are many involved - the police, the prosecutor general and the courts plus the legislation which brings the parliament into it.

    If you look into this carefully these criminals are free more because of our dysfunctional parliament.

  7. Maldivian police service is the most incompetent organisation ever. The other day I called the police to report a case of vandalism of public property and after 10 minutes or so the police car speeds through the street and left. They didn't even stop for one second. And the perpetrators were still there. I called again and the police again said they are sending someone to check but they hadn't come by the time I left. And the perpetrators were long gone.

  8. don't just blame on the police. how many times have these people been arrested? and yet they roam the streets of Male' because our ever so "independent" courts have declined to keep them locked because of "NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE".
    A good example is the two DRUG LORDS that have been freed by the courts - giving the same reasons. so what do the police do?

  9. Put our parliament in order, then we can have some peace!

    Kaheenu has said it!

  10. Haha yeah keep passing the blame.

    Gives more time for the police to do pass out more parking tickets.

    ANYONE who's actually had to deal with them knows how incompetent they are as a group.

    Are these stabbings happening inside parliament?

    Is there some law prohibiting the police from interfering when someone is about to get murdered?

  11. maybe the drug lords are let go because of police incompetence in gathering the evidence or information required for the courts to take legal action? maybe it isn't incometence, maybe it is corruption, maybe both? maybe the police and the courts are both equally corrupt and/or equally incompetent?


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