Police raid ‘Natural Beauty Care’, arrest 10 expat women and three Maldivian men on prostitution charges

Police raided the ‘Natural Beauty Care’ salon on Monday night and arrested 10 expatriate women, three Maldivian men and an Indian national while they were allegedly involved in sexual activities.

In a statement, police said that officers entered salon, located in Sherin in the Maafannu district of Male’, after receiving reports that prostitution was conducted widely on the premises.

According to police, the women arrested included four Thai nationals, three Sri Lankans, one Chinese and one Nepalese national.

Local media reported that those arrested were summoned to the Criminal Court, where their detention was extended for a period of five days.

Police said they were investigating the case and that more information would be provided to the media later.

Monday’s raid is the second this week targeting Male’s brothels. On Sunday police arrested five Thai nationals and three male Maldivians inside ‘Herbal Beauty Salon’, located in the second floor of Maafannu Sherrif.

Police said the eight individuals were arrested after the police received information that prostitution was conducted at the location.

According to police the first group of arrestees were also involved in sexual activities when the police raided the beauty salon.

Shutting down alternative medical centres that conducted sexual activities was one of the five demands made by the then-opposition coalition while Mohamed Nasheed was in power.


9 thoughts on “Police raid ‘Natural Beauty Care’, arrest 10 expat women and three Maldivian men on prostitution charges”

  1. If you're a young Thai female, better leave the country now. The witch hunt has started.

  2. A beauty of a scape goat!
    But this is not going to erase atrocities carried out on 7th and 8th February by forces on MDP protesters; or erase sins of fornicators who spill out on to the "V necks"!

  3. Waheed comes waheed goes...favorite song by thai ladies in male' for some reason

  4. @bullyrag: ah yes, but the question is "in whom is he coming"? and "where is it going"?

  5. @bryam thats the million dollar question. If and wen that gets answered, waheed would be gone for good my good friend

  6. Monkey Waheed is just trying to avert attention from his illegal seizure of power by arresting innocent people on fabricated charges. By the way our Shariya law which supersedes civil law requires 4 male witnesses to prove adultery or illicit sex. Unless they have 4 eye witnesses they can not prove prostitution.

  7. Breaking news: If you are a young and single Thai or Southeast Asian woman, pack and leave Maldives. You are a prostitution suspect until it is proven otherwise. Watch this space. The witch-hunt is on.


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