Two arrested for recording nude footage in Thinadhoo

Police Spokesperson Lance Corporal Abdul Majeed Moosa has said that police have arrested two persons in Thinadhoo after it was reported that a group had recorded nude footage of a group of visiting athletics officials.

Moosa said that the visiting officials went to the island to attend ‘Makita Inter Atoll Junior Athletics Championship’ held on Thinadhoo.

”We can’t give more information as the investigation is ongoing,” he said.

Local newspaper ‘Haveeru’ reported that the two nude videos were of two foreign officials.

The paper reported that sources familiar with the case has said that the videos were recorded inside the bathroom secretly and some of the videos have been leaked.

The incident has caused the other members of the officials team to be concerned that their videos might also have been recorded secretly.

All the officials stayed in one house and there were two toilets in that house which both males and females in the team used during their stay in Thinadhoo.

Recently police arrested 14 persons for recording nude videos and pictures of senior government officials through facebook.

Police have not yet provided further information of the case.


10 thoughts on “Two arrested for recording nude footage in Thinadhoo”

  1. what a country! if they get a knife, first thing is to stab someone, if they get a launch, first thing is to rob a resort, if they get a camera or a mobile phone first thing is to collect nudity of others. if they get internet, first website is pornographic or a nude webcam chat. if they go to a taxi first thing is to rape the passenger, if they go to a hospital, first thing is to argue with nurses n doctors. tsunami when are you coming?

  2. Now it’s clear that people of Gaaf Dhaal is most uncivilized people in Maldives.

  3. well said dhivehin.
    our society has become a very low class and disgusting bunch of idiots living with no sense of life and rules.

  4. Agree with@ dhivehin. We are a society in decline. Very poor moral values and respect for others rights.

  5. On our way to become a failed state. Sure, when it's a country where there's a billion people where crime exists, we can say that it's hard to control.

    But when we are just a country of 350k, why do we have a murder in broad daylight weekly? Or pirate type invasions, child abuse and rape?

    Because like Mohamed Rasheed said, we have VERY poor moral values. Respect does not exist anymore.

  6. Dhivehin rangalhuvaanee AGEEDHAA eh ovegenennu, e'ee muslimum, budistun noonee christianun etc kamugavias. Naseebu dhera'ee thimanaa akee dheeneh follow kuraa meehekey bunaathee. Hageegathuga dheeneh follow kuraa nama, e'ee muslimum, budistun noonee christianun etc mikahala jangalee kanthakeh nukuraane. Dhuniyeyga ulhey emme kureega thibi Saithaanun therey ga DHIVEHIN emme kuree safuga thibeyne. Mihen bunyas rangalhu ageedhaa ga thibey dhivehin mudhun namaves noolheykey nubunan.

  7. That's brilliant. Hahaha...

    We are so doomed. And when a Tsunami, comes a wreaks havoc, who should we blame?


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