Police testify against president’s office staff member over drugs charge

Two policewomen have testified in court against the deputy under secretary of the President’s Office, Aishath Eeman, after she was arrested on drugs related charge.

The police testified that Eeman refused to give them a urine sample when she was brought into the police station on suspected drug possession in December 2009.

Constable Mahdhoodhaa Saleem told the court that Eeman was requested to give a urine sample three different times, but she had refused.

Constable Thalia Ali also said she asked Eeman for a urine sample, and explained that the procedure was that the person would only give the sample if they wanted to.

When judge Abdulla Mohamed heard this, he said that giving the sample was a person’s own choice and that an accusation could’t be made just because someone refused to do something out of choice.

However the state prosecutor said that the judge had misunderstood, and that Constable Thaila had used the right of the police to request a urine sample.

Eeman’s defense team meanwhile said that Eeman could refuse giving a urine sample as part of her right to remain silent.

The policewomen’s testimony conflicted in the time Eeman was reportedly brought in. Constable Mahdhoodhaa said Eaman was brought to the station around 6:00pm in the evening, while Constable Thaila said Eeman was brought to the station between 9:00pm and 12:00pm.

Speaking on behalf of the president’s office, Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair said Eeman was “technically on leave at the moment. We are providing legal assistance for her through the president’s office.”

Zuhair said the case was being conducted by the judicial system, “so even if the person is from the president’s office they must be investigated.”

The Deputy Prosecutor General Shameem said that despite the high profile of the defendant prosecutor general’s office was not giving the case any special attention and was treating it “like any other normal case.”

The trial is continuing.


10 thoughts on “Police testify against president’s office staff member over drugs charge”

  1. by refusing to give urine samples she could avoid a sentence but isnt it clear to us all something secret was in her urine at the time of arrest. and the president's office is providing her with legal assistance?

  2. If the suspect upon suspection for 'drug possession', and they found no drugs, why would anyone want to violate the rights they have? ICCPR's Article 14(g) clearly states that no person shall be compelled to testify against himself or to confess guilt. And the right to remain silent is a fundamental right! Word also has that the police had not followed the due procedures on their part. It appears to me that the PG's Office also needs to be a bit more familiar with police laws and regulations!

  3. Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair said Eeman was “technically on leave at the moment. We are providing legal assistance for her through the president’s office".

    My question is president office allowed to use government resources to provide legal assistance to an individual citizen though she is a staff there?

  4. Oh my god! "We are providing legal assistance for her through the president’s office.” Please tell me on which grounds this can be justified??!!

  5. What a shame, presidents office is even getting involved in what it should not.

    It's obvious that she would have given the urine sample if she got nothing to hide.

  6. Dear Minivan News editor,

    I believe this article is not news worthy. This typical of one you would find in tabloid papers. Its a shame Minivan News is reporting on this!

  7. Does this means that if a government employee got involved in a court case then the respective government office will provide legal assistance to the staff? Is this an extension of Madhana programme? I thought Madhana only gives limited health insurance coverage.

  8. Nice. Clearly the Press Secretary seems to see nothing corrupt about a government office providing legal assistance to an employee on a personal charge.
    Perhaps we should advertise Maldives as "Come one, come all. All criminals get off scot free!"

  9. this is very news worthy because, deputy under secretary of the President’s Office is or was suspected of using drugs in a drug den while even the president is being labelled as a drug and alchohol abuser himself. these are not coincidences , drugs are involved. So why is she still being so protected by the presidents office. And why is she refusing to give a urine sample is she is innocent.

  10. Hi Mazin, Just wanted to say that you were not in the court hearing so it is unethical to report without a source. You should make referrence to a court official...or from other any source which you obtained information.

    It's the law of reporting.


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