Police arrest 10 in beauty salon raid on charges of prostitution

Police have arrested 10 people in the ‘Roma Beauty and Wellness Centre’, a private beauty salon in Male, on charges of prostitution.

In a statement police said the arrest was made last night at about 9:35pm in an operation police conducted after receiving intelligence reports about the salon.

Four Maldivians, four Thai women and two Bangladeshi men were arrested in the beauty salon, all of them were inside the premises when police raided.

Police claimed that when police raided the salon four of the 10 people inside the premises were naked and involved in sexual activities.

When police searched the premises of Roma Beauty and Wellness Centre they discovered MVR13,000 (US$845) and “tools used for sexual activities”.

Police said the office of Roma Beauty and Wellness Centre was also searched, where police discovered ‘’other items’’ in connection with the case.

Police said all the searches were conducted after obtaining search warrants from the court.

As police raided the salon located in the block between Ahmadiyya School and the UN Building, a large number of people gathered around the area to watch the raid.

The men and women arrested were teased by the crowd gathered as the police brought them out.


28 thoughts on “Police arrest 10 in beauty salon raid on charges of prostitution”

  1. I feel another excuse for doling out inhumane, corporal punishment coming along because some goat-herders claimed centuries ago that this was the will of a god. I doubt it will be the 'clients' on the receiving end though.

  2. Beauty salons - dangerous places like Al Qaeda cells.

    Why else would police make a raid.

  3. Juntas must be very happy to raid on such entertaining sites catching naked people in action. What a proud force? I wonder why they can’t keep such unpopular heroism out of publicity….! How about putting CCTV in every beauty salon and Pilocia enjoy it in their offices.

  4. @ Kevin
    Do you know these are foreign prostitutes who do not have licence (and god knows what kind of disease they brought to this closed society). And we do not give corporal punishment to anybody in Maldives. Nor is camels or goats native to this country. You have just got a hyperbole over your head created by islamophobic literature you read on internet.

  5. Stand back and consider what this actually means. The girls who work in these places don't always do this without being forced into prostitution.

    The sad fact is that if they had no customers there would be no profit for their masters to bring them to the Maldives.

    So the problem is the Maldivian men who are their customers, therefore punishment should be directed against them, not the girls.

  6. The police should probably focus on where and how they got here rather than parading who could potentially be victims of human trafficking around. I wouldn't be surprised if it's mostly just the women who get punished either.

    Human being - since when was flogging not counted as corporal punishment? People, well mostly women anyways, get flogged all the time in the Maldives. I also think the "goat herders" he's referring to are the ancient Arabs, a lot of whom, with their own brand of Islam, are now actively trying to replace all world cultures with their own.

  7. I sure would like to know about the 4 Maldivians. Probably innocent men who have never done anything wrong put under a spell by the evil foreign whores and Bangladeshis.

  8. @human being on Thu, 14th Mar 2013 5:18 PM

    That is precisely the point here.

    1) You MUST hand out several very harsh punishments (according to basic Islam) to crimes like theft, fornication, adultery, drinking, sex-out-of marriage drug abuse etc. But DO YOU? No. All you do is hide behind a minuscule criteria you made up after, as though you, yourself are trying desperately trying to find a reason not to execute the sentences.

    2) In case you don't know it, there are many who want to enact the ways of goat herders of the 5th century, here in Male'. And guess what, they claim the rest are Muslims.

  9. Indeed DMF and Hani, the girls are probably the victims here (they are the victims so often). They should be helped, not punished.

    Real men with some values and honor cherish women. Protect and respect them instead of giving them a hard time.

  10. Better have brothels than have teenage girls sexually abused in their own houses every night because the guys are just too horny and cant keep their zips up.

    And for girls and women, presumed half naked because of your deliberate tight leggings, jeans and short tops...do you know how much damage you cause men who finally abuse you or opt for the brothels????

    Why blame the foreign girls?? The system loopholes should be blamed for innocent people who are trying to survive...one way or another.

