Kumundhoo islanders bash Indian teacher after accusing him of hitting student

An Indian physics teacher has been hospitalised after a group of angry islanders confronted him on the island of Kumundhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, and beat him up after accusing him of hitting a student in the chest.

Police Media Official Ismail Ali confirmed the incident occurred and had been reported to police.

“At the time I don’t have details of the case. Police are still on the island since last night,” he said.

Speaking to Minivan News, Island Councilor Ali Anwar said he heard of the incident yesterday at 5:30pm.

“Yesterday afternoon the expat teacher hit a 13 year-old student in the chest and the child fell and couldn’t breathe and was taken to the health centre,” Anwar said. “The islanders became angry at the teacher and gathered outside the school. The security guard and school staff were unable to control them.”

He said the islanders destroyed a power distribution unit outside the school cutting off its electricity, and then attacked the expat teacher.

Anwar said the police were called immediately when the islanders gathered in front of the school, but arrived at 8:00pm that night after everything had ended.

“I understand that the Indian teacher has been admitted to Kulhudhuffushi Hospital and the injuries he received are not clear,” he said.

“No one on this island wishes to have him back so we don’t think he will return,” he added.

Police are still active on the island investigating the case, however no one has been arrested, according to Anwar.


34 thoughts on “Kumundhoo islanders bash Indian teacher after accusing him of hitting student”

  1. Only the most uncivilised people show disrespect to a teacher!! This is a good reason for Indian teachers to stay away from the Maldives. The dumb islanders of Kumundhoo should henceforth recruit their teachers from Pakistan......land of your sunni brothers......with whom you have so much in common.
    I hope the Indian Embassy in Male will carry out a thorough investigation into this incident and see that the culprits are punished......I don't expect your useless police to investigate any acts of violence against expats.
    Learning physics?.......whatever for?.......better stick to koranic studies and tuna fishing so you can be happy in your utopian seventh century fantasy world!!

  2. what few people from that Island done is not good and this will encourage student to go in the wrong path.

    But what teacher had done to a student is also not correct and he had hit a student on the chest which had badly affected the boy chest cavity and the child was also taken to hospital. Teacher does not have that kind of rights .

    This particular teacher seems to be very violent and arrogant too which is not the best way to teach to pupils.

    The Island community should have taken the legal action against the teacher for physically abusing the students for which the teacher is well known.

  3. This would not have happened if a Maldivian teacher did the same.

  4. @ ahmed
    This story has made my blood boil. If Maldivian teachers are so bloody good why the hell are you recruiting Indian teachers?
    The truth of the matter is that Maldivian teachers are pretty useless.......especially in the teaching of science subjects.......or else you wouldn't be so dependant on the Indians.
    Indian teachers are asked to particularly avoid the tiny atolls.......they seem to be inhabited by savages.

  5. Teachers hitting students is unacceptable. But then so are the actions of a public lynching mob. All the parties to this incident are guilty, according to western common law. The quran, of course, aids and abets this kind of behaviour, thus making the public not guilty of anything. having lived in Maldives for 1 year, I understand that expats can get uncomfortable with Maldivian behaviours, but expats need to know how to behave.

  6. @MissIndia Mostly because the Maldivian graduates are not willing to work for peanuts while the expat teachers get a lot of other benefits including rent.Not because they are useless.

    I will not defend what the Islanders did.They set a bad example by attacking someone and destroying public property.

    And some Indian calling the islanders savages.What a joke really! Maldivians are sadly moving toward being savages day by day....but it will take quite sometime to reach where India is!

  7. and yeah..we all know how acceptable and common it is in the CIVILIZED India for a teacher to physically or mentally assault their students.

  8. Indian teachers deserve it because it is their greed that brings to this open jail when they have all the things in India as well as many other countries to work in and even India itself they are paid good. The thirst for money must be ended.It is the reward of imparting knowledge for the past 4 decades by these south Indian teachers.Indian embassy rubbish ...let this be an American citizen or any others the reason enough for the end of... even the sands on the beaches these tread on would betray and punish the genius of India. Wake up teachers...

  9. MissIndia is made and the person is getting income through Maldives as we speaks .

    MissIndia never bothered to read the comments properly . If you read the the Ahmed comments , you at least try to understand what his comments is about ? Then if you know how to read and understand english, then you would probably shut you mouth or would not make such comments. In fact you would be saluting Ahmed.

    Truth of the matter is that Indian teachers in general are not good and we are getting some garages from India where they were not able to find any job else where.

