Police arrest, charge two men for eating during Ramadan fasting hours

Police have arrested and charged two men who were caught eating during fasting hours.

Police identified the pair as Mohamed Saeed, 42 of Henveiru Happy Villa and Ibrahim Ali, 18 of Violet house in Maafaru, Noonu Atoll. Both names were sent to the Prosecutor General (PG)’s office for prosecution.

In a statement, police said the pair were discovered eating behind the Alimas Carnival Stage at 2:00pm on July 12, 2013. The investigation was concluded by July 24, and sent for prosecution.

Police Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef said eating during fasting hours was a crime under the Maldivian penal code.

‘’I think, although I am not entirely sure, it is a crime punishable by a sentence of up to one year in jail,’’ he explained.

Fasting hours during the month of Ramadan are from dawn to sunset. In the Maldives the dawn prayer is normally called at 4:40am and sunset at 6:23 pm.

During Ramadan in 2010, four men were arrested after they were caught eating in daylight hours. Two of those arrest were also made near the Alimas Carnival stage.

During the same Ramadan, another group of people were arrested while they were eating behind a construction site on the land behind the Dharubaaruge convention centre.

In 2009 a man was arrested for eating in daytime during Ramadan and was sent to the Criminal Court. The Criminal Court fined him MVR 500 (US$32) and ordered him to reinstate that day’s fast.


43 thoughts on “Police arrest, charge two men for eating during Ramadan fasting hours”

  1. Ah yes, also not allowed to sh*t, wipe your *ss, blow your nose, or look at girls. OMF'n G !!!

  2. Yet, they have not arrested a single person for not performing their daily prayers. Why is that?

  3. Let them be. God will punish them if He wants to. They were eating hidden from public view. Its not like they were flaunting.

  4. More of these arrests should take place. Harrass the public in the name of shariah. Make religion difficult for them. Make them realise what a nuisance Islam really is! Then they'll start hating Islam. Thank you, for helping to create more laadheenee people. Go ahead and arrest more and give them harsher penalties too. The more you oppress people with Islam, the easier they'll leave it. Allah akbar!

  5. Q: Why is this a headline news in Maldives while it is a standard practice in all Islamic countries.

    A: It only serves to fuel the suspicion that Minivan (and MDP) is anti Islamic

  6. What a country! We have a Supreme Court judge still hard at work, while he has been caught on camera having extra-marital sex with prostitutes.

    Now, a couple of guys are to be sent to jail for a year because they got hungry during Ramadan. They might even have had a medical condition that required food intake.

    Perhaps, Ali Hameed's doctor ordered him to have monthly extra-marital sex sessions with prostitutes which explains why he gets away with it. Wow, I'm impressed with our law enforcement.

  7. I am incredulous that in this day and age, people can be arrested for taking sustenance at a particular time of day, because centuries ago, a man with a propensity for telling stories and subjugating very young girls said it was a jolly good idea. I mean, seriously? Is this the image of tolerance and forward-thinking The Maldives wishes to portray to the thousands of visitors who spend millions of dollars with you every year? Are you learning nothing from the very public condemnation you are still dealing with, following the corporal punishment dished out to a child who was a victim of sex abuse? Do you really believe foreign visitors, upon hearing stories like this, are likely to feel comfortable holidaying in a country, where they fear they might fall foul of ridiculous laws, (by being a bikini-clad female, for example) the bases for which lie in the mythology and preachings of ancient shepherds? If the answer is that these laws don't apply to visitors, then maybe The Maldives should examine its own hypocrisy, and stop subjecting its own citizens to restrictions that it turns a blind eye to, in order to reap the benefits of tourism. Yes, I do mean like rescinding the ban on its citizens drinking alcohol too, because I've never understood how your government rationalises selling a banned substance to its guests, while telling its workers its fine to serve it, but illegal to drink it.

  8. Twisted - Minivan news is not tarnishing The Maldives by reporting facts! It is the FACTS that are tarnishing The Maldives.

