Rape suspect arrested in Vili-Male’

Police have arrested a 33 year-old male in connection with the rape of a girl below 16 years of age in Vili-Male’ on Saturday (December 29).

Mohamed Abdushukoor, 33, of Galolhu Red Coral, was taken into custody last night with assistance from the public, the police said.

Abdushukoor reportedly forced the under-aged victim into a house in Vili-Male’ at about 1:00pm yesterday while she was out walking with her 14 year-old brother.

Police accused the suspect of keeping the pair in separate rooms as he sexually abused the girl. The incident was reported to the Police Family and Child Protection Unit late yesterday afternoon.

Police then made a public announcement publishing a photo of Abdushukoor, who it said has a criminal record, appealing for assistance in searching for the suspect.

He was arrested in Vili-Male’ shortly before midnight on Saturday, police said, and expressed gratitude to the public for their help in locating the suspect.

According to an unpublished 2009 study on violence against minors, almost one in seven children of secondary school age in the Maldives have been sexually abused at some time in their lives.

The sexual abuse rate of girls in the country was found to be almost twice as high than for boys at 20 percent, according to the study.

One in five Maldivian girls has been sexually abused – while the figure for boys was 11 percent.  Female minors were particularly at risk in the capital Male’, the report found.

2007 study on Women’s Health and Life Experiences meanwhile found that one in three Maldivian women aged 15 to 49 experience either physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives, including childhood sexual abuse.

In recent years, local authorities and NGOs have released a number of findings highlighting the extent of child abuse and wider sexual assaults within society.

The state-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital’s (IGMH’s) Family Protection Unit reported in 2010 that the centre was notified of 42 cases of rape between 2005-2010. Most of these cases were found to involve minors.

According to the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives, 13 rape cases were reported last year alone, the majority of which most were gang rapes or assaults involving minors.


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    A rape case in India, the most populated country in the world, has brought the country to a standstill and attracted the attention of the whole world, covered live by every news media.

    Continuous rape cases in Maldives, the least populated country in the world has attracted NO one in the society, NOT the government, NOT the median..NO ONE!!!...but just blame imposed on the victims by religious fanatics and extremists while the offenders walk free.

    Rape and sexual abuse against young girls and women happens every night in islands and in the capital Male'. Maldives is the leading country in sexual abuse and authorities or even the society has turned a blind eye.

    Shame on the authorities and society as whole as rapists, pedophiles and sex offenders are released back into society and even offered government jobs or allowed to give tuition to the same children they raped and abuse.

    Religious fanatics blame the abused victims, society cannot even come out to protest and the authorities dont bother.

    Maldives is a sick country, country with no morals living a blind life yet blame others. How many girls have been raped and what has been done????

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on all of us and may we burn in hell!

  2. @Facts on Sun, 30th Dec 2012 11:54 AM :
    Don't say that.

    According to Ali Rameez & Salaf, she had enticed the young man to commit the sin. So it must be her fault. Had she stayed at home in penguin dress, this would not have happened.

    According to Sheikhs : She is 16. Well past the age for marriage. So this is not a pedophile of case. She can marry one of our colleagues, can you give her address?

    According to Parliamentarians : Who cares. This would not make them any more money. So, we would not bother with this.

    According to Police : There are so many of these cases, and similar or more heinous crimes, why should we go beyond what we are doing, to get embroiled in this. In any case nobody appreciates the works we do.

    According to ruling party : We will only come out with statement, if that would increase chances of re-election.

  3. In india the statistics for rape and sexual abuse is FAR FAR worse than Maldives,

    However the attitudes of these so called "scholars", who defend rapists are against justice which the religion of Islam represents at its core.
    There was a war before because a muslim lady got sexually assaulted and kidnapped (one of the reasons for khaibar war)

    and if there was these Salaf retards back then, theyd say the woman enticed the rapists.
    Those men are a disgrace to humanity

  4. Sexual abuse sadly enough exists everywhere in the world. If the numbers are right, there is a huge problem.

    Although religion has got little to do with rape cases, I wonder why religious fanatics so often blame the girl. It's almost if they are covering up for each other. These things show how far off religious extremists are and how dangerous they are.

    Righteous men protect girls and women, treat them with respect and support them in any way possible if they become the victims of these vile rapists instead of making them suffer even more by stigmatizing, punish or even "honor killing" them.

  5. And am proud of the public for stepping up and providing information to the cops

  6. The best way for the people to refrain from evil is to become humanist. The humanist sees the world in different angle. They respect nature, life, and they are empathetic. Religions make people inhuman, pathetic, maniacs, and psychos, and irrational and depend on fictitious supernatural being that makes human brain defunct and useless. Humanist become highly educated and observant by exploring the nature and its complexity and becomes highly conscious and extremely compassionate. Those who believe religions are deterrent to evils are wrong, it is vice versa.

  7. @santhumariam, Mao, Moussolini and stalin were not of any religions. More or less atheists. And their hands are full of blood. Religion in practice can be a beautiful thing, loving ones neighbour, charity and kindness. You cant generalize in such a manner.

    And such"humanism" as such can lead to killers such as andres breivik being sentenced to only TWENTY ONE YEARS for killing over seventy people.

    And sexual assault has nothing to do with Islam if thats what youre preaching over here.

    It happens everywhere regardless of religion.
    Take your flowery B.S elsewhere retarded hippie

  8. E
    You must be simply copying of what some people write about some evil people in the history of humanity. You are just simply an ordinary man from a remote Island nation who definitely is not strong enough to get in to such dialog of highly academic subject. But you have freedom to vent your emotional hyper temper to be self satisfied using others opinion on such subject that might not be relevant to what I have mentioned.

    You probably need to study the origin of religions and the history of violence perpetrated in the name of religions and the history of violent characters who created some religions and evaluate such historical events from human point of view without relating them with divinity.

  9. Santhumariam

    No you retard, im a western educated man, currently living in a western country, still further educating myself.

    Dont judge people just because they have a different opinion from you, ignoramus

  10. @E, Santhumariam is right. It's humanism, and atheists don't come under humanism.

  11. @impartial

    "Humanism" allows mass murderers of sorts to receive punishment far slighter in magnitude to the pain they inflicted on others, ie: the trial of the norwegian killer, etc

  12. Seriously, there is something very very barbaric with what people have been nutured to think: that women should be 100% covered if they are to avoid being raped; that being out on the street at any "odd" hour is another reason to "teach them a lesson" by raping them.
    Why can't men be the better, more civilised half of the society and understand women for what they are: that most women like to flaunt, get teased, be looked at and admired by ALL men but will only consent to any intimacy with her chosen ones alone! Why can't men be educted enough to realise these simple facts about women, wrap it up when he gets a "no", respect women's private space and show respect for themselves too by showing the world how "big" they can be by taking out their misery in the loo no matter how hard it is.

  13. E
    You are boasting yourself of western educated person but have no sign of western values that comes from western education. So your claim of being educated person is invalid. On the hand what is western education? I don’t know any western education. I am simply using my brain rationally, and you can’t call me retard for doing this. And I thought all western education is based on rational thinking. By the way, why you are so proud of being western educated and for living in west. This is a sign of inferiority complex which is common for fishermen like you.

    My implication on religions is debatable from academic point of view, therefore if you have any academic background with what you call western education you should not open your mouth calling me retard.


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