Fifth suspect arrested in connection with the murder of Arham

Police have arrested a fifth person involved in the murder of 16 year-old Mohamed Arham, who was killed in ‘Lorenzo Park’ last month.

Police today said that an 18 year-old man was arrested this afternoon in connection with the case, at about 2:15pm.

No details of the man were disclosed to the media.

Recently, police arrested four men allegedly involved in the murder and said the death was related to a gang war and not political.

Deputy Head of Police Serious and Organised Crime, Dhaudh Mohamed, previously said that 16 year-old Mohamed Arham was killed in a revenge attack in an argument that night between two gangs.

Dhaudh said that the police investigation had found out that Arham had a close relationship with the gang, who were based in the park in which he was found dead. The victim had no previous criminal record, although he used to visit the park frequently, police stated.

The hearing into the murder of Abdul Mueeth ‘Bobby’, 21, was also scheduled for today at the Criminal Court but was later cancelled as the accused three men, Muhujath Ahmed Naseeh, Mohamed Maimoon and Ali Mushaf had not appointed lawyers.

According to local newspapers, at today’s hearing the judge told the state attorney that in cases of this type the accused can only respond to the charges with a lawyer.

Ali Mushaf today complained to the judge that he was restricted from basic rights such as the opportunity to make phone calls while under pre-trial detention.

On February 19, Abdul Muheeth of G. Veyru, was rushed to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) after he was stabbed at 1:45am near the Finance Ministry building. He later died during treatment.

The family of Muheeth have said that he was waiting outside his house for a friend after finishing a family dinner.