Petition against Education Ministry permanent secretary unprofessional, says CSC

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has questioned the professionalism of civil servants who circulated a petition against the Education Ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Aamal Ali, around the media.

The petition, signed by 44 civil servants, includes a ream of complaints against Aamal including allegations that she was misusing her power and taking actions against the Constitution.

The CSC said that the Civil Servant’s Act required civil servants to work according to the Act, follow the code of conduct and work without prejudice: “It is necessary to follow professional manners in a working environment,” said the Commission.

It called on civil servants to report cases regarding permanent secretaries or other civil servants in a professional manner, as required by law.

“Civil servants have the right to file complaints against the permanent secretary if they were unsatisfied by any decision they make, according to the Civil Servant’s Act,” said CSC. ”If any such case was presented to the commission, the commission will always proceed the case and look in to the matter and take necessary measurements.”

Minivan News attempted to contact Dr Amaal Ali, however she was in a meeting and unavailable for a comment at time of press.


14 thoughts on “Petition against Education Ministry permanent secretary unprofessional, says CSC”

  1. Please, if you do not have decent photographs, stop using photographs on your website.

  2. Accusing Civil Servants is unprofessional of CSC. If the civil servants were educated about how to proceed in such cases they probably would have complained to CSC. Please don't blame others for your failure..

  3. Is it still the civil servants who are to be considered unprofessional? What about the person in question Dr. Aamal? Was she following the highest ethical steps when she kept on favoring a particular group of people in the office? I had been working there when she came into the office for that particular post and I don't think she would even know that I am a staff there. That is how much she knows the staff there. Of course she would know in detail everything about some people; but is that the reason why she is kept there - to serve who ever she pleases? Mr. Fahmy, please keep your mouth shut if you have nothing solid to say! And at least now, when the whole story is out, you better check everything and conduct a full investigation. Just see how many staff members' rights she had violated. Dr. Aamal, you are totally unfit for the post, please go back to a school where your potential can be seen.

  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with the photo. It shows a very busy woman. Personally i think Dr. Aamal is the cutest Permanent Secretary.

  5. Shahu : agree. we need to have more cute peeps in government jobs.

    Ilyas: now now...sounds like the attack of the green eyed monster. take a deep breath and count to ten.1, 2, 3,...8,9.10 THEREE.. dont u feel better already? you ARE a very SPECIAL AND WONDERFUL AND AMAZING PERSON. dont let the little jealous monster inside you come out like that. doesnt make u very attractive .

  6. As far as I know,there are several other PS 's out there who's NOT doing their job!
    1- Mahid shareef from Ministry of Youth
    2- Geela from Ministry of Health
    Apart from Amaal, these 2 people are unprofessional and CSC need to look into their performances.. There has to be a way to make these people accountable for their actions!!!!

  7. First am sad to see a news media group of such a caliber using such a low quality picture.
    I myself being a civil servant find it disturbing and believe it is unprofessional and unethical to go to public media with a petition while not approaching to PS. AS far as my little knowledge is concerned Ms. Amaal is one of the most competent Permanent Secretary in the whole Country. I have heard that her ministry has few staff who are quite unprofessional and not qualified enough but holding big posts due to their influence in the earlier system. Such people need to be down sized according to new civil service job classes. Why should only a masters level person can become an assistant Director now, while 3 years ago those with an O-level pass also got promoted to DD posts.
    CSC should revisit and reclassify jobs according to the professional qualifications. Just because they have climbed the ladder in a wrong way doesn't mean they should be kept on those posts.

  8. i think Minivan news should have employed Leonardo da Vinci to produce a proper portrait of Dr. Aamal.

  9. Me, I think shes cute to go… good i also think that she have to leave the job and look for another job. thank you and all the best Waheed .

  10. MDP DRP Umar pary or wht ever !!!!
    I believe she's doing a Good
    and i also believe Minivan news could be cable of loading up out a decent photo i mean come on wht are u people doing up there counting ur fingers i am a reader of Minivan but have to tell u doods that sometimes u are really crap at wht u do

  11. Dear All

    This is a general fact that Dr Aamaal Ali is one of the Best and suitable personality ever I seen. She Allways keep her word, never seen violatinng professional quality with the society/staff. She is highly capable to handle unique situations. I also know that , the one who often complaints against or backbite her are the lazy group who forget or fail to do their duty to their nation.

    Think for a united and developed Maldives.

  12. @ ibrahim Mohamed on Wed, 26th Jan 2011 1:48 PM
    I agree totally with you in regard to the standard of the person being unfit for the post in government jobs. There are people who have just an O'Level certificate in the post of Director General in the Education Ministry, while young people with a First Degree or higher is way below them in the professional rank. And you will be shocked about something which I found just a couple of days back: the Minister's Secretary at Education Ministry who holds the post of a Deputy Director is an old lady who has just a "Kaathib kamuge sanadhu" (a clerk's certificate). She couldn't even answer properly when a foreigner called the office! In this age and day when there are so many highly educated people running around in search of a job, why are these people kept? And I know that this particular lady stays home most of the days because she is not feeling well. Doesn't this show how well Civil Service Commission is doing their job? That is being really professional isn't it?


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