Maldives military to show off weapon skills with live ammunition

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) is hosting a special event to show demonstrations using armored vehicles and weapons with live bullets.

‘’We will use many weapons such as armored vehicles, RPGs and smalls arms such as rifles,’’ said Major Abdul Raheem. ‘’We will fire into the air and sea.”

Abdul said there would be targets in the sea and the military officers will fire at the targets.

“This event will be held at the end of Lonuziyarai Magu, the whole area including the park near it have been taken by the MNDF,’’ Abdul said. “MNDF officers practiced seven days for this event and at the same time MNDF has decorated the area for the event.”

Abdul said there would be safe areas marked for people who visit to see the event.

‘’It won’t be dangerous, we have taken safety measures and we have taken a large space for the event.’’

The event is schedule to be held from 4:00pm to 6:00pm this afternoon.

This is the first time the MNDF has held a public event using live bullets.

The area has been modified with camouflage paintings that match the combat uniform of MNDF to make the area appear as a military ground.

Male’ International Airport has delayed all its flight due to the event.


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  1. We should become closer to China since globally Western military influence is fading with its huge debt going much over a trillion dollars last year.

    In the meantime, China does not ask countries to kiss its *** in order to be military partners with it.

  2. Am I the only one who found it funny that the MNDF had to camouflage their surroundings to blend in with their outfits?

    Sort of pointless, innit?

    Maybe they should learn to wear pearl white uniforms, and turquoise blue for the fellas on the boats.


  3. Whom are we trying to impress here?

    A peace loving country would not need to make a demo of these things... the costs, the waste not to mention the psychological impact on people. It is more a statement of warning to show the power behind the State.

    This is nothing more than part of the political theater, a psychological warfare, trying to overbear the opposition, or even the rebellious civilian.

    Have we forgotten the more auspicious forms of celebration, that build relationships instead of dividing the community? Have we forgotten celebrate life and rejoicing and being happy? Do we have see what kills people? Is this the feeling our children should take to bed when they go to sleep tonight after seeing this demonstration? Do we have the right not to "hear" the sound of the artillery?

    Do we get asked if we want this....

  4. Good one Yaamyn. Camouflaging the surrounding to blend in with military uniform is a world's first for sure. Lets hope our military top brass get a medal for this new tactic.

  5. sick, the answer should be obvious. of course we do.

    although this event really does not 'relate' to the republic day. more to victory day i suppose.

    demonstrations always impress little kids and it could make an impact on their future careers.

  6. A couple of tanks, a few AK47's?

    Heavy artillery? Wow... even those that entertain overthrow-ideas, are now assured of sheer weakness of our defense apparatus. Previously at least unsure factor is something they would need to consider, not anymore.

    There is absolutely nothing to be proud of this country anymore. Even the culture now is disgusting.

  7. Ali Ahmed:

    There's tons of things to be proud of. You just need to know where to look. I agree at how anti-productive this is though xD

    It's pretty hilarious really.

  8. Whats wrong with you people. This is considered something called as NATIONAL PRIDE. Its also a recruiting strategy of MNDF. Its not about showing military strength. Its about self-sufficiency. Its about learning, not to call for help in an eventuality but to die for your country in vain.

  9. some were awed by the power of the weapons and our "army". i was too, but to see upclose how stupid we humans are.
    i know war is not real and the enemy does not exist and they build all these machines to kill other human beings. but i have never seen it so close. this planet would go down the history as the most stupid place in the the universe and our species as the most stupid of the whole living kingdom.

  10. I bet the people making fun of MNDF here won't even throw a piece of stone at the enemy, if we really get invaded. I can't believe why people are so narrow minded, and super weak in thinking, even compared to the frog in the well.

  11. Is it time for such celebrations? How much does each live bullet cost for a deficit economy like ours. Just bcos GMR paid 78 Mill we cannot go on a spending spree. This is absolutely unnecessary. Would be more appropriate to give the public traditional fire work display.
    I would whom are we showing off the military power. I dont think ppl will be impressed except they may be keen to have a look at the armoury but not this sort of live firing. Further airport will be closed. There is definitely loss of income.

  12. Ya'll are being way too hard on the MNDF. We are an independent sovereign nation. Of course we need a standing army. In fact, what we need is to start sending our troops to real theaters as peace keepers so that they gain experience and greater cultural awareness and tolerance. We need to contribute to the wider global community and start to take our place as a mature nation which is part of this world. As a peaceful, stable nation we have a DUTY to help facilitate that peace and stability across the globe.

    Every single MNDF officer I have spoken to agrees with this. It will also help ferment our nation as an independent and sovereign nation.

    Considering how small we are, how limited our resources are, and how we are perceived as a weak island nation, how can we ensure our independence? Continually ponying up to big brother India? Appealing to its rival China? Can we expect the world to protect our independence if we don't contribute anything to the greater world?!

    Now, I agree the MNDF in Male' should have more appropriate urban camouflage, however, if our nation was attacked, what forces we do have will be operating in islands as much as in Male'. We would literally have to become an island gorilla force to root out any insurgents which attack our nation, so isn't our men and women's uniforms appropriate for such action?!

