Five men arrested on Innamadhoo for alleged rape of 16 year-old girl

Police have arrested five men on the island of Innamaadhoo in Raa Atoll for allegedly raping a 16 year-old girl.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that five men were arrested but declined to provide further information as the investigation was ongoing.

Minivan News contacted the island office and spoke to an Innamaadhoo councillor, who insisted that the five men “would have had sex with her consent.”

“I cannot believe that one would have to rape her, because she is a very wanton girl,” the councillor told Minivan News. “I think her brother somehow found out about it and reported it to police.”

The councillor further added that the 16 year-old girl was not from Innamaadhoo and was a “very bad girl.”

“It’s all allegations, according to Maldivian law the police arrest anyone that the girl points her finger at without even having any evidence that the accused has been really involved in it and will keep them a several days in custody to determine the truth of the allegations,” he complained.

“In the statement given to police, the girl said she did not know who the men were apart from her boyfriend,” the councillor said.

“If she was raped by five men then there will be some external injuries that would be easy to identify, but I have seen the girl after that and she was in good condition and there was nothing unusual about her.”

An islander meanwhile told Minivan News that “some people” had followed the girl and her boyfriend as they saw the couple acting unusual.

“They saw them enter an abandoned house and saw everything that happened,” he said, going on to blame the island council’s deputy chair for attempting to “hide the truth of the story”.

”The council has been very irresponsible and doing no good for the people,” he said. ”Even in this incident the council has tried to hide the truth from the media.”

Minivan News contacted the head of the gender department, Lubna Mohamed, regarding the prevalence of sexual abuse and prevailing societal attitudes in the Maldives, but she did not respond at time of press.

A 2006 study by the then Ministry of Gender and Family found that one in three Maldivian women aged 15-49 have experienced physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lives, while one in five women in the same age group reported experiencing this from an intimate partner.

Moreover, one in six women in the capital Male’ and one in eight countrywide reported experiencing childhood sexual abuse under the age of 15 years.


19 thoughts on “Five men arrested on Innamadhoo for alleged rape of 16 year-old girl”

  1. Even before I clicked on the headline of this article, I knew it has to be ahmed Nazeer who wrote this artilce.

  2. Brilliant excuse. 'She is a VERY bad girl'.

    The similar excuse was asserted on to the girl in Riyadh, a few weeks back, when she walked quietly home; She passed some 7 men, who were aroused by seeing a veiled-woman walking by. She was raped brutally and later sentenced for the crime of having provoked the men, who otherwise could not have committed the crime. It was her fault in their eyes.

    What a dumbo of a Councillor do we have here!

  3. Oh right, so it was the girl's fault as usual, after all we all know that in the Maldives rape and sexual abuse are always because the victim was "bad", and 'good' people never get raped or abused do they?
    What an asshole this councillor is!

  4. Outrages is what this is. And why is the bigoted councillor quoted so extensively? Almost as if this horrendous crime can be disregarded. Do we not have any decent responsible authorities in this government! Shame on this society for not taking this seriously and not protecting victims. Look at the numbers...

  5. Really a sick society we have in Maldives. Whom do we blame? The Mullahs are raving in mosques on TV and on radio. It seems their sermons have no effects on this sick society.
    Councilors I believe it will and shall be much better to get apes from African jungles shall be better the ones we have in our islands!

  6. It is very sad that in Maldives at present time many peoples are very mentally sick and sexually preoccupied/it is looking like soon in Maldives will be the best of different maniacs collection in the world/(,murders,child abuse,rape,drugs addict, religion fanatics idiots and holy mullahs who spend holydays in Thailand with thai girls or maybe transvestite?)

  7. This is just absurd! does the Maldivian constitution not have a statutory rape clause? Even if the sex had been consented, if the men were older they should be brought to justice. A 16 year old does not "Consent"

  8. Hey adhaalath parteys, what are we going to do about the rising popularity of rape?

  9. What the hell is wrong with the Councillor? Had the girl been a relative he would be crying bloody murder right now.

  10. What right does this Councillor have to pass such a judgment on the 16 year old girl?!! Maybe he has something to hide here and is protecting his own back! The people who elected the Councillor should be calling for his resignation! We need to make our leaders accountable, as obviously most of our leaders do not have any sense of responsibility, accountability or decency to do right by the very people who elected them! It's really past high time that we remind our leaders that along with their high pay and previlidges also comes a greater obligation to protect the collective rights of the constituency that they represent!

  11. Questions.
    1. Does have sex illegally; require consent, though rape or not. (that also under age)

    Is innamaadhoo Councillor MDP? sick bastard who does not know what to say and when to say.

    why did the brother report it? why not the girl who assumingly got raped?

    How does the councillor nno shes a "bad gal"? did he try her out?Councillor seems to know a lot..he has already passed verdict that its only "allegations" FYI; police take the pple in question for interrogation and at no given time they r refered to as convicts unless sum1 here knows more than the page here and also, the councilor seems to have "seen the gal" after da rape and confirms deres no "external injuries" wow wow...does the councilor have rights to strip search? double wow

    How was the couple action unusual? define "unusual" being used here..were they on drugs? were they curios? were they afraid?

    Can we get a list of the rapists? we just want to make sure they dont have relationship with the deputy chair or "the chair" bcz apparently the comments by the councilor only shows hes hiding a lot.

    Reports like this without any facts and which only created more confusions are better off..unless there are pple hu can do somethn.

  12. Rape, murder, extreme high cost of living, extreme poor health care, extreme poor disciplining at schools...

    What more a country needs for a total failure of nation????

  13. @faladey
    I am not a fan of Adaalath! But I got a question for you!

  14. These incidents indicate what and who we are as a people and just how incapable our government is of protecting us.

  15. How typical - acceptable injustice. These so-called 'superior witnesses' can make up anything they want to.

    I deeply advise the councilor in question to resign, and surrender to the police. The charge? Slander.

  16. When people are using drugs...we DECRIMINALISE IT...Let's decriminalise rape.

    Today, one cannot be disqualified for a job even if one is a RAPIST!!!

    So why the hoo-haa? Let them walk free!

    All those calling into question the Councilor, should first approach our CABINET.

  17. What is the legal age to have consensual sex in the Maldives? And it seems like bigoted public officials seems to be the norm here. A few days ago it was the derogatory terms used on expats working in Maldives and now a girl been raped is the girls fault. How sad that some people are as tediously narrow and stupid.

  18. oh why don't the justice system punish her???? why not have her fast 5 months?? (like the stabbing case of the abused wife)
    Anyways regardless of why or how, the fact is an underage girl was raped by 5 adults. lock the men up, name and shame them. simple!
    Also for the council not seeing any outward injuries on the girl is irrelevant , unless a rape kit was used and a correct universally excepted way to test for internal injuries were conducted this comment by them is useless!

  19. Okay, so, for a moment, lets say the girl is not a good girl, and she is slutty or whatever. That does not mean that the five men did not rape her.

    Nice excuse though.

    Ruleout rape cux the girl's bad.

    Lets rule out murder next, because the victim might be depressed and then count it as suicide, shall we?

    This is a girl's life we are talking about.


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