Staff threw stones at intruder and left him in the water to drown, alleges Baros staff member

A staff member at Baros Island Resort has claimed to have witnessed three staff members throwing stones at one of the four men who invaded the resort wearing balaclavas last Wednesday, as the intruder was standing on the jetty.

The body of 20 year-old Ali ‘Immortal’ Shafiu was later was later discovered floating dead in the lagoon. Staff restrained another of the intruders, while two others were found and arrested by police.

Friends of the deceased who were present at Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) when his body was brought to the hospital claimed to have seen wounds on left hand and left side of his chest, and a wound on his head one and a half inches deep.

Shafiu’s family members later told local newspaper Haveeru that they had seen wounds on different parts of the body, however police would not confirm the injuries claiming the investigation was ongoing.

“That day early in the morning my colleagues came and shook me awake saying thieves had invaded the resort,’’ the staff member told Minivan News, on condition of anonymity.

‘’I ran to the jetty and saw staff throwing stones at a person waiting at the end of the jetty. I saw him falling into the water, I think he was knocked unconscious and fell,’’ the staff member said.

“His body was in the water – it had no movement at all, I was worried and told them to pick him up.”

Staff did not retrieve the body and the body was left in the water for more than 30 minutes, the source said.

‘’His body was floating on the water like a log. Someone who had not seen the body falling would think that it was a log. There was no movement at all.’’

The staff member said that police arrived on the island and took the body from the water.

“His body was as hard as rock when he was taken out of the water, and suddenly white foam came out from his mouth,’’ the staff member said. “The police then took the body for examinations.’’

The staff member said that later that day, before staff realised that they might be subjected to revenge attacks, many staff were claiming to have attacked Shafiu.

“They were not intending to kill him, but after they knew he was dead they rejoiced,’’ the staff member alleged. “But later the three staff who led the attack on Shafiu started receiving phone calls and threats that they would be sorry.’’

After they received these calls, those who claimed have hit Shafiu suddenly claimed to have not even touched him, the source alleged.

“Later I asked my colleagues who had found the intruders first. They said it was the security officers who saw the four of them, and they went and called the Maldivian staff members,’’ the staff member said.

At a press conference this afternoon, police that they were now investigating the cause of three wounds to Shafiu’s head.

Inspector Abdulla Nawaz also said that police have discovered the boat which was allegedly used by seven men – only four of whom landed on the island.

Weapons were also discovered inside the boat, Nawaz said, including swords and a harpoon gun.

”Police have now arrested the other three men, who include the captain of the boat,” he said.

Police said the four persons found in the resort had allegedly damaged the resort’s accounts department in a bid to to steal the safe inside.

”The safe contained US$50,000 at that time,” said Nawaz. ”We are investigating whether the seven men had any connections with a persons working in the resort.”

He also said that the body of Shafiu was ”apparently dead” when police took him out of the water.

”Police officers who attended the scene observed that there was no movement and the body was very hard,” Nawaz said.

General Manager of Baros Island Resort and Spa, Jonathan Blitz, was on his day off when Minivan News called the resort, however a senior staff member said the resort was unwilling to comment as the police investigation was ongoing.

“It was early in the morning and we are still not clear what happened,” he said, expressing concern that the original Minivan News article on the incident had been posted on the TripAdvisor website “and guests were commenting.”

Baros was the second Maldivian resort this year to suffer an attempted robbery by people from outside the island.

In Janurary, staff at Kihaadhuffaru in Baa Atoll were threatened by a group of masked men brandishing machetes and swords, who escaped in a dingy with the resort’s safe.

A receptionist was reportedly gagged with tape and restrained with a cable tie during the incident.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said at the time that he did not believe resorts would need to review existing security measures in light of the Kihaadhuffaru theft.


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  1. @Concerned citizen, don’t be too concerned? You will make things worse by becoming too concerned. As I mentioned, you fantasize things and think them be the reality, a common trend of average Maldivian. The reality is what you see not what you fantasize. Let’s be realistic, here it is the thief who were victims. We normally see the opposite in the real scenario, that is to say, the armed robbers have upper hand, they kill civilian until the police arrive. I think the reality here is some crazy kids who might have been disillusioned with Hollywood action movies had been victims of some crazy fanatic staff who aimlessly stoned one person to death.

  2. headline of this artical shows minivans tendency to create a "barbaric" and "islamic" image with the "stoning" reference

  3. @Anbar, is shafiu your friend? if so then just tell us. coz if he was, then its understandable that you will feel this way.

    otherwise i think anywhere in the world people would react the same, unless its a genetically defected self destructive anomaly in the gene pool. i think these individuals of the species with self destructive tendencies should be kept in government care in a special happy place away from the general populace...coz they are destructive to society as a whole.

  4. @ Ahmed Nazeer, seriously, you think staff had nothing better to do than kill a person? your headlines leaves much to be desired.
    The resort staff acted in self defense, and they didnt get up that morning with the intention of killing someone.

    and to dear immortals family members and friends: if your immortal had stayed home, he would still be alive. This risk was something he took. If he had gone ahead and killed someone during this robbery, you all will be still claiming his innocence or pointing out someone elses fault.

  5. @Anbar,
    I am with you on this one. The innocent guys who came in with swords and bows should have been able to flee the island with the money. They were not even carrying weapons..they were toys..orr they might have been real weapons but the resort should staff should have known that these innocent robbers would not have used it on them as no one in maldives has ever been stabbed or killed.
    These "average maldivians" dont know anything right anbar. I am with u all the way like i said

  6. Clearly the criminals have won, because the citizens of this country have the same rationale as them- most commenters expect criminality to go away without adhering to the principles of honour, empathy, morality or justice themselves.

    Yes it is everyone's right to protect property and if a criminal dies in the process, it is unfortunate but justified. However, you don't commit murder, you take every possible measure to save a life (even a murderers life).

