Police investigate “serious issue” at ‘Kudakudhinge Hiya’ orphanage

The Maldives Police Service and the Health Ministry have commenced a joint investigation into “serious issues” concerning the mistreatment of children at ‘Kudakudhinge Hiya’, the only orphanage in the Maldives.

Yesterday, police and the gender department of the health ministry held a joint press conference and declared that serious issues concerning the orphanage had been logged with the police as well as with the gender ministry.

Chief Inspector of the Child Protection Unit Ali Shujau and Deputy Minister for Health Mariya Ali would disclose no information regarding the case, other than saying that an allegation was lodged at the Ministry on October 2, and that it “definitely does not concern child sexual abuse.”

Speaking to a person familiar with the matter, Minivan News understands that police summoned staff working at the orphanage to clarify whether any mistreatment or abusing was ongoing in the orphanage.

Staff working at the orphanage were asked whether children who misbehaved were punished, and if so what the punishments consisted of. The police also asked how the staff dealt with children who misbehaved.

Minivan’s source denied rumours currently circulating around Villingili that orphans were being abused, however the source did say that a number of children over the age of 10 were living at the orphanage, including a 19 year-old man.


7 thoughts on “Police investigate “serious issue” at ‘Kudakudhinge Hiya’ orphanage”

  1. including a 19 year-old man...teenager, not old enough to be called a man.

    What are these serious issues? Abuse? Fund mismanagement? Drugs? Well What?

    This is only half of an article, wheres the rest?

  2. I dont think it can be any worse than Maumoon era, during which children were raped there. Ask a certain journalist at Haveeru. He should be able to tell you.

  3. I saw these kids (I am fairly sure it must have been the same kids...)being taken on a boat to somewhere from Vilingili. Beautiful kids.

    i saw the kids, screaming, shrieking at the top of their lungs on this boat leaving from vilingil (not the ferry to male') for their Mothers, these Mothers were drug addicts and sometimes prostitutes and could not look after the children, and families did not want the kids because they were technically haraam according to Islam.

    I think it is sick and sad, that these kids have families who are too drugged, or too Muslim too love them!

    Drugs and religion, both of them destroying Maldives.

    Perhaps the carers for them are too 'Muslim to really love these kids.

    Well, I damned well say these kids desreve love

  4. I love how innocent children who had no choice who they were born to are portrayed as 'haraam' by Islam. Agree with deserve in the fact that religion is destroying us.

  5. if a woman gets pregnant out of wedlock, she is cursed by many in Maldives so are the children. That is why these kids are given up as orphans, that is why they are considered a shame, that is why they are called 'haraam...'This is really evil, this self righteouss, pious vanity, it is the opposite of true religion. True religion is loving, helping, empowering the outcast, the rejected, the woman who falls pregnant without a man to look after her. If sex before marriage is a sin, well, the pain of pregnancy without a husband to support you is a million times punishment enough. Maldivians need to learn that God can bring good and mercy even out of so called sin. Having a child should be seen as a gift from God no matter what the circumstances because indeed, all things are from God who we call the Merciful. One pregnant in this manner needs to be loved and cared for, family needs to give her extra special love in her aloneness. The children need to be seen as extra special, indeed, as special 'children of Allah..." Gandhi called the untoucahbles of India the chidren of God as the outcast were the most loved by God. He called them this to try to esteem the dignity society had driven out of them. Same here. These kids are the children of God, and if maldivian society does not change its idea and understanding of what righteoussness means, Maldives will be under a far greater curse than global warming. Allah is merciful, people, learn it!

  6. I am a revert who is married and living in Maldives. I have no children. Can't I foster one of these so called curses. It would be so much of a joy to give love to a child. Why is Maldives so behind on fostering and islamic adoption. The prophet (pbuh) adopted. Its okay as long as we don't change the name.


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