Abandoned baby discovered inside garage in Thinadhoo

An islander on Thinadhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll today discovered an abandoned newborn baby inside a garage this morning.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed the incident occurred and said the police were currently trying to trace the baby’s mother.

‘’It was a male baby and he was in a good condition when found,’’ Shiyam said. ‘’So far no arrests have been made.’’

Shiyam said the investigation was still on going and details would be revealed later.

Local media reported that the baby was admitted to Thinadhoo hospital and that an anonymous woman had phoned the hospital and claimed the baby.

However, later there was no sign of her and the authorities have not yet revealed if she has been found or if the caller was traced.

On May 5 a dead infant was found in a plastic bag in the swimming track area of Male’. A medical examination later concluded that the baby had sustained cuts, bruises and other wounds.

On May 21, the corpse of a premature baby boy was discovered inside a Coast Milk tin on the island of Villingli.

Police Sub-Inspector Shiyam at the time told told Minivan News that the dead child, believed by forensic examiners to have been born three months premature, was discovered in a discarded container near the power house area of the island.

On May 22, the body of a newborn baby boy discovered in a park in Hulhumale’ was found with underwear tied tightly around his neck.

Spokesperson for Hulhumale’ Hospital Dr Ahmed Ashraf said the baby may have died from asphyxiation.

‘’When the baby was found the knot was a bit loose, but the marks on its neck shows that it was tied tightly around the neck,’’ Dr Ashraf said, regarding that incident.


10 thoughts on “Abandoned baby discovered inside garage in Thinadhoo”

  1. The stork must have had the wrong address. Wonder whose fault that was!

  2. So rather then still harp on about who to blame for what and why or about why people are having sex. Lets give a name of a safe place these women can hand over there baby if they do not want to keep it after a unplanned pregnancy!
    Whatever people say or do, young people will have sex and without proper sex education or the fact how taboo it is to actually talk about it here consequently only increases these unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Deal with the problem on hand now!

  3. Makes you wonder why they do not sell condoms in Maldives........

  4. Baby bins as in Europe would be a solution. The bins open and inside are all the items that the mother will need to give her baby up, complete with a card she can use if she wishes to reclaim in the infant in a specified time. Once the bin closes an alarm goes off in the hospital, fire station, or place where the bin is installed. Someone then opens up the other side and takes the baby into safety. This would save the lives of many newborns, and if a woman can surrender without being seen she won't fear anyone knowing who she is.

    Bottom line:

    Infant saved!

  5. firstly, it could be the father of the baby or the mother of the woman who gave birth, or maybe she is a labourer.

    secondly,one can get condoms very easily in Maldives

    thirdly, what "fear" fear of a public flogging and house arrest/ banishment of one year? hardly kuda golhi or torture, unlike what the poor baby suffered.

    its not fear, its shear selfishness and cruelty that drives people to kill a helpless child.

    if u were NOT responsible, you have to face consequences, these pple should be made financially resposnible, even if someone more loving and caring is found to raise the child, they should be bloody charged and the money given to childrens home, or elderly....

    i am of course not talking about those women who have been abused or coerced, like many maids and young teenagers are in this country

  6. Police: "we found a baby!"
    Adhaalath: "Aha..I told you so! Doomsday is here"
    Non Fornicating General public: "Death penalty for the mother!"
    Fornicating general public:" thats sad, lets use condoms next time".
    Government: "look, the problem is we need to jail maumoon and build flats, see?"

    Baby: so im the commotion that causes everyone's preoccupation with themselves and their ideals. I feel like a thing.

  7. Where are you oh Mullahs!
    You have to something about this baby.


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