Police arrest 60 year-old man for stabbing his 30 year-old wife

Police have arrested a 60 year-old man for stabbing his 30 year-old wife on the island of Milandhoo in Shaviyani Atoll.

Shavayani Atoll Milandhoo Health Centre Head Ahmed Shahid today told Minivan News that the woman was brought to the Health Centre at about 11:00am this morning.

According to Shahid the woman was stabbed once and did not suffer major injuries.

“She was discharged from the Health Centre today after being treated for the stab wound,” Shahid said.

“I think the attack came after they had some family issues,” he said, adding that islanders had “always suspected that the man was a drug addict.”

In a statement issued today, police said that the 60 year-old suspect has been held in police custody, and confirmed that he had a previous record of drug abuse.

The Chair of Shaviyani Milandhoo Island Council did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

Police have not revealed the identity of the man arrested or the victim.


7 thoughts on “Police arrest 60 year-old man for stabbing his 30 year-old wife”

  1. According to Islamic Sharia it's Ok to stab your adulterous young wife.

  2. What can a 60-year old man give a 30 year old woman? Maybe she wanted to have some fun and he felt inadequate.

  3. Think of your age before marriage, a new engine and an old dhoni does not match.

  4. i can't belive this oid man can attack her i think that 30 year women also have problms with her husbend i mean 30 year women beynun vany ka'nney dhw ehhen myha kaa married kuran so life is not thimk that any time we can play it.


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