Three men arrested for attack on Habib Bank manager

Police have arrested three men in connection with the armed robbery of Habib Bank’s country manager, Mohamed Anjul Jameel.

Chief inspector of police Mohamed Jamsheed identified the three men as Ali Shuaib (19) of Kumundhu in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Abdulla Aseel (20) of Galolhu Coralsea and Ibrahim Abdulla (20) of Galolhu Fehima.

Jamsheed suggested that there was one more man involved in the case, but he had not yet been arrested.

He said the gang attacked the bank manager “after collecting a lot of information about him.”

”It was well planned and organised,” Jamsheed said. ”Two of them followed the manager when he was coming home after work that day.”

He said Ali Shuaib was arrested in connection with a murder case last year, “on suspicion of killing a Bangladeshi man by hitting him with a three-foot long log,” he said.

Shuaib was ultimately acquitted by the criminal court, Jamsheed added.

Police sergeant Abdul Muhsin said the three men had police records of assault, drug related cases and robbery.

In an interview with Haveeru, the manager of Habib Bank said that while he had always described the Maldives to his friends as a “harmonious country”, the attack had changed his view completely.

“I am leaving, never to return,” he said.

The 56 year old was stabbed when four men broke into his apartment on the sixth floor of Machangolhi Uraha in Male’.


11 thoughts on “Three men arrested for attack on Habib Bank manager”

  1. it is v. sad to see the state of present maldives. can't anyone do anything about it? we always hear the beginning of many a stories like this which is on the high rise of late, and still increasing by the day. But never hear how it ends for these criminals. can't the islamic ministry come up with some good punishments, so that prospective criminals also get the message and think twice before doing it. I mean presently maximum is they get a short sentence in jail, and since no space is jail for new jailbirds the older ones are pardoned and released back to the community even before their serve is completed. so they know it, we know it, everyone knows it. It has come to a point in Maldives, Politics is so liberal that anyone can do any crime and escape, it is a shame for a small country which could easily adapt some methods and easily control the criminals. Nowadays people are virtually scared to walk after 11pm.!!. Some authority, preferably Islamic Ministry should give some thought to this matter and similar incidents and come up with solutions, or suggestions in the least. eg. break off a finger or tatoo the body with a hot iron rod, so when anyone sees the mark, people will be more careful.

  2. This is the price we have to pay for democracy. What we need is a corruption free police force whose only aim is to uphold the law. We have too many DRP sympathizers in the police force. We need a Singapore style democracy with no room for corruption and gang violence.

  3. there's a very simple solution for this? no need to talk about witness qaanoon or any other .. cause this people majlis will take 1 year to bring a law to existence, but if the people majlis gives police the power to isolate these sick hooligans from community they can be kept in an other island until they come to the level of humans .. do what ever rehab or vocational training please isolate these sick pathetic inhumans from humans .. please makes us safe , what's the use of peoples majlis ???

  4. I too agree that the Islamic Ministry needs to come up with a solution since the Government is having a hard time changing the old regime's judges who just let anyone they want lose. I understand that it is very hard to change the judges since this is a democratic government and not a dictatorship.

    But this democracy I find is too slow in finding solutions as people are getting hurt for small things like a watch that might look good, but most likely not even original. It is a sad fact.

    If Islam was the current system of law, there would not be one scared person in Male' that walks on the street even at night. But since it is not, I believe many law abiding Muslims would agree that the Islamic Ministry needs to come up with a solution.

    Maybe do a community watch with the approval of the police. Ofcourse we do not expect it to be the same level as some police officers that might just wait till a fighting stops in order to arrest people.

    Another alternative is Islamic courts with the approval of the Government since the Government itself does not approve of the current courts. So in this way, when people know there is an alternative to the corrupt judges that exists, then we can slowly make the corrupt ones less important and a new system of courts the priority in dealing with street crimes.

    Ofcourse these are just ideas, but if anyone disagrees, would like to have their input with a genuine idea that aims to protect the innocent.

    Islamic Ministry does have an obligation under Islam to protect Muslims, hence atleast sitting down and really trying to find out what can be done is a good start in itself. Obviously the current system has not worked, so must think outside the current system. During the civil rights movement in America, Malcolm X did a good movement to stop racist attacks against blacks. Well Im sure there are more examples to learn study.

  5. @apple: Social systems and their associated ills are not created in the course of a day. We have a considerable history of oppression, repression and poverty. The Maldives cannot be called liberal even at this stage when the current administration has made some liberal reforms. A Laissez Faire criminal justice system is completely something else. It is not a sign of liberality per se. I think liberal politics and greater media freedom has just served to bring these incidents to the attention of the public. We are no longer pretending to be a sunny little nation where nothing untoward happens. So let us focus our concern and outrage on trying to build a better society in transition from our days of denial.

  6. Yes indeed, Muad MZ.

    The only way to deal with criminals is to sacrifice all our democratic liberty, hand over power to a mullah theocracy and become the next Saudi Arabia.

    No thanks, I'd rather take my chances with armed gangsters.

  7. Criminals have to be punished, seriously.
    Look them for long term sentence as sample to other.


  9. to: yaamyn

    you are 100% right- if you fully implement islamic sharia here these things would not happen like this.

    But it is sad that we have people like you who prefers to get attacked by gagsters rather than having an islamic society

  10. IMHO the problem begins with this Islamic Sharia law that we are practicing in the Maldives. I mean are you guys aware that Sharia does not consider forensic evidence as proof. This rules out finger prints, DNA, video evidence...etc and only considers eye witnesses (EVEN THAT OF TWO MEN OR EIGHT WOMEN COS FOUR WOMAN'S WORD IS THE EQUIVALENT OF JUST ONE MAN). And still people are saying its the short coming of the government and calls for the MoIA to do something. That's just ludicrous. I say this to you people if you want something to happen raising your hands to the ceiling all day isn't enough, you've gotta open your eyes and see the world for what it is and not just what some mullah spells out for you.

  11. I too disagree being too literal when it comes to Shariah as having witnesses only and not being able to use forensic evidence, etc. There have been people that set up Shariah laws in just one or two countries where not all laws are implemented with a full understanding of it. Hence it ends up being misused due to this. This is again not because of Islam, but because those in power do not understand the Seerah and Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) in full depth.

    The punishment that is given out should be according to Islam, while the court should allow all new technologies if available to be used to find out what exactly happened in a crime, etc. Islam is a religion that protects the weak and mainly the victim, hence I have not read anywhere that new technology cannot be brought into as an additional way to give evidence instead of a replacement. In Iran they use modern technology to solve crimes and have a different court system for family law, criminal law, etc.

    Even when we are young, our parents would teach us to learn what is good in others, so why not we do the same in life. Islam is everything about good and justice. We have an Islamic Ministry with educated people and people with good intention. They can sit down with Government and talk about how it can be done and so on.

    If we read the Seerah, Tafsir and Hadiths, we will learn so much ourselves. It is our own effort in reading and learning about our religion which makes us more religious and closer to our Creator. No need to think we follow people just like that. Today's resources are so much more then before, hence it is hard for people to just get fooled by anyone. Instead the more we read, the more knowledge we gain. With knowledge you can only go wrong if your faith in Allah(swt) is weak. The reason for seeking constant knowledge is to be closer to Allah (swt).


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