    Prostitution is more preferred than sex slavery poor Maldivian women are forced into. By the way, how do Bangladeshis survive sexually?????? or they don't need to....???

  11. You know sometimes the urge to copulate is just that great. Maybe we need to better try and understand why the 'shameful' place has so much control over people.

    Even if it remains a private affair, this problem still refuses to be solved. Personally I feel sexual gratification cannot be the same as sexual satisfaction. We need to learn to better discipline our mural urges to discharge desire as gentlemen and ladies, not animals. You see sex is sex, yet the debate is how much of a control must we exercise on it. How long before we legalize children-sex as beneficial and necessary for freedom to prevail? There is a real danger of this- consider the underground scene in places like Finland and Eastern United States. Children-fetish will also eventually be in vogue.

    God or no God, our salamanders and fragrant-flowers seem to have the say in modern society. Meantime relax, chill- the end is near. Very..

  12. I don’t see anything wrong for a man to have paid sex, at least poor helpless women can have a brief moment with crazy men who are reliving the urge for copulation. The women who are in the prostitute business don’t get germinated and stock is deposited in external storage. It is better than Hareem, concubine, multiple wives. Just wake up fishing folks. The world is not controlled by metaphoric; it is rather based on reality. Why you think prostitution, spa, alcohol, dancing is bad when you have much more badly immoral behaviors in your society. Sleeping with in-laws, child abuse, cheating, corruption, divorce, abandoning of own children, disrespectfulness are common and for such people those that are more personal matters should not be a big issue.

  13. The Sharia law should be implemented on the men involved here (lets leave the women as we do not know which circumstances they were in to behave as such)but i guess that would not be done as they are human and the west demands the men, women participating in such acts to be dealt humanely!!?This highlights the difference between western thinking and an Islamic perspective!Islam thinks about the whole society but the west is hung on just one individual!! Islam talks about empowering women through marriage but the west thinks about empowering women through prostitution!!??to the west money is everything!

    When the real truth is that such acts only creates misguidance, mistrust, abortion, neglected children, divorce, abuse, gay relationships(having sex with cheap women only demands the men to become something else out of boredom!!)

    And think of the degrading attitude the horrid men will have for women, would you really believe a men who goes out with hundreds of women to later on reside with loyalty? bull***t!!the men will be sex crazy, you dumb ignorants!

    And do not tell me that legalizing prostitution has brought anything good to the public! i am not dumb!

    Why men use prostitutes!

    Melissa Farley, PhD, Founding Director of the Prostitution Research and Education, in the Oct. 2004 journal Violence Against Women article "Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart," wrote:
    "Legal sex businesses provide locations where sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and violence against women are perpetrated with impunity. State-sponsored prostitution endangers all women and children in that acts of sexual predation are normalized..."

    Some Maldivians are dumb into believing what the western hypocrites(and i do not mean to say all westerners are bad) tell them. But you can't impress them all, can you!

    And BTW, i am not ashamed to say that the sharia law should be implemented here(it should be just, fair at all costs)as we do not want to produce such cannibals and serial killers like this man from Canada and Norway!i can't fathom the idea that this cannibal lives off from the public's money in the prison, the devil!!

    Accused Canadian cannibal Luka Magnotta extradited to Canada

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/canadian-cannibal-luka-magnotta-extradited-canada-article-1.1097908#ixzz2NYITH8Gy

    Norway Mass Killer Gets the Maximum: 21 Years

    21 years for a mass killer! ahahahaaa talk about humanity!

  14. @Andrew Andreas

    You should be happy about some Maldivians!
    Their thinking is like yours!
    yeah for humanity!??

  15. @Facts on Thu, 14th Mar 2013 8:57 PM

    "Better have brothels than have teenage girls sexually abused in their own houses every night because the guys are just too horny and cant keep their zips up."

    Some countries in fact view brothels as the lesser of two evils. They argue that regulated brothels may offer a safer alternative to "street" prostitution. The truth is that there is no single country on the face of the earth that have managed to eliminate prostitution!

