Dr Bari reappointed Minister of Islamic Affairs

Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari was reappointed Minister of Islamic Affairs this morning, less than a week after he resigned from the position in the wake of the religious conservative Adhaalath party’s decision to sever its coalition agreement with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Dr Bari told Minivan News last week that he resigned “out of respect” for his party’s decision.

While both Dr Bari and State Islamic Minister Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed were asked to resign by the Adhaalath Party as they could “no longer represent the party in this government”, the latter issued a statement saying he would not resign unless he was asked by President Mohamed Nasheed.

Speaking to press at the Islamic Ministry today, Bari claimed that he accepted the post “as an individual” after “98 percent” of the people he consulted with – including religious scholars, businessmen and members of the general public – had advised him to do so.

Bari explained that he did not resign out of dissatisfaction with the government or difficulties in performing his duties, insisting that he accepted the post again “as a second opportunity to serve the nation.”

President Nasheed had welcomed Bari’s decision to accept the post while remaining a member of the Adhaalath Party, he said, insisting that he had no intention of resigning from the party.

Bari added that he expected Adhaalath Party to be “satisfied” that a member of the party would be filling the post of Islamic Minister.

Bari went on to criticise the party’s decision to sever the coalition agreement, claiming that a decision had been made before the consultation council held a meeting.

Moreover, he added, the meeting was held in violation of party rules and regulations as members were not informed of the items on the agenda. Dr Bari said he had argued against leaving the MDP-led coalition.

Adhaalath Party Spokesperson Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, who resigned as State Minister for Islamic Affairs last year, told Minivan News today that Dr Bari’s resignation was “a drama.”

“It was a drama he played so I would not like to comment on his action,” he said.

Adhaalath Party meanwhile issued a press statement today strongly condemning Dr Bari’s decision as going against “the spirit of the party’s constitution as well as the party’s decisions.”

“We also note that Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari lied when he claimed to have assumed the post again after consulting with the party,” it reads, characterising the move as “lowly conduct” on the minister’s part.


21 thoughts on “Dr Bari reappointed Minister of Islamic Affairs”

  1. Good move cos
    1. Dr. Bari resigned from a portfolio given to Adhaalath Party under the coalition agreement.
    2. As long as the person is capable, this government doesn’t mind which party the person belonged to

  2. Dr Bari is a nationalist and not a pawn of the adaalath party. I think we need more people like him who will put the country first. In case of Gayoom and pawns, it is Gayoom first.

  3. Who is this Umar Naseer to say anything about the army. He represent Gayoom, hopefully one of his daughter will divorce their husbands and re marry him. I joined Gayoom but now I am second thoughts.

  4. Welcome back Dr. Majeed! please continue the good work you have been doing!

  5. Good move Dr. Hussain Rasheed and you know exactly what to do. I like this 😀

  6. Not a big fan of Adhaalath or any other such organizations, but I do congratulate DJ Baaree this time. His intention at this stage, looks sincere, beyond dirty politics.

  7. Bari is a drama playing time waster. His reappointment will unnecessarily cost the taxpayer. Majlis time and money will be spent reconfirming him.

  8. Wasn't it only days ago, adaalath announced that baari is an exceptional example of courage and integrity that all other politicians must follow?

    And yesterday, they again claim he is a back-biting, conniving cobra?

    What a joke!!!

  9. Sh. Shaheem, if u feel that anybody who has other than your idiosyncrasy is not a good one, I think that shall be the one of the biggest and worst mistake you could ever make.

    So, pls be careful!!!

  10. This is too embarassing for Adhaalath's bunch of jokers who are away to some country. In one master stroke from Dr Bari, these bunch of jokers are left speechless.

  11. I call for a separation of religion and state. It looks good in theory but is too dangerous as we have to rely on corruptible human beings that are perceived by ignorant masses as shrouded with divine spirit and full of good intentions. All human beings can be corrupted.

  12. Adhaalath has yet again lost their credibility. They are in such a hurly-burly and their foolish actions are just nothing but childish excuses. They think they can make us believe that Jews are coming to Maldives to advocate Christianity. But our younger generations are more exposed and educated and except some foolish people living in a confined small island no one else will buy their crap any more. Thank you Dr. Majeed for showing the real honesty and showing a good example of learned muslim

  13. Well done Dr Bari. You have done the right thing. I congratulate you for this.

  14. This was a master stroke by Bari. He resigned because he got the position because of Adaalath.
    So he resigned and then he accepted the position without any help from Adaalath as an individual. Now Adaalath cannot call him to resign as he his position has got nothing to do with Adaalath and the only thing they could do is to sack him from the party.


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