Police recover Randheli Resort safe containing US$50000 and Rf100,000

Police have recovered the safe of Randheli Island Resort along with the money inside, 19 hours after it was reported missing.

The safe contained US$50,000 and Rf100,000 (US$6500) when it was stolen.

The safe was reported missing yesterday morning at 9:00am and 10 minutes later a team of police officers consisting of forensic officers and investigative officers were dispatched to the island, police said.

According to police the safe was found hidden inside some woods on the island at 4:30am early this morning.

Police said crimes of this type had increased lately, and said the Police Public Affairs Department had been having meetings with businessman to advise them on strengthening security of their businesses.

Police are trying to find those involved in the case as the investigation continues.

Randheli Resort is a resort under construction located in Noonu Atoll – a resort developed by the French company LVMH Moët Hennessy, according to local newspapers.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef today said that one man had been arrested in connection with the case.

‘’Police have figured out three others involved in the case and are currently trying to arrest them,’’ Haneef said.

Haneef said police could not disclose further information at the time as the investigation was not yet concluded.


4 thoughts on “Police recover Randheli Resort safe containing US$50000 and Rf100,000”

  1. It could be founded by construction workers first and police is using this incident as P.R stunt. Imagine the numbers of cases of burglaries , thefts , murders ,roberies, gang attacks unsolved.
    For I had seen incident . There was fire in Male' , We called police and MNDF Fire & Rescue but they didn't came on time. With the help of neighbour and several passerby the fire was controled and extinguished. Then came Fir & Rescue team personals and police and puffed to us and said ' All the people who were not concerned go from here immediately.'
    I was shocked to hear in the News ,one of the Military spokesman said ' With the swift action of MNDF Fire & Rescue persionals and Police , fire was controled and extinguished'.
    You know ! I was speechless.


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