Arrested 98 prostitutes since March: police

Maldivian police have revealed that they have arrested 98 prostitutes in Male’ since March this year, including some expatriate males.

According to police, 58 of the alleged prostitutes have now been deported and sent back to their countries.

In one instance police said a Bangladeshi expatriate who was caught and deported had changed his name and crossed the Maldivian border by changing his information. Police said the person was arrested a second time for involvement in prostitution.

Police custody currently hold four Thai women, two Bangladeshi women and men, and three Maldivians in detention, all of them whom arrested in massage parlors on suspicious of being involved in prostitution.

According to the police statement, police have so far confiscated Rf138783 [USD9011] and USD3155 [Rf48587] found in massage parlors and alternative medical centres closed by the police for running prostitution.

Police said that since March, they have closed down 25 businesses operating as brothels in different operations conducted to reduce serious and organised crime.

The statement quoted police Inspector Mohamed Dhaudh as saying that three businesses were shutdown in March, three businesses shutdown in April, five businesses shutdown in May and six businesses shutdown in June, five businesses shutdown in July, one in August and four closed down in September.

Dhaudh said the operations to raid those businesses were mainly conducted by police intelligence and officers from the serious and organised crime department.

After the new government came in to power, police began special operations to curb the rise in prostitution in the Maldives.

In a mega protest held in Male’ on December last year by a coalition of the then-opposition parties, they demanded Mohamed Nasheed’s government close down all the spas and massage parlors in Male’ accused of running prostitution.


8 thoughts on “Arrested 98 prostitutes since March: police”

  1. Who could stop new recruits coming in?

    I hope the wonderful border control package Waheed's BIL secured for this country at a price would hold measures to reduce this probable inflow!

    Trade of flesh, has been one of the world's oldest trade!

    Sheikh Shaheem must be seeing "extra ordinary dreams" and ways to try eradicate massage parlours and prostitution!!!!

  2. Seriously wonder what the real prevalence of HIV / AIDS is in this country? I guess letting that out would be unthinkable for this 100% muslim country. But it's ok to let the unsuspecting woman get infected with HIV from her possibly infected husband who has visited these prostitutes. And what about the possibility of babies getting infected? Seriously just how much and for how long are we going to hide these facts because of religion?

  3. Why stop hiding behind religion now? It allows people do almost anything and justify it.

  4. why is this news not shocking us out of our skins??? Simply because we have all along known that the skin trade has been going on for a long time....a very long time. It is getting bolder and brasher....the chicks are arriving from far and wide....simply because there is a high demand....and the dynamics of economy says that when the demand is high...the supply has to increase. Who is going to stop this?

  5. hahaha... first they take our booze, they they take massage parlous. when Mr Gayoom was there a bottle was 350 now 1500 and you know these massage parlous are packed with locals - local clients!!! and when they go to countries like BK or SL the night clubs are full of Maldivinas.
    SL during the war ran clansys simply due to the maldivina clientele

    wht BS is this... why focus on smaller issues when you have bigger issues like the billions of MRF budget deficiency where you cant even pay your salaries with out the indian loans!!! GO GO....

  6. There maybe a workaround religion for sex deprived Maldivians to consider these prostitutes legal. Just declare these thai or russian prostitutes war captives or your 'right hand possessions' and then, they can have sex with them legally, as now laws in the Maldives can contradict with Islam.

    Thank you Islam.

  7. "A" mentioned that male prostitutes in Bangladesh are very common,well, there are more then enough Maldivian male prostitutes, and then I speak about the male to male ones having gay contact.
    Social sites, like planetromeo, gaydar, mig33 Maldives gay fk, are full with young male bounty hunters. Does the government look at that?
    If they would make a medical test for Maldivians mandatory, they would be shocked of the hidden diseases in their own country.


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