Two Pakistani nationals fined MVR 100,000, sentenced to life for drug trafficking

The Criminal Court today sentenced two Pakistani nationals to 25 years prison and fined the pair MVR 100,000 (US$6666) each.

The pair were given a month to pay their fines.

The court identified the two Pakistanis as Ishfaq and Imthiyaz Khan.

The Criminal Court ruling said that on February 12 of this year the pair arrived in the Maldives around 12:51am early morning on Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL107.

Imthiyaz and Ishfaq both confessed that they had swallowed a large amount of illegal drugs in bullet-sized packets. When the drugs found inside their body was tested it was showed to be containing Diamorphine, a substance found in heroin is banned under section 1 of the Drug Act.

The court determined that both men had violated the Maldives Drug Act and sentenced them accordingly.

Last Wednesday, the Criminal Court sentenced Ali Ugail of Hulhudhoo in Addu City after the court found him guilty of trafficking illegal drugs into the Maldives.

The court said Ugail arrived to the Maldives on March 29 on Air India Flight number AI263 carrying 76 bullet-sized packets containing Diamorphine.

Ugail confessed to the crime in court and was also sentenced  to 25 years and a fine of MVR 100,000.

Police statistics issued today by the Statistics and Analysis Unit show that in the first 10 days of Ramadan, 63 drug-related cases were filed by police.


6 thoughts on “Two Pakistani nationals fined MVR 100,000, sentenced to life for drug trafficking”

  1. Two Ahmadees trying to sully the good names of proper Muslims by selling us drugs whilst pretending to be one of us. How deplorable.

    May they perish many times over in Jahannam.

  2. Your sunni brothers in Pakistan are up to no good again. You guys have so much in common its uncanny!!
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    You are like twins separated at birth!!
    Dhivehi Hangyourself, please don't blame Ahmadees for bringing drugs into Maldives....the drug pushers and addicts in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Maldives are all sunnis.....the 'proper' muslims whom I call the brahmins of the muslim world
    DH may I wish you a speedy journey to Jahannam
    How much is a fix of BS in Male these days?

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  4. @ Wanna be Miss India

    "You are like twins separated at birth!!"

    I have told you before also. We are triplets separated at birth. India, Maldives and Pakistan.
    Kyon hamein apnana nahin chaahathey ho?

  5. @ MissIndia NewDelhi

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  6. Nowadays non muslims all over the world automatically assume:
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