President Grants clemency for 39 Maldivians and 10 expats

President Mohamed Nasheed has granted clemency to 39 Maldivians and 10 expats who were sentenced to Maldivian jails.

Most of those granted clemency were inmates sentenced for long term punishments and had spent a long time in the cells, according to Director General of Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services [DPRS] Ahmed Rasheed.

“Among the 39 Maldivians [granted clemency], most were mainly charged with drug-related cases and some of them were sentenced for objection to order and other such crimes,’’ said Rasheed.

“Seven of the 10 expats were sentenced in a single fraud case.”

Rasheed said although clemency was granted to the seven expats, they would be deported from the Maldives.

President Nasheed also granted clemency decreasing the punishment of another 100 convicted criminals.

“These people were also mainly sentenced for drug related cases and some of them had been banished,’’ Rasheed said.

Inmates at Maafushi jail have on many occasions claimed that President Mohamed Nasheed promised that he would grant clemency to everyone in Maafushi jail when he came in to power.

They claimed that most of their parents and family members voted for president Nasheed due to this pledge he made.

However, the Human Right Commission of the Maldives [HRCM] has claimed that Male’ has reached a situation where it is difficult for people to live a normal life due to rising gang violence.

The commission noted earlier this week that the release of people charged with “perilous crimes” such as murder had led to them repeating the crimes, and that the agencies responsible for the implementation of sentences are not taking necessary measures to ensure they were served.


10 thoughts on “President Grants clemency for 39 Maldivians and 10 expats”

  1. Birds of a feather will flock together.
    We will all unite, when our brothers jailed for drugs are released.

  2. Nasheed wants to increase the number of these drug addicts on our streets. Even now we are hearing violence and stabbing on almost daily basis. Well come to MDP's "Anneh Dhivehi Rajje".

  3. Well, we only have 21 murderers and probably few rapists and fewer pedophiles on our streets.

    The Maldivian Police can probably manage the status of affairs on our streets and homes even if a 'few' more crims are added to our streets. If the Police needs more support, the MNDF with its artillery is always there. No?

    I wonder why we jail or arrest the crims at all. Why don't we leave them alone, to fend for themselves? They will kill each other and in the end, it will be the fittest that survives. May be the saga of crime will be over if we leave them undisturbed, to play their game. They can play the judge, jury and the executioner.

    And if anyone is too scared to stay and watch Maldives transform to a new Mexico City, they will be welcome in the neighbouring India and also Sri Lanka.

    They can always return after the fittest among the fittest is crowned as the 'King of Newest Mexico' and peace established.

    To accelerate this process, President Nasheed should grant clemency to all criminals.

  4. The biggest prisoner now is President Nasheed. He seems to have a prison sentence in Male and is not travelling abroad like before when 54% of his tenure was spent abroad. Why ? Afraid his job will be taken away when he is away ?

  5. Yet another blunder made by the government.

    I am sure this is not the last.

  6. Good work. It does not make any sense for petty criminals and small time addicts to be in jail while the murderers and the rapists and the drug lords go free. Restorative justice is the way to go and needs to be inbuilt into the prison and parole system, and offenders need to be classified by type of crime and history. Rehabilitate and reintegrate the addicts and those convicted of lesser crimes, and make room in jail for the really bad guys. And when people are deported, make sure they really are deported.

  7. Ah, expertly done, and very well 'educated', yes..:)

    Isn't it really amazing that the Govt/Police/MNDF can (unlawfully imprison and) keep political opponents in "protective custody" for as long as they want, but they somehow (ahem) "fail' to keep infamous criminals off the streets?

    Aah, yes, that's because there is "no law for that" (Parliament's fault) and/or the "judges are not doing their job" (Judiciary's failure), etc. etc. etc... Repeat After Me: "Government always good, other people always bad..." (imbeciles now, clap, clap, clap..).

    Ooooh, Master Anus, now i'm a believer, la la la 🙂

  8. plz leave this pakistani i humbly requested to maldives father syed athar hussain he live in maaufashi jail.he age 66 year old he stuck in drugs case.wr r very worry.for god say plz deport my father.

  9. So this is what Anni meant by "ogatheri sarukaaru". Nice, let all the criminals on the streets. By the time he's done the safest place left in this country would be the jail.
    I guess he meant our destination to be ANNI DHIVEHI RAAJJE. What a pathetic loser! And same to gundas who blindly follow him!


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