Police searching for 24 year-old man in connection with gang rape of 16 year-old girl

Head of the Police Child Protection Department, Chief Inspector Hassan Shifau, has said police are searching for Mausoom Abaas of Hunaru in Maafannu Ward in connection with the gang rape of a 16 year-old girl in February.

Police first sought public assistance in locating Mausoom Abbas in mid-February.

Yesterday (May 29) Chief Inspector of Police Hassan Shifau issued a video interview regarding the case and said that on February 12, a 16 year-old girl was gang raped by four men, three of whom had since been arrested. The fourth was yet to be located, he said.

Shifau stated that Mausoom was on the police service’s list of the 50 most dangerous criminals, with a record of 16 criminal offences ranging from drug related crimes to assault and robbery.

The three already arrested over the gang rape were aged 18, 19 and 22, and all had previous criminal records, he said.

According to Shifau, the victim had marks on her body that indicated she had been sexually harassed when she came to the police to report the case.

He also said that the DNA samples taken from the clothes she was wearing that night matched with the DNA samples of the persons arrested.

Police have not revealed details of the case nor have they identified the three arrested in connection with the matter.


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  1. Male' is the size of my palm...and Police is searching for this guy for 3 Months? Funny

  2. @Simba If that is the victim's photograph, I am astonished by the level of carelessness and insensitivity of Maldivian police and media. Even Indian police fare better than this.

  3. Why arrest the men? They'll deny it anyway. Just flog the girl with a 100 stripes and leave it at that.

  4. @ms theres about a 100+ inhabited islands and over 1000 uninhabited ones, go figure moron


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