Government to lease four islands for resort development

The Ministry of Tourism has made an announcement today inviting expressions of interest (EOI) to develop four uninhabited islands and one lagoon as tourist resorts.

The designated islands were Haa Dhaal Dhipparufushi, Haa Dhaal Kanamana, Haa Dhaal Kudafarufasgandu, Shaviyani Bolissafaru, and a lagoon in Haa Dhaal Atoll with the coordinates 6°42’41”N, 72°54’34”E.

Dh. Kanamana. H. Dh. Kudafarufasgandu and the lagoon in H. Dh Atoll mentioned above will be developed as a single project,” the announcement noted.

The deadline for submission of EOI is December 4 while an information session would be held on November 27 at the ministry.

President Abdulla Yameen announced plans to develop five tourist resorts in Haa Dhaal atoll during a visit to two northern islands earlier this month.

Haa Dhaal is currently the only atoll in the country without a resort in operation.


Ali Sulaiman made State Dignitary

Ali Sulaiman of Maafannu Lucky Star was yesterday conferred the title of ‘State Dignitary’ by President Mohamed Nasheed, “in recognition of his invaluable service to the state”, the President’s Office reports.

In a ceremony at the Upper North Regional Office in Haa Dhaal atoll Kulhudhuffushi, Sulaiman was credited for his “immense services” to the country and nation, and particularly noted for his role in bringing a multi-party political system to the Maldives.

In his 33-year long service to the state, Sulaiman served as Haa Dhaal atoll MP, Manager of Haa Dhaal atoll shop, Island Chief of Haa Dhaal atoll Vaikaradhoo and Haa Dhaal Atoll Chief. During this time he has helped develop education and other social services locally.


Shaviyani man arrested for molesting one year-old daughter

A man from Shaviyani Atoll was arrested last Thursday on the island of Kulhuduffushi in Haa Dhaal Atoll for allegedly molesting his one-year-old daughter.

The man, who is married to a woman from Kulhuduffushi, was described as older but is not known to have a criminal record, according to Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam.

The abuse was discovered by a younger sister in the family, Shiyam said.

After notifying the island’s Family and Children Services Centre, the family took the baby to a nearby hospital for inspection.

“Doctors confirmed that the baby had been sexually abused, and we are investigating to see how long this has been going on,” Shiyam said.


Cooking oil containers washing ashore in northern atolls

Hundreds of cooking oil containers have washed ashore in islands of Haa Dhaal and Shaviyani Atolls in the north of the Maldives, reports Haveeru.

While a fishing boat from Shaviyani Kanditheemu recovered 256 20-litre cooking oil containers and two 200-litre oil barrels, according to Island Councillor Abdul Habeeb, over 100 containers washed ashore on the Naagoshi Resort currently under development in Haa Dhaal Atoll.

Meanwhile Sun Online reports that fishing vessels of Haa Dhaal Nellaidhoo found five 200-litre oil barrels and 40 20-litre cooking oil containers while four oil barrels and 50 oil containers washed ashore on Kulhudhufushi.


HRCM health survey concluded

In preparation for the Universal Periodic Review, the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has concluded a survey which explores the status of health services in Haa Alifu and Haa Dhaal Atolls, reports Miadhu.

The information was collected in Dhidhdhoo, Kelaa and Muraidhoo in Haa Alif Atoll, and Kulhudhuffushi and Hanimaadhoo of Haa Dhaal Atoll.

The HRCM has gathered NGOs, health facility chiefs and members of the public to produce a report to assess the status of the government’s medical insurance programme and the availability of services in health facilities.

The report is being prepared for the Universal Periodic Review of the Maldives which will be held in September 2010 at the UN Human Rights Council.