  9. It is just unbelievable to read this. It comes across like fascism. I remember when a friend called if he could come to my home. I told him it was OK and when he came he just needed to eat and drink something. He was very scared in case anybody could see him eating and drink in the middle of the day. We had some cured ham and a lovely chilled Californian wine, while we listen to some Brazilian music. We both felt much better after it and he could continue doing a good job.

    If one wants to fast, well good on them. If another wants to eat, why shouldn't they? Besides, surely the police have better things to do, like going for the corrupt authorities, the people who bring heroine into the country and ruin its youth or the ones who abuse sexually boys and girls, than to arrest somebody for eating during daylight hours.

    Religion is a control system. With education many of the problems of the Maldives would go, but the authorities would not like that, would they? I am about to each some proper French cheese, with freshly baked bread and light red wine.

    We all live once and this is not a dressed rehearsal.


  10. ''Eating during fasting hours was a crime under the Maldivian penal code''.....really? So who carried out the arrests? The short, fat, bearded hobbits of the Islamic Ministry?
    Eating during fasting hours is a crime but injecting heroin into your veins isn't.
    You primitive islanders never cease to amaze me!!
    Do the words 'backward' and 'dumb laws' exist in your language?

  11. @ Kevin Armes,
    most probably Twisted belongs to those hypocrites who loves to display the maldivian society as “tolerant” in front of paying tourists, he’d like to keep it as “inside story”, pity for him!

  12. @Kevin Ass.

    Fact is Maldivains like their belief in Islam. Please visit Islamic Center at night. Even at 2am in the morning it is packed full. People get so much meaning out of Islam, even though you think its crazy.

    Fact is people lie their beliefs, just like you love being a anti-religious person.

  13. MissIndia NewDelhi on Thu, 1st Aug 2013 4:40 PM

    "Do the words ‘backward’ and ‘dumb laws’ exist in your language?"

    I'll tell you the way it works here in this part of the world. When we bend over, look "backwards", we see India! Then we fart in that direction. Got it?

  14. @kevin

    The tourist arrivals increase is from China . Tianamen sq, anyone ?

  15. check this, "bikini clad worshippers" Brazil must be the land of the devil lol !!!!! Bikini clad, eating and drinking, ooooh it's too much to handle.

  16. http://edition.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/world/2013/07/28/ge-vo-marquez-pope-brazil-beach-mass.cnn.html

  17. To all the short, fat and dim people of the Maldives:
    The next time you hobbits need to take a leak, do check with the religious police first or you risk getting locked up.
    Your laws are so friggin hilarious they beggar belief.....thank you for keeping us 'kuffars' amused.
    I suggest the next 'flogging' be televised and beamed to India.....we can relay it on our comedy channels.

  18. maybe they are silent protesters?

    anyhow...why does a country have time to actually look at these kind of cases but ignore so many others?

  19. Twisted---you say that the Islamist centre is always full,,which is true,the reason is that it is their choice..If a person needs food/drink during Ramadan then that is for them to decide..Its called ''freedom of choice''Universal throughout the world,except backward looking countries..Let individuals choose their own way of life/living..

  20. Meanwhile across the Maldives, tourists are eating and drinking all day and having alcohol brought to them by Maldivians who have to watch the tourists eat and drink. Makes no sense. If somebody wants to fast good on them but if you are hungry then eat!

  21. Twisted Q: "Why is this a headline news in Maldives while it is a standard practice in all Islamic countries."

    I wonder if "Twisted" has ever been to another Muslim country. Arresting people for breaking the fast is certainly not standard practice.
    Anyone may break the fast for health purposes, and if breaking the fast due to travel or hard work, one should just fast a similar number of days after the Ramadan.

  22. Mordis is the only country, where the Law is formulated to take the country to heaven. And now we have a permanent spot in heaven. Law ensures once born a Mordisian, he can NEVER leave religion, as this might make it less than 100% muslim nation. As they say, once a muslim, you are forever shackled. One step-outside, and you will be stoned to death.

