Man who assaulted wife sentenced to six months

The Criminal Court has sentenced a man to six month imprisonment after he brutally assaulted his wife.

The Court identified him as Ahmed Visham of Gulhi in Kaafu Atoll, and his wife as Maryam Nashidha. Visham has denied the charges in court saying that the bruises and injuries on his wife’s body occurred after she “fell off the bed”.

The Criminal Court said that although Visham had denied the charges in court, his sister Maryam Nazna told the court that she woke up at midnight to the sound of Visham attacking Nashidha.

Nazna heard Nashidha crying and she also started crying, and the others in the house woke up to the sound of Nazna’s cry.

Nazna told the court that she heard Nashidha crying ‘’Help mother, father,’’ and later Visham was seen carrying his wife Naashidha out of the room.

The court said that Naashidha’s face was bleeding when she was brought out of the room, and the documents and pictures presented to the court showed that she had suffered major injuries.

The court said that Naashidha received medical treatment for the injuries she suffered and that there was enough evidence to believe that the injuries were caused by a willful attack inflicted on her by a person.

Visham was sentenced under article 126 of the penal code. The court said that it was the second time Visham had been found guilty of such a crime.

According to the Penal Code, any person found guilty of assault shall be sentenced to six months imprisonment, banishment, or house arrest, or shall be fined for an amount that should not exceed Rf 200 (US$13).


Woman stabs ex-husband to death in Male’

A 21 year-old woman has been arrested after allegedly stabbing her 34 year-old ex-husband to death near Woodapple restaurant in Male’.

Police said the man died in hospital on Tuesday afternoon while he was receiving medical treatment.

Police Sergeant Abdul Muhusin declined to reveal further information on the case “as the investigation is ongoing.”

The criminal court trial began yesterday with murder charges presented against Mariyam Nazaha by state prosecutor Dheebaanaz Fahmy.

According to daily newspaper Haveeru, Fahmy claimed Nazaha hid a knife in her bedroom with the intention of stabbing Hassan Shahid, of Machangoalhi Edhuruge.

Nazaha acknowledged the charges and denied them, Haveeru reported. Her lawyer, Ahmed Abdulla Afeef, said he would review the documents before responding to the charges.

Meanwhile, a person familiar with the matter told Minivan News the victim was stabbed by his ex-wife, after they separated some time ago.

He said he saw the victim run out of Baikendi in the Henveiru district of Male’ yesterday afternoon, enter a nearby shop and ask the shopkeeper to call the police as he had been stabbed.

”At first people in the shop thought he was joking, but then he took his hands from the wound and showed them the blood,” said the source. ”He was stabbed once in the lower back.”

The source told Minivan News that two passing police men stopped and assisted the injured man, while police headquarters sent more officers to the scene.

”He was taken to ADK hospital for treatment and later died,” he said.

The source claimed the man was stabbed inside the house where his ex-wife lived.

”He used to come to that house but he was not allowed inside,” the source said. ”They have a child that he comes to visit.”

He said the incident may have been the result of a court ruling yesterday regarding the child’s guardianship.