    But does that mean we should allow these Spas to operate as brothels? Clearly, the answer is no. The foreign women employed in this business could well be forced into this nasty business by ruthless criminals hell bent on a quick Rufiyaa.

    Don't tell me that men need to find "relief" etc. If you can't control your urge, then go and pray in the mosque or do something about it! There's no need to encourage the slavery of women.

  16. Kevin Armes Please don't try to insult Islam here and our Prophet (PBUH). If you don't like or Prophet or Islam, then stay away from it. If you want to comment on our prophet, learn about him. If you knew a even a little bit about him and Islam, then you will not call him or his followers goat-herders. The This is how people react to teachings of Islam from western media, which is the Zionists way of teaching.

  17. @Junaidh on Fri, 15th Mar 2013 5:32 AM

    Finally a logical person. While you are at it, why don't you also try not to force your way of thinking to every other Maldivian.

  18. What is Sharia law punishment for Muslim men having sex with prostitutes?

    Just wondering, since I'm sure the Maldivian men in this arrest will never actually be punished.

  19. @Andrew andreas
    Islamic sharia is very strict so its a very narrow chance one actually gets hudhoodh.

    As for "camel herders in 5th century", this is a common derogatory term the islamophobes used to taunt muslims with. I have nothing to say things like this. It reveals more about the person who uses the term. I have nothing against donkey herders or pickup herders either. I will take what good they brought and reject what evil they created. that's my way. Peace.

  20. sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy...why cant we legalize prostitution it

  21. sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy...why cant we legalize prostitution.

  22. Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb, although I agree with the core of your message, I don't see how praying in a mosque will give men any relief of their urges.

    I actually believe the concentration of "perverts" is higher among people who pose to be very faithful. Every religion is shadowed by scandals their leaders so much want to hide away.

    And there are rare examples of "good brothels", where safety and free choice of the women is priority nr. 1. I don't plea to legalize prostitution, just posing the question: what is the best solution to fight abuse? Abuse is the real problem, not prostitution on itself. As you said, it's nearly impossible to eliminate prostitution.

    The core issue remains anyway: action has to be taken to protect the victims of abuse as soon and as good as possible, instead of making them suffer again after their suffering. Perpetrators who induce suffering have to be tracked down to the roots and punished severely.

  23. @Junaidh

    Oh who are you trying to fool here. Open up a primary school or secondary school Islam textbook, and it will say what your prophet did for a living.

    I know people living in Male' who try to herd goats on their terrace. The amount of 'dhirey bakari' sellers in Male' are extremely high, and ask any of them why they are doing this and they will tell you that it's a sunnah!

    On topic though, I agree with some comments here. These women may be the victims of human trafficking. It's a multimillion dollar business in the Maldives and prostitution is probably a great way to make a quick buck from an extremely sexually repressed society. No matter what, you simply can't stop people from having sex, whether its law or religion and history is evidence of this.

    Also, I see some people writing about implementing sharia law. Of course, constant inbreeding amongst the common Maldivian secondary school educated neanderthal would lead to thoughts like this. Especially if the majority of them live in poverty, because that's when they look forward to riches and virgins in the afterlife.

  24. @ human being
    What is Sharia law punishment for men who have sex with prostitutes?

  25. My heart goes our to the poor girls.....it must be horrendous trying to make a living by having paid sex with a bunch of short, fat and grossly unattractive Maldivian men with greasy hair, bad teeth and who have never heard of soap or deodorant!!
    Yuck Yuck Yuck

  26. Actually ,everyone involved in this kind of activities should get punishment .because they are well matured adults not little babies who don't know what is right n wrong But ofcours there ll be people who r forced or who has some reasons behind doing such things .only Allah know's who is right n wrong

  27. Excuse me. There is no country where only handsome n beautiful mens are born .n short men's with bad teeths, ll be present in all the countries.not only in Maldives .and ofcours Maldivians have heard and even used deodorants n soaps.actually Maldivians are all around of deodorants n soaps.


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