Police arrest 27 year-old in connection with vandalism of VTV

A 27 year-old man was arrested on Saturday night for his suspected involvement in the vandalism of Villa TV (VTV), a private TV station owned by resort tycoon, MP,  Judicial Services Commission (JSC) member and Jumhoree Party (JP) Leader Gasim Ibrahim.

Police identified the man as Ahmed Naeem of Ladhumma house in Henveiru ward.

Another 26 year-old man surrendered himself to police after officers started looking for him regarding his involvement in the same case.

Police identified the man as Hussain Farushaan of Hulhudhoo in Seenu Atoll and said he went to the police station of his own accord on Wednesday night.

In a statement police said they were still trying to identify more persons that were involved in vandalising the VTV building during protests on March 19.

On March 19, President Dr Waheed Hassan Manik delivered his opening address to parliament amid widespread anti-government demonstrations, after the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) took to the street to prevent him from giving the speech. Violent clashes between police and protesters and sparked major unrest in the capital Male’.

Waheed delivered an abridged version of his speech amid heckling from MDP MPs.

Police told the press at the time that 80 men, 13 women and six minors were arrested in connection with the unrest on the day.

According to police, 11 police officers were injured in the protests, and one who suffered serious injuries was sent abroad for treatment.

Police Superintendent Ahmed Mohamed recently said that the attack on VTV was itself an act of terrorism and that those involved should receive “the harshest punishment possible”.


3 thoughts on “Police arrest 27 year-old in connection with vandalism of VTV”

  1. it is not vandalism - it is simply terrorism by any definition

  2. He should be flogged. Flogged twice if his punishment elicits an effeminate reaction. Alhamdulillaah.

  3. Vandalism or what ever on VILLA is high priority!
    The brutal attacks on people on 8th February and the rebelling on 7th February seems all OK!
    This is the height of Justice!


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