Three more Somalis found in second dinghy near Thinadhoo

A Maldivian fishing boat has discovered another lost dinghy with three Somalis aboard near Thinadhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.

Captain of the fishing boat Mohamed Hussain told Minivan News that the dinghy was found while the group was out fishing this morning.

”Around 10:15pm this morning we found the dinghy and followed it – there were three men aboard,” said Mohamed. ”One of them was in a very serious condition an has a wound under his neck.”

Mohamed said the other two were in a good condition, as the dingy contained food and 14 barrels of diesel.

”They said someone attacked them and they were trying to flee, after the injured man was stabbed by the attackers,” he said.

Island Councilor of Thinadhoo Mohamed Zahir said that no one had officially reported the case to the island office yet.

Major Abdul Raheem said a Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) vessel was on the way to the island.

”After our vessel reaches the island we will disclose more information regarding the case,” he said.

Another dingy with seven Somalis was found on Sunday near Fuvamulah. MNDF officers who searched the vessel discovered a bullet shell in the dingy.


12 thoughts on “Three more Somalis found in second dinghy near Thinadhoo”

  1. This is happening far too often to be purely coincidence..Something is going on in and around your terrtorial waters..Maybe something has been identified that is to be stolen..It is a long way from Somalia to the Maldives..BEWARE my friends,maybe they want some of your fishing vessels///???

  2. Concerned as the Maldives is becoming the new holiday destination for the jet setting millionaires in the super luxury yachts... if they get taken our tourism industry gets hit... MNDF.. where are u???

  3. What will happen if these pirates hijack a resort? everyone knows that this country is 100% gun free (expect for military purpose)..surely with Ak47's in hand they is nothing anybody could do if they reach a resort or an island with no MNDF base...

    scary situation ...


  5. ooops 1 .5 years before Maldives military force join Indian zone patroling specialy to protect against pirates so where all brave marines? and why pirates still near Maldivian border heheheh

  6. @Mai

    There's very little that the MNDF can do with the few resources they have. The total area of Ocean around is so vast that we have no hope of keeping an eye on it.

    Before you guys start screaming at the MNDF, take a chart out and just have a look at the task they face. Thousands of square miles of the Indian Ocean is all around us! The Somali pirates can be anywhere.

    Clearly, the presence of international naval forces around Somalia is now driving these desperate pirates towards our waters. We need the assistance of the international community. This is too big for us to contain.

  7. Its interesting to see that normal people without any type of evidence already started to play the role of the judge by labeling them as pirates.

    That is why, these normal people luckily do not hold any government or police positions. Usually official people will go by the evidence because any tom, dick and harry can presume and keep presuming since its just so easy to presume.

  8. Pirates? Where does it say in the new report these poor people were pirates?! Maybe there are refugees, fleeing persecution, starvation, or death event. Maybe they were on a boat that got shipwreaked or got attached by actual pirates.

    Whatever the case maybe, they are in need and if they are lucky, maybe they will be met and cared for by people more compassionate than the first few of you who have commented on this report!

    Since when did Maldivians become so mean?

  9. @K---You are right in saying these Somalies should not be pre-judged,it is quite possible that they are indeed"refugees",after all they have just rescued 3 teenagers from a Pacific island,,700mls from where they left,looking for a better life in these kind of journeys have been attempted..But! as a seafaring nation you will understand that Somali pirates think nothing of sailing 1000+mls to capture a ship,,sailing in very small vessels on a very dangerous ocean and sinkings must surely occur, leaving any lucky survivors in liferafts/dingy's to wash-up anywhere??? Yes,,don't pre-judge but be aware....


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