Police launch operation to reduce crime during Eid holidays

The Maldives Police Service have said it has launched series of special operations to prevent crimes occurring during the Eid holidays.

Police said the operations commenced on November 4.

During the operation, police said they had been searching people whom they suspected were planning to commit crimes.

‘’Police have searched different places they gather such as guest houses,’’ the police said, in a statement. ‘’So far police have discovered weapons used for assault and battery, and four men have been arrested in connection with the case.’’

The Police said they had arrested one man with suspected illegal narcotics, and another on the street who was supposed be serving life imprisonment.

The prison escapee has been handed over to the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services (DPRS), according to police.

Police said during these operations police will question children and other persons “roaming around the streets for no reason.”

So far, the police said it has arrested and released 71 persons, 18 of them underage, “after giving advice.”


6 thoughts on “Police launch operation to reduce crime during Eid holidays”

  1. Its hard to believe that the unprofessional police force are carrying out any kind of operation here. I was shocked to see near artificial beach .. some Bangladeshi workers were attacked and humiliated by the so called KUDA henweiru youngsters or MOBS. where were the police. They seems to be only busy with themselves. not the peace loving public. So do not lie and pass the wrong invalid information to the public. thanks

  2. Found a man Suppose to be serving life imprisonment? What a joke what are u gyz doing.

  3. "Police said during these operations police will question children and other persons “roaming around the streets for no reason.”--what a idiots!
    so if people just go out police will arrest them?how police know - with or without reason people walk on the road?or every body must write on board- dear police!i am not roaming around! i have a reason!hehehe
    i can tell you- to reduce crime police must arrest and eliminate few drugs and mafia boss and crime will reduce very quickly/destroy corruption in police and will be safe on the road

  4. "..and another on the street who was supposed be serving life imprisonment".
    How come this escape didn't make news?!
    Or am I too naive to think its not normal for prisoners (especially murderers, drug dealers, pedophiles) to escape all the time in Maldives?

  5. This is a laugh.

    I called the police, last Eid holidays, when there were 3 boys (around 21:30; about 20ish), loading a pickup truck, with some booties, from the house across the road.

    25 minutes later police turned up, went into the wrong house. still 10 minutes later came out and found the right house. One the boys was still there. He was questioned by the police. The boy denied saying he was a bystander, but he also claimed he knows the 2 boys who were stealing from the house.

    I am still not sure why they did it. But they let the boy go and the police left.

    10 minutes later yet another police group came, and i explained what happened. By then, even the 3rd boy had fled. The new team wanted to question the boy. When I asked why did not do it before, they claimed its the shift of duties and the previous team left early because they did not want to extend their duty time. The owners lost about Mrf 15000/- worth of stuff.

    After that, i have completely lost faith in these assholes. May be it is because they are not paid well, or something else. But in any case, i would not turn to them expecting an investigation of a commoner.

  6. lol, its not because they are paid any less. In fact I know for a fact they are paid more than 30% to even the lowest rank compared to a typical civil servant.

    They are just lazy a**holes. Well not all them, but most of them D: They really need to clean their own act and sack all those lazy, drug abusing, intimidating dicks off the force to atleast have the right people there to blow off huge amounts of money for training and such stuff.


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