Maldives bans controversial anti-Islamic movie

The National Classifications Bureau (NCB) on Tuesday announced a ban on watching or bringing in copies of the controversial “Innocence of Muslims” movie to the Maldives.

The NCB is reported as saying that watching or sharing the movie is an offence under the law defining material which is not allowed to be brought into the country (Act No. 4/74). Such material includes other contraband such as pork, alcohol, and religious items not for personal use.

According to Article 4 (a) of the said Act, bringing into the country, creating, owning, selling, sharing or spreading material which is against the principles of Islam is an offence. The penalty for the said offense, as defined in Article 13 (c) is a jail sentence, banishment or house arrest for a period between 3 to 8 years.

Meanwhile, the Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM) has announced on Sunday that it is working to block the offending trailer from the online video sharing channel YouTube.

CAM Chief Executive Ilyas Ahmed said at the time that they were attempting to just block the video alone, instead of the site itself, as blocking YouTube was ‘not practical’.

Pakistan is reported in international media as having blocked access to YouTube in the country after the owners of the site refused to block the offending video.

Following similar protests across the globe, protesters in the Maldives gathered in front of the UN Building on Friday September 14. Protesters carried placards with messages ranging from “Maldives: future graveyard to Americans and Jews” to “May Allah curse America”.


15 thoughts on “Maldives bans controversial anti-Islamic movie”

  1. A 14 minute clip is on Youtube. Yet the US government itself is working on getting it removed.

  2. you can't blocked youtube just for this video? there is so many educational information you can watch in youtube instead of watching crap videos. block the porn sites & torrent.

  3. youtube and google are too powerful. no org shall be allowed to be that powerful. if muslim countries band together and start blocking their services then they will try to live by rules.

    by the way if this trailer was parodying holocaust then it will be blocked in the 0th second! so this disciplined stand they are taking rings hollow.
    Ban youtube. Go go go!

  4. There are millions and trillions of sites and billions of gigabytes of stuff which are throwing multiple arrows to change the face and body of Islam day and night and again and again ............
    The wise Muslims should improve the spread of real and ideal message of Islam
    door to door to wash out the hatred from the minds by winning hearts.

    The illiterate and uneducated people who claim to be the owners of Islam (Actually not)distort the religion and impose wrong philosophy of Islam to obtain their political and financial benefits.

  5. i like the last sentence of this essay. it pretty well sums up what the writer wants to say. this is not about youtube or islam. the author wants to elicit some disparaging remarks about islam by the usual islamophobes who comment on minivan. this is usual in minivan.

  6. I think bann you tube, the internet, phones, modern medicine and go back to caves.

  7. Truly and justly said @Jeena Ali.

    It is sinful and shameful that Islam, the religion of peace, is misused for personal and political benefits.

    There are the many who have been playboy, pop star, film star, this, that who have done sinful and shameful things.

    No problem.
    They can repent and lead a good life.

    But they necessarily do not have to act the "holy man" to hide their deeds, and also misguide people from behind a mask.

    These are the worst of hypocrites and they will suffer for their actions in this world and the hereafter.

  8. Actually, there are thousands of anti-islamic videos on youtube. Also, to people who compare the glorifying of mass killings to an ancient arab who claims to have received divine messages is just absurd.

    I really don't know why muslims are so quick in bringing up the holocaust or us rape rates when cornered with fundamental questions about their religion. Good on the maldives for blocking the trailer. Meanwhile, outside the 350,000 folks in the maldives, more people are still watching it. Als, I think the title of the movie is very appropriate in this case. We got to see how peaceful and innocent muslims are, starting with a rocket propelled grenade to an innocent man's vehicle.

  9. And while you're at it call for a ban on mad mullahs calling for Jihad against other religion or AQ from spouting their hatred against others who dont follow their principals of Islamic state on youtube or is that acceptable? Double standards as usual

  10. @Democratic friend.
    I pity you my friend. Your are brainwashed to believe a few lies. Lemme list them here.
    1. jihad is criminal activity
    2. AQ spouts hatred
    3. Something is amiss with an islamic state.

    none of this is actually true. I suggest you to read the letters of Usama and to listen to some lectures of Awlaki. It will open your eyes. MEdia lies! don't fall at the first attempt.

  11. i know that all media other than muslim media is a lie & u should not explore other media if you want truth

    but seriously this is worth watching
    Daily show September 17th 2012

  12. do maldivians download movies hollywood/bollywood from internet,copyright hunter wood be very much interested


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