    Our education system was much better when we had teachers from Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan teachers are graduated from british education system back in home where as Indian may be graduated through Indian medium schools where English language is alien to the system.

    MissIndia, there are over 40% of unemployed baggers on the road in India and that is why people are seeking jobs from other countries. This is why yourself is also employed here in Maldives.

  10. This is the goodness every Indian teachers are getting back in return for disciplining these idiots of Maldives. The Indian Embassy sleeps........ gd n8

  11. No steps have been taken by India for the sufferings of Indian teachers in Maldives. Mr. Pranab sleep well in your couch we here are toiling hard.

  12. hey wait, when I was studying in an island school, there my friends there used to make teachers angry very badly, they will never shut up their mouth from speaking indescent and vulgar words to the indian teachers, sometimes those teachers will get too tempered.

  13. Why invite dirty Hindoos and Crusaders to teach our children? We need Arab and Pakistani mullahs. These islanders should know that children who do not pray should be beaten. And wives who do not obey should be beaten too. Criminals are regularly flogged in Dhivehistan according to Holy Allah's injunctions. So a teacher using corporal punishment should be praised. The future mullah teacher will not only beat their students but also sexually abuse them. I hear that in mullarized countries, mullahs are very much like Catholic priests.

  14. @ Kuribee
    How many times have I said here that I do not live or work in Maldives? Have you dumb people never heard of the internet?
    I am one of the many fortunate Indians who have no need to travel to third rate countries like Maldives to take up poorly paid jobs teaching a bunch of primitive drugged up islanders. If my english language skills are a clue, I have had a public school education in India and enjoy a standard of living that not even your elite enjoy......and before you drone on endlessly about the poverty in India let me tell you that there are more dollar millionaires in India than there are people in the Maldives.

  15. It is too ridiculous, mean and inhuman the incident is and let the world know that it is not the first incident but a frequent one over the past decades since the time the Indians stared taming theses. Last year a teacher was brutally raped and she was lying in a pool of blood when she was saved in comma state.I read a comment above that the Indian teachers are not good,toads in the well think that that is the world.Does this guy know the brains around in the world are from India the super power and Asian giant the unbeatable nation comparing it with the hell on earth...i am a savage now replying to such beasts comments....the result of all theses is awaiting...

  16. Respected Teachers,

    If you want to live as a good teacher in your subject pls escape from Maldives.Your full subject knowledge,life,family everything will go...These maldivian students are bull shit only...they don't have any common sense and behavior...they are living like animals....i think animals have more common sense than these idiots.....pls leave from that hell..........

  17. the comments given by many maldiveians are against indian, you know the main reason why O'level and A'level results of the Maldivian students are going above the rated is because of the fully knowledged indian teachers, you think india is having everything it needs, the job vacancies in india is very hectic and the wages are relatively very shorter than the amount of money paid by this Maldives to Indians. Most of the Maldivian comments are bullshit, if the police finds the wrong in the child the whole maldivians would shut up their mouth and go back to where they came from, I don't think the indian teacher would have beaten him for no reason, whatever comes from a Maldivian students mouth is wicked and sexual type, as I experienced many times like this. If u hurt one person you would enjoy with words, but when you get hurt you will cry and know the consequences after you heart a person emotionally.

  18. The Maldivian mob violence is fine - as long as they are also willing to face it when in alien land. You like an eye for an eye - you shouldn't be complaining when you get similar treatment in India or abroad. After all, as one of the post above said, Indians are way ahead in savageness when compared to Maldivians.

  19. @ MissIndia New Delhi ...What exactly is your interest in Maldives than,logging on to internet everyday, sitting in your elite apartment, to read minivan news and comment on this??
    If all of what you said below is true, then you are a very sick (mentally) person and you need urgent help!
    Basically, i think you are a frustrated indian, who doesnt have the balls to stand up and defend yourself to the many atrocities committed unto expats (which is, by the way, behaviour i do not welcome or encourage)and who do not have the merest of voice to sound out your concern. Ifeel for you 😉
    ..I just wish, you had better ways to raise concerns than the current method of inciting hatred that you seem to love employing!

    I am one of the many fortunate Indians who have no need to travel to third rate countries like Maldives to take up poorly paid jobs teaching a bunch of primitive drugged up islanders. If my english language skills are a clue, I have had a public school education in India and enjoy a standard of living that not even your elite enjoy……

  20. I just cannot see why a meal should be made out of this!
    The teacher in the first instance should have not taken matters into his own hands!

    Even if there was a tiff, the reciprocal should not have to end at a hospital!