    Though its not mentioned here, a lot of people have mentioned to me that the boats did not sink, and how horrid people's aim was. Okay, firstly the boats were actually very small targets. The hand held machine guns are more than enough to take care of vessels that small. But the reason that these did not sink was because of the barrels that were placed beneath the fake wooden hulls. The only way it would have sunk would have been with a direct Mortar hit. And mortars are incredibly unaccurate. And the small boat was out of the range of the bazookas, though they were still fired to demonstrate its action.

    All in all, the MNDF did an admirable job in demonstrating that it does have capability. That it can protect our populous. And that it is still a professional group that safeguards the integrity of this nation.

  13. No matter how it looks, I would like to see the military engaged in such activity at least once in a year.

    They should be given the opportunity to practice the skills they learn in real grounds - although the set up yesterday is just a simulation...not in some uninhabited island.

    The Military are the people who would take responsibility in time of real danger to this country.

    I also think we should be familiar to gunshots and all that. We live in a dangerous world... not in a swing of pink roses...

  14. We don't need a military. We only need coast guard to control illegal fishing in the EEZ and to rescue drifting people and vessels. Anything else is a waste of money. We have seen what happened 22 years ago on November 3rd.

    One would have thought after Gayoom this kind of "military" displays would end.

  15. Those criticizing MNDF would probably cower in fear, should our country be invaded!

  16. Why does Maldives, an island nation with a little over 300,000 people need such a military force. Maldives should be distributing larger proportion of their budget to education and health its citizens. Take the example of Costa Rica, which abolished the army and invested in health and edcuation of the nation!

  17. Yaamyn, in case you didn't know, the MNDF (and the NSS before that) are not trained to defend the Maldives. They are experts at warfare in the rain forests, deserts and even the Arctic ice fields. In fact the standard issue uniform of officers (certainly of the NSS) included an Arctic fleece jacket.

  18. salim i hope you are not serious!
    peace keeping? do you really believe the soldiers are keepers of peace? they are killing machines. thats what they are, thats what they are trained for. cold, heartless machines that operate for governments/corporations. this is the case in all countries.. the enemy is an illusion. the real threat is that which endangers the human species as a whole.
    We should have nuclea weapons to deflect approaching astroids on a path to collission for example. thats a real threat.

    now, to talk abt our own country/society, we really don't need an army and you know it. its a horrifying waste of resources and young minds, which otherwise could be used to do some good in the society. like building infrastructures, education, health care etc.
    If someone really wants to attack this country, we don't stand a chance. there is not a goddamn thing we can do even if we train the whole populace and spend all our money on defence.

    the wars around the world are nothing but another exuse to divide humans and control humans by those in power. its not real and its a gigantic business today. every war, every confrontation is a sign of immaturity, failure of our nerves and intelligence. its an insult to human race.

    where is the showoff of efforts to bridge the differences between nations, our efforts to care for one another? where is the social scientists and experts opinion on solving these problems. we can't show, because we don't have them. and i mean all the nations on the planet earth..

  19. Jeff,

    While my earlier comment about the camouflage outfits was merely a joke, I cannot honestly say I'm entirely convinced that a country our size should spend such massive resources on maintaining a 'military' force.

    I understand the need of a an effective coast guard, and internal security - considering the threat from narcotics and local terrorists.

    But a military that has pretenses of offensive or defense capabilities? Artillery? To protect us against who, exactly?

    Without coming across as a cynic, I honestly do not see the Maldives fending off a military threat from ANY of its neighbors, none of whom are hostile to us anyway.

    There are other small countries like Liechtenstein and Costa Rica who do not have a military force.

    I wasn't a fan of the disproportionate military budget under the former President, and I'm not a fan of it now. I do feel the resources could be allocated in much more pragmatic, useful ways.

  20. For those who still deny the capabilities of our military. You guys seem to forget how Thakurufaanu managed to get the Portugeuse invaders out of our country?

    Or for more recent examples (where communication is easy), the outcome of the Vietnam war? Or how the insurgents in Afghanistan have still managed to hold out for so long; against a far more superior force?

    Numbers do not matter, superior tactics make the difference.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of our military budget, but every country needs some armed force!

  21. @ Yaamyn

    The enemy will probably be terrorists such as those who invaded during 3rd November. I heard during the show the guy mentioning terrorists. Now that Somalian pirates and probably Al Qaeda might have set their eyes on our country, we do require our army to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Any terrorist organization would love to utilize the fact that we are small and can be invaded easily, but when an army stands in the way, it makes a big difference.

    I actually support this whole thing by the MNDF. We got to see what they are capable of, and I must say that I am impressed. I thought they were pretty much nothing previously, considering we had to get help from India the last time 😉

  22. "As a peaceful, stable nation we have a DUTY to help facilitate that peace and stability across the globe etc"

    what a load of baloney. This guy couldn't wait a day after graduating before he started bellowing out his ultra-middle wing horse-shit. He lives in that twilight fantasy realm we call politically naive vis-a-vi correct.

    There is a difference between Political Dictionaries that print seminal diplomacy hinged on humanistic holier-than-thou interests, and a very real terror nostra faction which travels the world citing 'world peace' as the real aim of global powers.

