Four arrested on charges of raping and filming a minor

Police have arrested two minors and two men in connection with the rape and filming of an underage girl in a house in Male’.

In a video interview, Family and Child Protection Department Head, Chief Inspector, Hassan Shifau, said that the incident occurred on July 27. Police were called the same morning at about 12:50am.

Shifau said that when police investigators queried the victim about the incident she said had gone into a house in Male’ to meet a friend, but when she arrived there were three males inside the room waiting for her.

According to Shifau, the victim said the three men inside the room threatened her and forced her to smoke cigarettes, and later forced her to have sex with them and filmed the incident.

Shifau said the girl was taken to hospital after the incident. Police searched the crime scene and collected evidence.

The four were arrested within 72 hours from the time the incident occurred, police added.

Police identified the two men arrested in the case as Ismail Nazim, 27 of Alifushi in Raa Atoll and Asnaf Mohamed, 20 of Fuvamulah.

Shifau appealed to the public to inform police about such crimes as soon as they occurred, stating that it was easier for police to collect evidence and arrest people involved if crimes were reported quickly.

The incident is the third rape to be reported in less than a week.

Police have appealed for public assistance in locating an expat suspected of abducting and raping a 19 year-old girl on Hulhumale on Saturday while she was on her way to an office.

The man allegedly snatched the girl from the street and raped her in some bushes near Reethi Gas Magu Road.

Meanwhile on July 30, police arrested four men and one minor in connection with the gang rape of a 17 year-old girl on the island of Milandhoo in Shaviyani Atoll.


10 thoughts on “Four arrested on charges of raping and filming a minor”

  1. Worship in anticipation of Laylatul Qadr? PGO reports that sex offences and domestic violence had increased this Ramadan as compared to the last. Maybe this is what is meant by "alhucum" and "thugwar" ge massaru.

    Of course it's the fault of the girl. She should have worn a bodybag. She should have had a mahram (Islamic chaperone) with her. She should have stayed home. She should have changed her gender. She shouldn't have been born. etc. etc.

    And so she's guilty of fornication and will be flogged while the rapists will be let go due to lack of evidence. This is Shariah justice. LOL.

  2. no such thing as rape, same as republicans in the good old usa claim. she should have been at home making roshi, getting groped by her uncle, etc. then these poor men wouldn't have been forced to engage with her immodest behavior (leaving the home). shame on her!

  3. Its the night of the Power. The night of Power.

    Too bad, the only power felt is something far from divine!

  4. Would it be too sarcastic to suggest that these men be given 200 lashes if the victim is sentenced to 100?

  5. Maldivian people----instead of keeping all these rapes/child abuse etc quiet, or rather keeping them localised to the Maldivian news >>why not somehow get these offences broadcast to the world,,then maybe outside pressure may be put onto your 'judges'to take some proper action..Anything that could affect the tourism business will bring action..Just look at the action being taken in India,after all the rapes out there.Some of the recent rapes involved european women,,can you imagine the effect on your tourism when[as it surely will] it happens to some european or chinese woman at one of the resorts !!!

  6. I wonder where kuribee is at the moment. wanking away to glory perhaps.LOL

  7. Dhivehistanis may carry the latest iphones and laptops around, but they are still extremely primitive. Of course in this case, the girl is at fault. Can the authorities please confirm the date of her flogging?

  8. This is when I like and eye for an eye concept. Get these men, rape them and film them.

  9. You just watch. These guys will be allowed out as soon as they agree to sell the videos to ablho.

  10. at least this time they raped a girl and not a goat....

    I am sure the mullah's from the adhalath party will flog this naughty girl till she dies...


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