    Last year, during Ramazan, a couple of thugs beat a Srilankan senseless, when they found out he had eaten food in his room, lunch time. Police condemned the SriLankan to jail, and let go of the Mordisian 'religious police' drug-addicted teenagers.

    Health problems, old-age is not a factor for Mordisians, to not fast. Lots of old men and women who barely can stand, and are on medications, would brush aside their health issues and fast. Pretty much in 2 days they have to be taken to hospitals for dehydration-related treatment. Even so, they would argue against doctor, skip daytime medications, cause unnecessary hassle to family... all in the name of their 'Mullah-driven' desire to go to heaven.

    An extremely sad situation. Mordis had been a totally isolated country for so long, and was an ideal target for the Arabian-Donkeys to propagate their indescribably stupid, ideas which were based on war-ridden, desert-dwelling Bedouins' wet-dreams. This is a FACT. Unfortunately Mordis is still suffering real bad, from this Cancer. Arabian investment has proven a true gem, in that now they get a steady stream of income through Hajj and Umrah, while at the same time, they get their inbred-sadistic pleasure of treating Mordisians like stray dogs.

    I love Mordis. The country has got some of the best beaches in the world. Unfortunately, it also has got selfish-centred, arrogant people, mainly due to ignorance. Mullahs ensure ignorance is rampant and the people are intimidated to stoop-low, with reverberating hushed voices on hell-fires, and violent reactions to questions. No one would even DARE ask a question like why the God-loving Bangladeshi muslims get the brunt of the Gods wrath, while the supposed 'kuffar' countries enjoy their life more peacefully. These questions, would only get answers so vague, that just does not make sense. 'God works in mysterious ways'. Really?

  23. Following any culture would require adhering to a certain code of behavior.

    For the British for example, maintaining an expensive royalty and following their every move are considered normal and proper. This is done at a great cost to the common man. Its even justified in the name of tradition.

    But ofcourse, every other cultural practice other than in Britain is silly. And of course against basic human freedoms.

    I love you guys, Minivan


  24. No one in the UK will be arrested for criticising the cost of Royalty.
    And I know that arresting persons for breaking the fast is not a cultural tradition in the Maldives, nor is it customary in countries taking Islam seriously. These arrests were based on a misreading and/or a distortion of The Holy Koran.

  25. The Maldivian constitution is in violation of Islamic tenets and is therefore null and void.

    If a muttaween attempts to arrest you, shoot it.

  26. It this laughable, but seriously eating in public, at the same spot where they were caught the previous year and the year before, I think it's becoming a sort of tradition as well now..lol... ?!!!

    The general Maldivian mentality is very conservative in religious matters still. Largely because low educational standards still, in the general population. It would take time in these isles still perhaps 20 years time, for a more tollerant liberal outlook to take hold.

  27. It this laughable, but seriously eating in public, at the same spot where they were caught the previous year and the year before, I think it’s becoming a sort of tradition as well now..lol… ?!!!
    The general Maldivian mentality is very conservative in religious matters still. Largely because low educational standards still, in the general population. It would take time in these isles still perhaps 20 years time, for a more tolerant outlook to take hold.

    Its a very twisted case in our politics, while Adalaath is used as a proxy to get votes almost all politicians and their families are seen having un-Islamic lifestyles.

  28. If everybody eat at noon tomorrow on the streats as a protest, the problem is solved , because than the have to arrest the whole population of Male/maldives

  29. Islam tends to repression as surely as sheet rolls down hill. The fanatics are not satisfied unless they control every aspect of a person's life.
    That is why Islam can not coexist with any culture that supports the right to think for one's self.

  30. freedom on Fri, 2nd Aug 2013 6:51 AM

    You talk rubbish, the British Royal family do not cost a great amount to the common man. The only Royal that is paid from the public purse is the Queen, the rest are funded from money raised from their historic estates.