    The criminals you people talk about have a lot in common with you than you people think.

  7. @Anbar You need to see psychiatrist. You are mentally sick. You know need help more than others. Don't open your big ugly mouth to say things that you don't know. If Maldivians are violent by nature it must be infected to everyone not just few. You want to be westerner and think like that but do you not know in western countries its legal to kill in self defense. Even there you failed. You retard!!!

  8. @ Derek Postance Why do you lie always. I think i need to remind you once you said you work as legal adviser or something and worked number countries.

    Defenseless???? Have you seen the weapons they had. Its STONE VS SWORD oh what on earth made you think like that. The security guards are not armed. What you expect them to throw to the intruder, their clothes or sand.

    You are an ignorant, atheist. How many times I have told you to read the Quran. You talk nonsenses!!!!

  9. @peasant
    will only know how "moral and humane" you are if the situation ever occurs to you.
    I am quite sure we can all talk abt how moral and how humane we can be...but all that bull goes out of the door when u actually see ppl wielding swords and axes comes into your own home. I am sure I wouldnt care abt their humanity or whatever if it ever happens to me..ill go straight for the neck!

  10. @peasant

    you're wrong to think that your superior "empathy" and "morality" and "humaneness" sells here or anywhere. you think you're smarter or maybe a more advanced and "evolved" human being. but you are the weak link. you need to go...

  11. @egon- I agree with you on one point, you should defend yourself but once you won the fight, and he is injured it is still your moral obligation to extend help as long as no harm comes to you.

    @ping ping- I have no answer to your superior argument of telling me "you're wrong".

  12. Cut the hands of these thieves if they are caught again. We will see results in not time.

    These are merciless criminals and killers who dont have a heart.

  13. @peasant
    I guess we both have different opinions.
    The swardsmen dont come in with the intention of me surviving..if i get in their way I will be killed. So I wouldnt hesitate to kill them if they are on the ground you think they would take me to the hospital after they stab me? No...I guess the only difference between them and I in this case would be that I wouldnt go into somoenes house looking to rob and kill someone..unlike them...but If they do get in my way..and if i do have a go straight to the neck.

  14. egon-

    You will not steal or burgle a house but you will kill a human being with malice and forethought?

    Yes the criminal would not have cared about you, but the reason you should care is that you are not a criminal.

    This the difference between a law abiding citizen and a common criminal.

  15. @peasant

    Just one question..Is the criminal a human being? If so why he cant think like a law abiding citizen?

  16. @peasant
    Yes I am a law abiding citizen, but since its a case of them vs my life or any one my family/friends know what Ill choose.
    I couldnt actually care less about a criminals life. I am not talking abt petty drug users, I am talking abt murderers, child molesters and rapists.

  17. @musician , I never lie. You and I were not there. The weapons were apparently in the boat. the stone throwers and the man who was stoned to death were on the jetty. Two different places! He died in the sea from his injuries or by drowning. It is not claimed in the article that he was armed with anything at the time he was subjected to a medieval Islamic style death.

  18. @egon-

    After you have established control of the situation if you kill, you are a murderer not a law abiding citizen.

    I don't think you understood what I'm saying- If on the spur of the moment you kill an attacker, it's self defence. If you had the guy immobilised and killed/allowed him to die - there is a legal and moral problem.

  19. @Derek-

    It was a wrongful death alright but calling it an "Islamic style death", betrays some prejudice on your part.

    True stoning is a medieval Islamic style execution method practised by some countries even today, however this wasn't a chosen method here, it just so happened to be. If an arsonist murders someone by burning her house down, I wouldn't call it a medieval Christian witch hunt just because of the cause of death or the religion of the attacker.

    Btw good luck explaining anything to Musician.

  20. @peaseant
    mobilize the situation. Yes tell them to give me a second while i call the police, see if they have hurt anyone i love. Yes I will become a criminal then.
    You can have your moral ways and ask them if you have hurt them/made them cry...go bandage them and give penadine if they are having a headach. massage their back if you have hit them too hard. Clean their poo if your retaliation has made them shit their pants.
    I will go for the neck...still!

  21. @peasant...As of 2010, stoning is still practiced in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria and Iran..justified by peaceful Islam. I know Musician is a big admirer of Saudi Arabia, but I still try to help him out with advice!

  22. @Derek- If you read my comment properly you will see I mentioned that it is still practised in some countries, you don't have to tell me.

    I was merely pointing out that this death had nothing to do with religion but for some reason you had to bring it just because the people involved were Muslim.

  23. @egon- So as I said earlier they win, when the majority of the population behaves like them.

  24. @Derek>
    I guess all the child molesters are doing it cos the church does it then. They've done it in rome, europe, america you name it.

  25. @peasant>
    eventually when all think like me and take them on one by one..and they disappear..we all win

  26. Of course people threw stones at him. But he was not killed by stoning. He was killed by one major blow to his head with a mop-stick. The stick broke into two in one blow and he was gone. The man continued attacking him with remaining piece of the stick until he was thrown out of the jetty. He was already dead when he landed in the water. He didn't drown.

    We are human and we all have a tendency to go astray into the hands of Satan. But no matter whatever the crime you commit, no human has the right to kill another. He was not attacked in self defense. He was standing alone lost on the jetty and he had no armor or anything of that sort. He was not resisting. He was not even trying to escape however, he got under the hands of a drunk and that was his death.

    The man attacked him was working in the Baros resort. He is family or a close relative of one of the resort manager. Following his death, all the staff member were signed to agree on a consent not to leak or pass any information regarding the incident out of the resort. The staff were further threatened if anyone who doesn't abide with the instruction will have leave the resort for good without further notice.

    I saw it all.
    -a resort staff-


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