Maleesha Hajj Group owner arrested in Srilanka

Police have located and arrested the owner of the Maleesha Hajj Group Ismail Abul Latheef, who was sought by the police through Interpol after he fraudulently collected money from many Maldivians seeking ti perform Hajj this year.

Police have not provided details of the case but local media reported that Latheef was arrested while he was at the Mount Lavinia Hotel in Colombo.

Sri Lankan police told Haveeru that Abdul Latheef was suspected of being involved in a Sri Lankan money laundering ring, and that he was suspected of collecting money from Sri Lankans as well.

Local newspapers reported that Latheef has been brought to Male’ and taken to the Criminal Court, where the court granted police a five day extension of  detention period.

The Maleesha Hajj Group was set up by Latheef and had an office in Male’. Maldivians who wished to perform the Hajj usually opt to go through Hajj groups rather than going alone, and are guided through the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

Police issued a notice for the arrest of the 42 year-old in late September after it was alleged that he had defrauded 175 people of MVR 12 million (US$778,000), after they made payments to the Maleesha Hajj Group to travel to Mecca to perform Hajj.

On October 2, Interpol issued a red notice to locate and apprehend Latheef.


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  1. Nah, after Zaki's comments to bring Indian soldiers to Maldives, and his statements that everybody who were against GMR contract were extremists or terrorists associated with the group Lashkar-e-taiba (the group which led the Mumbai terrorist attacks) thus effectively rendering half lakh of Maldivians as terrorists, Zaki has become the number one hated person in the Maldives.

    Hope Zaki stays in India drinking all the booze he wants, and stops labelling Maldivians as terrorists.

  2. People like these cloud the image of Islam! doing the total opposite from the teachings of our prophet(pbuh).

    He probably thinks like an atheist as there will be no judgement but the judgement of humans of this world! but there is a day when everybody will be judged according to their actions and mind and not an inch of an atom will be forgotten. I wait for that day since this world has no justice at all.

  3. Zaki is a terrorist. Zaki , Sikka are the two people who had planned and attacked Maldives on 3rd Nov. 1988.

    Zaki is one of the man who had taken a huge bribe from GMR and that is why he had defend GMR at any cost.

    Zaki is the man who need to put behind the bar for his crimes and should not allow him to stay free in Maldives.

  4. Yea these crazy islamists will harm Zaki when he returns. Most of the 23 December members like Haassan Saeed and Sheik Imran haves ties with Pakistani militant Islamic terror.


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