    In fact the Royal household costs the UK public less than £1 per UK tax payer a year, which is refunded ten fold into the UK treasury through tourism and crown copyrights. Which means they self-fund and contribute to the UK economy.

    The difference with this article is no one is arrested for not supporting the Royals, no one is punished for having anti-royalist opinions, unless it is a direct threat to the royals life.

    Having lived in over 6 different Islamic countries this is the first time I have come across anyone being arrested and charged for eating during Ramadan. Islam is a choice, not a compulsion and it is about time the people of the Maldives learnt the true teachings of Islam, instead of using the religion as a tool of control and punishment.

  31. We were thought praying was the most important in Islam and the rest 4 tenants are not compulsory. If you are hungry to a point that you cant continue with the fast you are always allowed to break it and refast it on another day. So why this inhuman law of sentencing a person for a year? These kind of Mullah oriented punishment will drive Maldivians away from Islam. Islam is the easiest religion in the world and why would the Governments try to make it the most difficult religion?

  32. Hussain: "These kind of Mullah oriented punishment will drive Maldivians away from Islam."

    Hahaha! This is exactly what will happen, praise be to FSM. The largest percentage of atheists in a Middle Eastern country is in Saudi Arabia (5 percent). People are getting tired of being controlled and freeing themselves from the shackles of religion. The more you control, the more people will hate religion and leave it. Mullahs are doing the work better than any Hitchens or Dawkins. This is why I actually want full Shariah implemented here.

  33. In this instance the arrested people were Muslims. Why do Muslims always insist that non Muslims refrain from public eating during the month of ramzan? There are stories everyday in muslim countries of non muslims being beaten up because they had the audacity to eat or drink during fasting hours. Why do we 'kuffars' have to confirm to your dumb rituals when we are 'non believers' and have no interest in your faith?
    Its like Hindus insisting on all non Hindus performing puja and taking part in all the rituals during Hindu festivals.....and those that refuse have the crap beaten out of them.
    Ofcourse we don't do that because we are secular and civilised.....therein lies the difference in our faiths.

  34. @Homosexual on Sat, 3rd Aug 2013 3:04 AM

    They know implementation of full Shariah is like shooting themselves.

    So Mullahs pick and choose from Shariah, what can be passable to idiots and juggle the balls.

    The power hungry hyenas are not stupid. They have excelled to milk dry the gullible ignorants, from all over the world. Mordisians were so stupid they were being creamed by the then King, for his sexual gratification, with no less than a horry story of a man-eating Jinni rising from sea, when the hyena from Morocco, stumbled upon the Mordisian sheep.

    Full scale Shariah will be a definite eye-opener, but illumination, education is what the Mullahs will try to avoid at all costs.

  35. Andrew, that's correct. The sanitized history and cafeteria Islam as presented in the comment piece "Heaven and Hell" by Latheefa is an example of that propaganda. It's a losing battle though. The peasants have discovered the internet and now have access to privileged knowledge.

  36. @ Hussain

    Yes, I remember once in Dhaka I forgot about the Ramadan and accidentally lit a cigarette while walking in an open market. A man with a long beard and a blue mark the size of a bun on his forehead jumped out and started abusing me. "He is drinking he shouted, breaking the Ramadan!" and then a litany of unmentionable abuse.
    (Also in Dhivehi the verb "drinking" is used for smoking..).
    Instead of saying "I'm sorry" which I would otherwise have done, I shouted back "Do I look as a Bangladeshi or a foreigner? Or is it possible that I am travelling."
    Then I felt very happy, because two traders immediately came out of their shops and scolded the man. "This foreigner knows the Koran", they said, "while you don't", and the long bearded idiot slinked away..

  37. Islam and all religions have no right to tell people how to live their lives. How very ridiculous for those men being arrested for eating during Ramadan. That is not a crime at all!!!! Those men did no harm to anyone. Islam is a very stupid and very sick cult.

  38. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-23564925 300 people eat in public against the administration forcing fast


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