Police forwards Aruham’s murder case to Prosecutor General

Police have concluded the investigation into the death of 16 year-old Mohamed Aruham, who was found dead inside ‘Lorenzo Park’ on May 30, and have forwarded the case to the Prosecutor General’s Office to press charges against six suspects arrested in connection with the case.

The police identified the six suspects as Mohamed Sufyan, 19 of Gahdhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Mohamed Visaam, 19, of Maavah in Laamu Atoll, Mnsoor Yousuf, 23 of the same island, Athif Rasheed, 21 of Mahchangolhi Scenery View, Hussain Aleem, 28 of Galolhu Dhaashthaan and Ali Mifrah Ahmed of Mahchangolhi Kanbalifaru.

According to police, all suspects except Ali Mifrah Ahmed have previous criminal records.

Aruham’s body was discovered inside Lorenzo Park at about 6:00am by police officers patrolling the area on March 30.

Local newspaper Haveeru quoted a witness who saw the body as saying that Aruham appeared to have been stabbed twice in the chest, and that his whole body was covered in blood.

Deputy Head of Police Serious and Organised Crime, Dhaudh Mohamed, previously told the press that Arham was killed in a revenge attack in an argument that night between two rival gangs.

Dhaudh said that the police investigation had found that Aruham had a close relationship with the gang, who were based in the park in which he was found dead.

Friends of Aruham’s have said that he was in the park that night after all his friends left because he was too tired to go home, as he had just finished attending a camp that day.

Aruham did not leave the park with his friends and may have fallen asleep in the park alone and been attacked while he was asleep, according to some of Aruham’s friends.

The victim was a student at grade 9 in Dharmavantha School when he died.


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