Police deport three Thai women on suspicion of prostitution

Three woman from Thailand have been arrested for alleged prostitution and deported from the Maldives.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the three women were arrested on August 17, during the holy month of Ramadan, following a special operation by police.

“We discovered enough evidence for us to believe they were prostitutes,’’ Shiyam said. “They were working at a beauty parlour in Male’.”

Shiyam declined to reveal the ages of the three women, the name of the beauty parlour or the nature of the evidence uncovered, “as the case is still under investigation.”

“So far we have not linked the case to any Maldivians,” he added.

Last year, the Health Ministry warned of the spread of AIDS in the Maldives after an expatriate prostitute tested positive for HIV.

Senior public health officer at the Centre for Community Health and Disease Control (CCHDC) Abdul Hameed last year said prostitutes were keen to work in the Maldives because there was “high demand” for their services.

He said the practice was dangerous and carried a high risk of HIV transmission, and advised all Maldivians “to stay away from prostitutes who come to the Maldives.”

There were an estimated 34 HIV positive people in the country, “although records show 14,” he said.


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  1. "Abdul Hameed last year said prostitutes were keen to work in the Maldives because there was “high demand” for their services" ----- yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The demand for pro services is expected.

    a) Muslim men can have 4 wives. This is driven not by the need to prepare food or produce 20 odd kids. It is specifically for sex. How many Maldivians do have 4 legitimate wives? Not all men crave this kind of relief, but certainly, most normal men do have this drive in them naturally. The more masculine you are, you invariably tend to have a more active sex life. The less masculine tend towards bi-sexuality. But the release, relief required still is higher than a single partner. Unless of course you have a debilitating disease.

    2) We import Bangladeshi men in bucket fulls. They will also seek to relieve their cravings, one way or other. Its stupid to think they will never need or seek activity.

    3) There is a reason why SriLankan hotels get over-booked by Maldivians for the weekend. Why the three-wheeler drivers, as soon as they realize its a Maldivian, offer to take you where services of a Russian girl can be enjoyed. And its naive to think Bangkok offers only nice-clothes/merchandise for the 'busy' businessman.

    What government must do is consider why it happens and find a solution for it. The solution is to understand and address the need and not to ignore it.

    If allowing a controlled setup on Maldivian soil is prone to God's wrath, set up a barge on the lagoon with the services. Medical tests can be enforced for safety.

    Many probably will not agree to my views, which is OK. But, I would be really surprised if those against this most vocally, do not seek alternate sources for sexual relief, every now and then. In some cases, it is worse, 'cause the partner may be a child, a boy, or even rape.

  3. Indigo, your standing on your point 1 is not clear. Anyway, most women of our nation dread the idea of polygamy. Some don't mind or question where or what their husbands been doing, but when it comes to him marrying another woman, that is unacceptable.

    Islam has given the solutions to the cravings. Women in our society is not yet ready to accept it. When they do, we will the difference.

    Setting up a barge and keeping medically fit prostitutes is not the solution.

  4. Solution? Healthy families - mother, father, children, good communication, living within means in decent living space, bringing up children who understand that dignity lies in an honest day's work. How to get there?

  5. Setting aside the question of religious correctness, most Maldivians are OK when two adults have consensual sex.
    After all, as adults they should have complete control over there body, and what they do with it is their business.

    But if someone decides to sell the use of his/her body, then it is a problem how? One is barter trade, other is trading with intermediate form of exchange, money.

    Those who can afford and seek prostitutes will go to nearby countries
    to enjoy themselves, but the poor souls are left out. What is the fairness in that? I say legalize prostitution, and confine it to certain areas.

  6. here al, why do you assume it is only you men who crave for sex with strangers? women do too!!! and we really do not want a man who is already married either...

  7. Is this what we call a 100% Muslim Nation? What a sad thing. These evils had been going on for too long and the proponents of so called "free society" will turn around and blame "Islam" for each and everything that goes wrong.

    Definitely extremism in any part of the "way of life" is rejected by Almighty GOD.

    Allah Knows Best

  8. Indigo harsh but true!!! It's reality accept it, Sally in all honesty don't be naive and idiot those Bangladeshi workers don't have families here and actually come here to escape poverty so what you say is just mythical. Also everyone there is a reason that this is the oldest profession in the world... You can't hide reality...

  9. If the Police would care for more!
    Every Thursday and Friday night raid hotels and get surprised!

  10. i fully support @indigo!i am an honest guy of 27 years!so far i havnt met any honest gal.honest gals are very few in maldives and some gals do care for only money . every guy will need a beautiful gal in their life. most gals like to go out with gangsters and politicians! this is the fact! Due to all these reasons and the unsucess in getting a good gal i also followed going to massage parlours.Cant trust these women !Even if u are so caring they go to their EX bf or etc!

  11. @I, since the post did not talk about any male prostitutes I didn't talk about it. And my point wasn't about how to satisfy an individuals craving, but rather how Islam provided the solution to stop men from fornication.

  12. This Indigo dude is Crazy!!!
    Dont try to Justify you stupid talk bringing the subject of permissibility of 4 wives in Islam! Man the cause of that is SOO NOBLE dont try to corrupt it. When prophet muhammed and his followers practiced this aspect of Islam it was always to protect women and remove fitnah from society nothing to do with sexual urges as YOU WOULD LIKE TO THINK OF AS or TO JUSTIFY your exuse. Man my ADVICE IS in ISLAM is you need to clam your self the best thing is to FAST! I m surprised how easily you wanna link this with ISLAM. Go read quran translations and hadheetths.

    People be aware HIV/AIDS can really become and epidemic in our country is Maldivian Men/Women be cautious of their "bankok/lanka etc trips" cause we are not yet developed enough to increase the longevity n decrease mortatily/morbidity from disease with treatment

  13. The problem of prostitution is probably widespread in Maldives. The following could be the reasons.
    1- There are a large number of foreigners in Maldives and the majority of them are probably single. They would be engaged in sexual activities.
    2- Households in Male' are crowded with limited or no privacy for married couple. This would restrict a healthy sexual relationship.
    3- A lot of young Maldivian men work in resorts through out the year with limited home visits and direct interaction with family.
    4- In several islands the wives are left behind while the husbands work off the island limiting their time together.
    These circumstance encourage adultery.

  14. Prostitution is oft called the oldest profession.

    And looking at the violently repressed population in these parts, I can understand the demand for their services will be enormously high.


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