Police examine three suspected ‘mothers’ of abandoned newborn discovered on Thinadhoo

Police have examined three women in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll Gahdhoo suspecting that one of them might be the mother of the newborn baby found abandoned inside a garage in Thinadhoo in the same atoll.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the three women have been examined by a doctor, and that details of their medical reports would be later given to the media.

Gadhoo Island Council issued a press statement after islanders of Gahdhoo obstructed police a police team from Thinadhoo from taking the three women to Thinadhoo to have them examined by a doctor.

In the statement, Gahdhoo Council claimed that islanders of Thinadhoo had blamed the three women of Gahdhoo in an attempt to sabotage the island’s reputation.

The three suspected women went to Thinadhoo on the day the newborn baby was discovered “for different purposes.” the council stated.

The three were examined by Gahdhoo hospital, and medical reports showed that they had not delivered a baby recently, the council said.

Two of the women work in Gahdhoo hospital, while the other is a school teacher, the council added.

The islanders on Gahdhoo gathered near the police station on the island refusing to allow the three women be taken to another island for medical examinations.

Meanwhile, during the police operations to trace the baby’s mother, a 28 year-old woman was arrested in Nilandhoo of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll on suspicions that she had aborted a baby recently.

Sub-Inspector Shiyam said the woman was currently being investigated on suspicion of having aborted a child.

Abortion is illegal in the Maldives outside of exceptional circumstances.

The religious Adhaalath Party has recently campaigned that women should be subject to Islamic Sharia law should they be found guilty of aborting a child.


7 thoughts on “Police examine three suspected ‘mothers’ of abandoned newborn discovered on Thinadhoo”

  1. There is no doubt that the Mullahs will condom the woman for adulteration and declare a verdict; the miserable heathen should be stoned to death.
    The Mullahs will not think in a rational way and try to find of the social problems and their root cause.
    It is high time that we introduce sex education in school! Giving adequate information will limit these types of unpleasant and unwanted happening in our society.

  2. 'The religious Adhaalath Party has recently campaigned that women should be subject to Islamic Sharia law should they be found guilty of aborting a child'
    ...Is this a joke if I may ask the Adhaalath spokesperson!!!! as guilty as the woman may be , so is the man who pricked her and made her pregnant. Why should he walk free?
    ...Something is extremely weired in these cases. Victims of these atrocities have been women who are not drug addicts or such. There is suspicion that probably sexual abuse, rape or forced sex could be possible.
    ...someone should investigate deeper and men who pregnanted these women should face justice too.

  3. "Examine"???? You mean like an inquisition?

    Whatever the Adalat party's policy grounds are, they are not the ones running the show.

    An MDP administration has allowed the Maldives Police Service to initiate a witch-hunt which continues while we speak. The obvious lack of basic rights-based training and coordination within the MPS and the government in general has led to this disaster. Women in Huvadu are being subjected to humiliating violations of their body without being given proper recourse to legal and social protection. The mere pointing of a finger is the only justification being used by the MPS for their flagrant abuse of their investigatory powers.

    The local media has reported today that a woman was arrested on suspicion of having aborted her child a few days back. In front of her child. In cuffs!

    Minivan can keep on spouting all sorts of nonsense in order to pass the blame on religion and the Adalat party. However, the government could have done a LOT more to prevent this. What a disappointment this government is.

  4. And we call this a civilized nation... Where are the rights of the 3 women subjected to this medieval inquisition?

  5. Hold up Minivan. Adhaalath did not just say that women should be subject to Shari'a. They defined it as well. Shari'a is law, and can be defined more sensibly. But to these guys, it means we murder all those who abort a child, regardless of the reason. To these guys it means, that life begins at conception. And they seem to have learned from the right-wing Christian pro-life nuts who go around bombing abortion clinics and assassinating doctors. Though unlike them, this group is willing to openly shout for the murder of any would be mother.

    Rape victims? Child abuse victims? Those who may have deformed children? What about those who say life beings when there is a heart or cerebral cortex instead of just a few cells multiplying? Hmm... too complicated for the average nut.

  6. Minivan,

    Were the Police questioned whether they requested a court order to examine these 3 women who were suspected of being the mother of abandoned newborn?

    Was sub inspector Shyam questioned why he was offering to disclose medical records of 3 women who have now been proven to not be the mother or the abandoned newborn. Is that not private information which does not have to be in the public sphere?

    And pray tell, why is no effort being made to find the father? If, as the council is suggesting, the islanders came up with the names of 3 women they suspect, why haven't these bastions of morality been able to come up with the names of the suspects who supplied the seed in this supposedly evil deed?

  7. From the comments, it looks like that all are concerned about the rights of the arrested women and men. No one is concerned about the rights of the baby?


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