Two MNDF officers accused of robbery return to work

Two Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officers facing charges of robbing expatriates in uniform last year have returned to work following the conclusion of their investigation.

MNDF Spokesperson Colonel Abdul Raheem told newspaper Haveeru that the officers had been assigned duty and that their investigation was concluded.

The cases have now been forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) to be tried at the Criminal Court. If either officer is found guilty, Raheem said the MNDF would take “strict action”.

On August 29 last year, police arrested the three MNDF officers accused of entering an expatriate residence in Male’ in army uniform and robbing the Bangladeshi workers with threats of violence.

The MNDF officers were identified as Lance Corporal Ali Ibrahim, 26, of Lhaviyani Hinnavaru Aaramuge, and Private Hussein Mahir, 23, of Laamu Mundhoo Finifenmaage. They were taken into custody with the stolen cash.

Following the arrests, the MNDF said it was “working with the police to take the harshest legal action possible” against the errant officers.

According to local media reports at the time, the three officers robbed expatriate workers living in Maafanu Pink Rose on Fareedhee Magu on a number of occasions during Ramadan last year.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that the uniformed officers entered the house on three consecutive nights and took Rf30,000 (US$1,945), Rf24,000 (US$1,556) and Rf12,000 (US$778) respectively.

The two officers were reportedly confronted by members of the public on the third night, who informed the police.

MNDF Spokesperson Colonel Abdul Raheem did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


10 thoughts on “Two MNDF officers accused of robbery return to work”

  1. Since when did "harshest legal action possible" start to mean "to walk free?"

  2. It's a 'MNDF job perk'. "You deal drugs, rape, steal, commit murder - but since you saved ablho, you go free."

  3. Well, folks: it is Ramadan time so crimes committed by the 100% maldeviants against infidels and undesirables are forgiven. And, really, who is it that can lay a charge against one of the holy ones who sleep all day and eat all night.

  4. I would recommend all gang members to join police/MNDF. This is your key to carry out unlimited crimes. If caught u will be just asked a few questions and suspended for a while, but dunt worry you will not be given even disciplinary action or even salary reconciliation just because you were caught in the act. So gang up and join the force now for a successful career in robbery,assault,murder,coup ....

  5. AT least the crimes went down during Anni's time. Probably they threw him off becuarse of that. Beside many other reasons.
    Dear Politicians, hungry rich guys, MNDF and Police, please give the general public a break for GOD's sake.
    Gandhi said " In this world there is enough and more for every body, but not enough for one greedy man.

  6. Looks like MNDF need to be renamed as MMIDF.
    Maldive Military "In Disguise" Force.
    Shame on you people in uniform.
    A total disgrace to the kind.

    @bryam - You are a 100% wrong.
    No Ramazan or no one can or will forgive this kind of disgrace! Forget about it.

    These unworthy scoundrels and their ilk must be garrotted 'on the spot'!

  7. lol When do they get the promotion. Golhaabo like to hire crooks these people so he could have them under his control and do what ever he wants.

    Golhaabos judges,ministers,directors,,,most of them are crooks.

  8. I am of the opinion that to a large extent, in Maldives, vengeance is pursued in the name of Justice, and though they may result in the same outcomes externally, justice must be differentiated from vengeance. A culture of justice must be embraced, and the culture of vengeance must be discarded.

    vengeance and Justice appear to be the same thing, but where they differ, is in the motives behind the actions they demand.

    Vengeance is routed in selfishness, in the will to power alone.

    Justice... is ultimately routed in Allah, Allah is the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, Justice is routed in this Rahman and this Rahim for all being.

    The word Sadaqah (charity), is derived from one of the Arabic words for Justice, from which we also get the word Siddiq (Righteouss.) Justice is ultimately a charity.

    Everything our Beloved Prophet Mohammed did is decribed as a Mercy to the Worlds, even his implementation of Justice is ultimately routed in the foundation of this Mercy.

    Punishment, in Islam, is expiation for sin, for example, and in considering punishment, the Prophet never acted on his human impulse for vengeance, yet took into account the Maslahah.


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