School calls in spiritual healer after 10 female students “possessed by spirits”

A school on the island of Ukulhas in North Ari Atoll has been closed down after a class of 10 female eighth grade students collectively fainted at 10:30am this morning and were hospitalised.

Ukulhas Island Council Vice President Abdulla Firaq told Minivan News the girls were behaving as if “possessed by spirits”.

“They are hurting themselves, making faces and doing all sorts of things that people do when people are possessed by spirits,’’ he said.

“The female students have been experiencing difficulties such as headaches, stomachaches and dizziness inside the school since last week,” Firaq said.

The school brought in a spiritual healer to investigate the mysterious symptoms, Firaq said.

“Two days ago a spiritual healer was brought to the school to see what was going on and today all the female students in the eighth grade fainted at the same time.”

Firaq said some other students in the school were “mentally affected” and also fainted after seeing the eighth grade students do the same, but added that these students had been admitted to the island hospital and were now back to normal.

Firaq told Minivan News that the spirits talked to the spiritual healer through the possessed students, telling the healer that the  students were damaging the oleander trees inside the school grounds which were their homes.

“The spirits told the healer that they were forced to live inside the school grounds because of a spell cast on the school by a sorcerer four years ago,” Firaq said.

Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed that 10 students on the island of Ukulhas in Alif Alif Atoll had all been hospitalised after fainting this morning.

Haneef added that police were currently investigating the matter. Asked about the nature of these investigations, the police service would not confirm whether the case involved sorcery, known locally as ‘fandita’.

“It’s something like that,” Haneef said.


14 thoughts on “School calls in spiritual healer after 10 female students “possessed by spirits””

  1. Now, to the average non-maldivian, this may seem like satire or a massive joke, but unfortunately, it's not. Maldivians are extremely primitive and uneducated, and explain natural phenomenon using things like evil spirits and sorcery. It does not help when they quote a 1400 year old book as a reference. As you can see now, the police will devote their resources to hunt the spirits and sorcerers.

    I simply could not stop laughing as I read this article though. There's being dumb, and then there's that.

  2. Poverty ignorance and vitamin deficiencies is the sprit that posses these Malabaries. And now the monkeys will be hunting ghosts to cure their physical conditions caused due to ignorance.

  3. so, police is investigating the sorcery?.. if they get a suspect their will be a court warrant to arrest the a man for allegedly doing sorcery?? in which century are we in??

  4. i guess the police must sent the SWAT teams to arrest the spirits that possessed those girls.. Why these pervert spirits always posses young girls.. never a boy.. never..

  5. First the President of CSC sexually harassing a young girl at work. Now spirits taking the dirty act into school premises. Seriously dudes whether insees or jinnis, can't you keep it in your pants?

  6. It was a Bangladeshi who cast the spell. He was seen acting in a suspicious manner by locals.

  7. "School calls in spiritual healer" it says ...
    How was he called? I guess by a mobile phone/iphone ...

    Got the contradiction???

  8. "... that the spirits talked to the spiritual healer through the possessed students, telling the healer that the students were damaging the oleander trees inside the school grounds which were their homes."

    Oh man, this is absolutely ridiculous. The only thing or "being" that has a home in the oleander tree are the plant's own organic matter and nothing else!

    Oleander is a toxic plant ( and is a native plant to the Maldives as you can see in a Maldivian stamp from 1973.

    Some of the effects of oleander poisoning include:

    Irregular or slow heartbeat
    Low blood pressure


    Possessed by Jinni, my arse! There is no 'effin' Jinni involved. It's a case of poisoning! Bloody heck, you'd have thought that the dark ages had disappeared from ALL parts of the world by now, but apparently, some parts of the Maldives are pretty much still stuck there!

  9. LOL. The proof of existence on Jinns is based on 1400y old revelation.

    I wonder why the revelation did not happen in times when there is audio, video, jets, wireless communications, news coverage, atom splitting etc. God must have seen these coming.

    Then, there would not be these Jinns, bombarded by meteors, bacterium labelled as non-muslim Jinns, etc.

    As far as violence, genocide, mass annihilation, plagues, are concerned and the need for God to intervene and save man kind, we have recently seen much worse than those prehistoric Arabian times.

    So... What are we doing???? Following the bedouins???

  10. Mashallah the wicked spirits will repent eventually and be forgiven by Allah.

  11. I can just see the cops running around Male` trying to shoot the ghost. hehe, enjoy the Sunny Side of Life

  12. Commentators on minivan triyng to prove how advanced , developed n modern they are.You are just showing the level of your ignorance.Even in the west the most affluent,rich and knowledgeable believe in spirits,spirituality,karma and the unseen and are highly superstitious ,wateva religion they belong to.Its another story if you guys are athiests who are so confused they are not sure whether they themselves or even TIME exists.if any1 is possessed its these atheists who are by their own ego.


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