Three police officers injured in drug bust

Three police officers were injured in an special operation conducted last night to arrest an alleged drug dealer.

“Police went to Henveiru Kahafathi with a court warrant after receiving information that suspected narcotics were hidden inside the house,’’ said Sub-Inspector Mohamed Dawood. “A person named Mohamed Ahmed attempted to obstruct the duty of the police and attacked three police officers using two knives.”

The acting head of the Drug Enforcement Department (DED) said that police discovered 18 bullet-sized packets of suspected heroin worth of Rf65,000 (US$5,058) hidden inside the bathroom of the house.

‘’I presume he attacked the police to protect his illegal drugs,’’ he added.

The suspect trafficker is now in police custody.

‘’In another operation conducted this week, police seized eight cases of vodka inside a dhoni (traditional boat) docked at Male’,” he said. “Police checked the dhoni in the presence of an expat working in the Dhoni and he is now under arrest.’’


8 thoughts on “Three police officers injured in drug bust”

  1. It's time police carry arms when they undertake such operations.

  2. If police start to carry arms. Think of the consequences when some of these gang members disarms and fires the weapon on the police.
    Not such a good idea.
    I say train them in proper martial arts so that they can disarm and take down any assailant with a knife or any other homemade weapon.

  3. The police need proper training and at least take the S.T.A.R force with them when they go on busts.


  4. There's only one solution to stop all these gang violence. We should adopt the Chinese way of dealing with these type of madness....that's the death penalty and that too... carried out in royal Saudi style.... attracting huge crowds (the national stadium wud be good enough)

  5. Thats again a failed attempt. Drug users / pushers have denied items on their pockets, claiming that the item somehow slipped through pockets in the washing machine, and they have no idea who's the bullets were.

    So how in hell can you pin this guys got drug issue, when its in a toilet every body uses?

    But you can get him on the violence and obstruction issue, which at most may be 25/- Mrf? Even that, payable in 3 years.

  6. The police don't need more training.

    They just need some balls.

    It's not like the adolescents beating them up went abroad to study kung fu....

    What happened to the police officers? How bad were their injuries? I hope they're alright.

    There's barely any information about the heading at all in this "news article" xD

  7. Police should cary taser guns if they try to show attitude and and yes, as umar naseer said,"We should adopt the Chinese way of dealing with these type of madness….that’s the death penalty and that too… carried out in royal Saudi style…. attracting huge crowds (the national stadium wud be good enough)"

  8. perhaps the police should close their eyes n let the public handle it as most of these cases go unproven nowadays.


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