Three police and an MNDF officer arrested for robbing expatriate workers

Police have arrested three police officers and a Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) officer after they allegedly robbed a large amount of cash from expatriate workers in a house near the State Bank of India (SBI) in Male’s Heniveru ward.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that one police officer was a member of the police investigations team, while another was a Special Operations (SO) officer.

Haveeru reported that the men entered the house and attacked and threatened the expatriate workers on Friday night around 9:00pm.

Two of the police officers were in uniform during the incident, according to Haveeru.

The paper reported that two police officers met one of the expatriates on the road and robbed him of his mobile phone, before heading towards the house the workers were living in.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef today confirmed to Minivan News that a robbery was reported to police on Friday night.

Haneef said he could not confirm whether police officers and a MNDF officer were involved in the robbery.

‘’There were Maldivians involved in it,’’ he said, adding that this was all the information that he could share regarding the case at the moment.

Online newspaper Manadhoolive has also reported the same incident.


15 thoughts on “Three police and an MNDF officer arrested for robbing expatriate workers”

  1. These Islamic Sheriffs of Nottingham were simply collecting jizyah. There is nothing wrong with that. They must be released! Fear Allah and establish his laws in the land, sinners!

  2. Thou shall not tell lies, mndf and police are free from sin after feb 7. " seyku Imran bin fahari "

  3. Why not rob the expats! The police and the MNDF can do what they like to the Maldivins and get away with it. They have learnt a lesson from the regime. Right and wrong do not matter when you have power and guns in your hands. This is just a beginning of worse things to come from these two groups.

  4. @agangatha Mithuru

    This is not the beginning. It began long back. Not 3 years ago. Not 30 years ago.

  5. This is the start of something big... A state that lacks legitimacy leads to a lawless state, when police r made to become a thug, they are going to act like one.

  6. so it was lawless since long ago i say..

  7. this is a telltale sign that the rogue elements in these two institutes solely supported by hogging our tax money lacks discipline. it shows they are capable of raping the nation and still escape justice. So it is no surprise they have started like Mexican Police. This society has lost the sense of social belonging and societal values

  8. @ ibrahim Mohamed

    We didn't lose anything, we had none in the first place

  9. When there is no legitimacy in the Government, the country is to experience many more outrageous behaviors .. I wonder whether the President take any notice of these events or he is just submerged in his posh life style admiring the wealth and power he has landed on

  10. Riyaz is going according to his words.
    He is doing all he can to make POLICE feared.

    Could it be possible:

    Funds supplied for the coup had not been disbursed to who should be receiving? Instead landed in the bank accounts of the Majors!

    Minors who did the dirty work were given peanuts and are now are getting heated up and trying to lay their hands on whichever money they can; and beef up before they are put on the gallows?

    What ever this could be; this is totally outrageous!

  11. 'Serve and protect Whom? ' I wonder. You , greedy nincompoops!
    Forget about Asandah , Spend whole budget on Police and MNDF. Is that enough ?
    At least we want to be safe from you, Let alone ' Partteys' and Criminals.

  12. robbing by police and mndf started in 2011 when nincompoop anni was in his throne.why didnt he address this way back then.we know he brought 48 or 46 thugs from jail to the two institutions before.i say all of this is his plan to defame every other place and people except self appointed god "sonibe" anni himself


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