    The world is about interests and spoils. Money and sex. Not the United Nations.

    This archipelago needs no thanks from Internationalism (least of all battle Tanks or "peacekeepers"), it needs a 0.3million populous that has the gut wrenching urge to realize we are not sinking because of rising sea levels.

    We need volunteers or peacekeepers to keep our streets safe at night. first

  23. talk about our military force, who have ruined our societies especially in southern atoll's. in adoo and laamu women are raped and abused by the army.hundreds or thousands of marriages have been ruined due to these army men going for 6 months out post duty to these islands. they have no ethics when it comes to having affairs. for them after a hard day, its always time to have a good time with someones wife or a teen.we really don't need an army, we could have contracts with india and US to defend our country,which would eventually be our defense in case of fire either way.just recall the incident when an armed boat entered our sea's and attacked a local boat. fire and rescue and coast guard should be run individually without the touch of military.stop wasting our money...

  24. At some who claim superiority in intelligence is all that is needed.

     I would really like to believe that. My concern is that the way majlis is run, the wishful thinkings of beardees, the arrogance of ruling party, the hardheaded opposition... Doesn't really inspire confidence of an constructive, intelligent community. So, forgive me, but superior intelligence Is in question here. But when compared to some Tamil dick heads who have never been to a school, yes. Not otherwise.

  25. Think about this for a sec.

    Who would want to invade. Any of our neighbors, Lanka, India, china?
    If any wants to do it, they would not need military threat. A mildly disguised warning would crumble us. One, a country at war, experienced for 30 years, the other world-superpowers, it would not take more than a single warship to scare the shit out of us.

    So, why would we need any military defense teams. I totally agree we should really spend the money on education, health, well being of the community.

  26. Common people give some credit to the people wearing the green dresses. They were unable to hit the target with all the AK47s, machine guns, rockets and bazookas. The target was standing tall even all the ammunition was out. I am sure they cannot hit the airport from there if they wanted to. I first thought it was some sort of comedy but not.
    I don’t see any reason why we need to have an army with no experience and need which consumes most of the national budget.

  27. Xa-Yanu,

    Neither Thakurufaanu nor the present day Taliban insurgents are engaging in conventional military warfare.

    The Balrog,

    I did mention that I understand the need for a superior coast guard and internal security - for the threats from narcotics and terrorists.

    Don't get me wrong. I love military parades and grand displays of naval and aircraft power.

    What I'm not convinced about is the need for maintaining a large conventional military force in a country like ours.

    Are all the massive resources pumped into the MNDF justified for an off-chance we might get 'invaded' by somali pirates?

    I think not. I think we have a more realistic chance of being taken over by the local taliban, who already have a foot through the door of power.

    And like Xa-Yanu pointed out, even well-disciplined, highly trained forces like the Americans and Pakistani military are unable to combat an ideological enemy effectively.

    Some battles are simply not won with bullets, and those that can be won by bullets and man power - I simply do not see our country engaging in it.

    Lastly, (and this isn't the most important point, perhaps. Just a thought that occurs to me) in the entirely plausible event of a takeover of the country by the radical mullahs, the military could very well end up being a force of oppression.

    We all know how a former President had no qualms about crushing dissent in the south with a heavy hand.

    While I respect your views, I do believe our resources would be spent much more wisely if were a constitutionally pacifist nation like Japan.

    (Or Costa Rica or Liechtenstein or one of the several other small countries that do not have a conventional military force.)

  28. We don't need a standing army. For the same reason Iceland doesn't have and doesn't need one.
    Our enemies are terrorists or hijackers etc. We need a kick ass Special Forces unit, and a small but efficient coast guard or Navy, call it what you want. These units can only be funded if we get rid of those useless and ridiculous military hardware and thousands of unskilled personnel which we don't need.

  29. Omg, live amunition. The stunt idea must have come from Anni when he was doing a bog or drunk with wine in the president's office rest room 🙂

  30. Do we even need an army? We only need 100 soldiers and India can supply the rest.


    this what our govt should also be doing . not spending on armament.

  32. The live firing exercise was incompetent, disgrace and total waste of money.

  33. Burgers are better, mind on your own business...How many burgers really know what is many really loves your nation..religions...all are almost wondering for squeezing advantages from each and i right...

  34. With all due respect, you guys dont even have the balls to insult tourists in English, so if i was you i would stick to serving pina coladas and forget this whole military idea. I dont know if you guys know, but Europe is about a hair away from declaring a full blown war on Islam because of that stunt you guys pulled with those Swiss people, the last thing you want now is to show your enemy you have Islamic military ambitions.

  35. @John Hubson
    forget the past. move on, huh? do your research on islam, dude. its only like 15% of muslims who are radical, and the west understands that. They respect the good muslims, and thats why they wont declare war on islam. plus, europe and the swiss couple in question, have accepted the apology of the government. Take your hate elsewhere, please. We dont need it. 🙂

  36. What I found funny was the fact that the MNDF were unable to sink a fake tin boat in over half an hour. This would have been enough time to blow Male' into smithereens in a real attack. >.< Well done, MNDF. Well done.


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