  21. @ Nix
    Actually I send my comments from my iPad whilst sipping cappucino in a smart coffee shop in Connaught Place......oh the wonders of wifi internet.
    You are right that when you say that I don't have the balls to stand up etc.....I am a young Indian women and the only women who have balls are ladyboys.
    A christian teacher from Kerala was deported from Raa Atoll for.....wait for this.....for having christian hymns on his laptop!! Beggars belief doesn't it? Another Indian lady teacher was gang raped on one of your primitive atolls and almost bled to death..... and now the beating of this teacher on hell-on-earth Kumundhoo. I am aware of the ill treatment of Indian and Bangladeshi expats in Maldives. The fact the you short, fat, dim people feel superior to us Indians make me choke on my coffee.
    Indian teachers should abandon the Maldives and seek employment in more civilised countries where they are paid a decent wage and treated with respect......I will never understand why a bunch of neanderthals like you want to learn physics, chemistry, mathematics and english.
    Judging from the comments above, Maldivians seem to speak a type of colonial english we Indians call 'babu english'. If I was your english teacher I'd FAIL the lot of you and I would put a dunces cap on Kuribee's head and stand him in the corner.....his english is VERY POOR.

  22. I am in no way condoning the teacher's actions - corporal punishment is illegal in the Maldives, as it should be... but I can understand his actions.

    I have taught in the islands in the Maldives (including the island in question) and the lack of respect that some students have for their teachers (both Maldivian and expatriate) is unlike I have seen anywhere else in the world. Many students seem to think that they can behave however they choose, as they know that there is very little the teacher can do about it.

    If this teacher had been subjected to constant and continual disrespect and bad behaviour from his students then it is not too difficut to see how he might have snapped.

    What the islanders did to him is inexcusable. As I understand it, the teacher had already admitted his wrong-doing, been reprimanded for his actions and been suspended from work. This is the right course of action. Attacking him to the point that he ended up in hospital was not. Violence will never be a solution for violence.

    And sadly, I don't believe that there will be any kind of realistic attempt to investigate this incident and find out who was responsible for inciting such violence - despite the fact that on an island the size of Kumundhoo it would a very easy investigation.

  23. not only teachers doctors also face same here in maldives.just yesterday one pt came for consultation with co fever (37.3).Next day family members gave me warning coz i didnt put her on iv fluids.If you ppl know more than drs why you ppl are hiring drs then.look at your country only very few drs are left here and i am so happy today i submited my resignation letter.

  24. @miss india.....

    Thank you for your comments...Here i saw all Maldivians comments,what they are telling...?their students are brilliant....what brilliant...?everyone fools only...don't have any culture and respect......once up on time i also struggled there.....all will put the spray in their body without doing any bathing... at least need the physical hygiene first then other things...i don't know for what they are going to mosque....these brilliant students were fighting ,pulling and pushing there...why these idiots are studying physics,chemistry, English and all other subjects...?.just study dhivehi and go for fishing....in my school also one pregnant south indian teacher was brutally kicked with their brilliant(Mental)student.she was hospitalised nearly 8 days bcoz the infant have no heartbeat bcoz of the kick with the football boot....there were no action,no investigation,but last they terminated the teacher and send back to india....you know what reason they are telling for that....?she sexually abused him....thats why he done like that...what a brilliant student...same like one indian teacher taught history and in the board he drew the poles of the earth like north,south,east and west...he shown it through the four headed arrow with four direction....after he left the class but he didn't rub the board...in that class the next period was islam...but the good islam teacher saw the picture and he says the history teacher teaching about cross and their religious things there.....he spread the news like a storm.....unfortunately the history teacher was a X'an.anyway last he also terminated from the school and send back to india......then i think now everyone understood why this teachers are shouting and lead to give some small punishment to this fools......but teachers you think one thing.."Maldives always Maldives only"...it won't change at all...these idiots too......

  25. What had happened is unacceptable.. We can't blame each other. Still the ministry of education is recruiting teachers from India as they could not find enough good teachers locally. The teachers from India are also coming here without getting any proper information. How many of them contact the Indian High Commission before they come here. All they talk about is after something happened to them. They know how to give money the agencies in india and in Maldives.

  26. in my knowledge the student or his parents have any complaint abt the teacher. the teacher just push his shoulder and make him to sit....... the leading teachers always questioning to expatriate teachers........... they are not asking anything to students or they r not giving any punishment to students....... the students also know abt tat very well. simply if the teacher shout also the student go and complain to the school management the teacher is doing wrong things......... i hope if the govt is stop providing free materials to students, then parents and students know the value of education and money

  27. @senthilkumar..

    Normally most of the teachers were registering there in Indian embassy and also in Indian High Commission office....If anything happened for them,those people will not take any action at all........already lot of incidents happened ..what they done up to this much time.....? nothing.....simply don't write any comments.........

  28. Now it is the moal responsibility of the ministry of education to withdraw the expatriate teachers from the island.The school also cannot simply wash hands of this incident as assult has happend in the school where in the teacher has signed for duty.
    Now the teachers have become timid infront of the stdent, where students will tell and teachers will have to obey. The students can avail this opportunity to blackmail teachers.The incident was a clear indication that the islanders do not need expats.

    Now the best thing is to collect the salary without fail and pretend to be teaching and leave the students to their whims and fancies.

  29. It is high time the Indian teachers quit this fool's paradise, these so called two legged human creatures do type something in English as a result of the sacrifice of theses Indian teaceters and i feel shame to say that the indian gvt cud do nothing so far. theses r taking shelter in different cities of india and where do they face any of such issues...Almighty will has not forgotten tsunami....

  30. Well if Miss India is not in Maldives, why is she all over Minivan News daily spending all her energy reading and commenting in this stupid maldivian news blog?

    i can find u through ur IP address, u could even be a polarized Maldivian, who knows? hehe.. but it will be a waste of time.. anyways

  31. Dear all, control your temper and discuss smethng which can help bringing tis kind of actions to an end. In my understanding, the expat teachers should be given sme sort of training at various levels. Indian government should monitor te interview process followed in selecting teachers. Once a teacher is selected by the ministry of education, MOE should make sure that te particular teacher is given a briefing about all these possible threats which he/she could possibly face if he/she touches a student for any reason. Unfortunately most of our Maldivian students label even an affectionate touch as sexual or homosexual(this is the fact!!!)
    In this particular case, a clear and transparent probe is essential to show who is guilty…(tis is not to punish anyone but to find the truth) If te Islanders were found guilty, at least we could make few of them understand their fault and so tat tey wont repeat tis… It was mentoned, te student was also taken to the hospital. In that case, a medical report by te Dr would speak te truth.
    Most of us talking abt cultural differences…I totally disagree with this. As a matter of fact, Most of our teachers are excelling in their field(irrespective of their nationality). Do not accuse anyone it would jus fuel te problem. Teaching is a noble profession. thanks

  32. @MissIndia NewDelhi:
    "I am a young Indian women"

    LoL..i understand how good your english is with this statement alone!
    you may refer to our english as babu english. what indians speak is what others say butler english! and by the way, english is something you learned because you all were slaves of the English for over 3 centuries!!!

    And how much of wifi Connaught Place has is something we all know.i'm not even gonna debate on them.

    fact here is not how elite or not your living is. fact here is that all your comments are laced with anger, bitterness, frustration and hatred.

    yes i admit we have Maldivians who are narrow minded, shallow and out right rude. but you dont stereotype an entire society because of those people. if that is so, beleive me India is the first place we need to stereotype....open your eyes and look at all that is happening right outside Connaught place, as you sit and sip capucinoa dn comment on the affairs of another country. Women are getting gang raped in moving trains, buses,cars...and left out on the road to die. children are being sexually abused, molested, raped...how sick is that society then? college going girls are being shot at and murdered in broad daylight while crossing the road to enter college...what good is all that education then? if you dont know how to treat mankind? hundreds of such incidences happen every single day in India and especially in your capital, where you are enjoying your cup of tea. Yes, agreed, Connaught place maybe boasting of such awesome metro system...but the naked truth is whats happening right outside. Do we term delhi as the rapists capital? murder capital? shooters capital?
    you seem educated. but your comments dont speak that.
    Sad. and i cant believe you are a woman. coz a woman can never have such low regard for another humanbeing, when she is the cause of every life being born.
    I pity you.

  33. @ senthil Kumar, So in ur finding nothing wrong in with the student side. i hope u r working in male capital, u try to work in some remote islands tat time u got wat i told. can u explain whats the BULL SHIT did the Indian Embassy upto now.............

  34. @nix

    thanks for making ppl realise how stereotypical they can be!(im sure yu know who im referring to here), i think as a teacher you have to change lives, and the best place u can do that is here in maldives! i'm a teacher and i have seen students who have thier own mind(i cudnt find that in indians, atleast until they finish college), if maldivians had the resources and a strong government, im so sure they would be much better off than they are. Ne ways ppl like u do make others smile(atleast uve made me).


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