Woman stabs ex-husband to death in Male’

A 21 year-old woman has been arrested after allegedly stabbing her 34 year-old ex-husband to death near Woodapple restaurant in Male’.

Police said the man died in hospital on Tuesday afternoon while he was receiving medical treatment.

Police Sergeant Abdul Muhusin declined to reveal further information on the case “as the investigation is ongoing.”

The criminal court trial began yesterday with murder charges presented against Mariyam Nazaha by state prosecutor Dheebaanaz Fahmy.

According to daily newspaper Haveeru, Fahmy claimed Nazaha hid a knife in her bedroom with the intention of stabbing Hassan Shahid, of Machangoalhi Edhuruge.

Nazaha acknowledged the charges and denied them, Haveeru reported. Her lawyer, Ahmed Abdulla Afeef, said he would review the documents before responding to the charges.

Meanwhile, a person familiar with the matter told Minivan News the victim was stabbed by his ex-wife, after they separated some time ago.

He said he saw the victim run out of Baikendi in the Henveiru district of Male’ yesterday afternoon, enter a nearby shop and ask the shopkeeper to call the police as he had been stabbed.

”At first people in the shop thought he was joking, but then he took his hands from the wound and showed them the blood,” said the source. ”He was stabbed once in the lower back.”

The source told Minivan News that two passing police men stopped and assisted the injured man, while police headquarters sent more officers to the scene.

”He was taken to ADK hospital for treatment and later died,” he said.

The source claimed the man was stabbed inside the house where his ex-wife lived.

”He used to come to that house but he was not allowed inside,” the source said. ”They have a child that he comes to visit.”

He said the incident may have been the result of a court ruling yesterday regarding the child’s guardianship.


22 thoughts on “Woman stabs ex-husband to death in Male’”

  1. we are now living in the promised 'aneh dhivehi rajje'... Thanks President!

  2. Minivan News - First for independent news in Maldives. Last for reporting the news.

  3. just look at how fast the failed-Maldivian justice system reacted! The woman has been taken to court within 24 hours. There's enough evidence that the woman did report to the authorities of the abuse she was facing daily, and the state failed miserably to protect her. I fully sympathise with the lady. Well, atleast she's gonna have some peace of mind knowing that the monster now lies 6 feet deep!!

  4. Whatever it is it may be good riddance! Shahid is one of Yaamin's thugs who has been causing havoc in this country and is one of the leading experts of organised crime. So you can look at it as a "Jihad" because now we are free of one of the thugs that cause so much unstability in our society. Nazaha has endured enough and maybe this was the only way out! He wouldn't let her live her life ever. She cannot even date anyone else coz Shahid goes and beats them up! Anyway, our courts system is so corrupt that it would always choose the side of the convict and not the victim!

  5. Wow! Minivan News has been woken up by NEWS!

    By the way their trial has already started!

    I understand that she got furious over her EX trying to TURN her from a gym instructor to a NANNY of their sick child! IS THAT A REASON TO GET THAT FURIOUS?? After all the kid was only two years. Shouldn't she give more time to care for what came out her womb, than frolicking the whole day to ONE! TWO! THREE! BUMS UP! LEGS UP! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! HANDS UP!

  6. @Nazeer

    It's not "baiKENDI" or heykendi!
    It's baiKANDI, like in half-sword!?

  7. Inaya from MN: You must be praising this woman! This is the type of women you dream of Maldives to have.

  8. Yes no body say the reason if she was facing abuse and aggressive behavior from ex husband.she is brave woman and she use knife for protection.same local people must doing with drug mafia leaders.
    many man in Male have behavior like animals and not respect a woman because all the time under drugs.very low level of morality at present days /but it is result of big dirty game in democracy under new government/so be preparing for new terrible story about what happening in super happy democratic country/

  9. A young girl was brutally murdered and her body hidden packed in cheap suit case a few months back. Another murder of a young girl throat slit found dead in a toilet, road side stabbings, family murders and so on. Death by injury, apparently seems to be the trend in town. Its not only the drug addicts or gangs to blame. Normal people are gradually going nuts. Congestion, pollution, lack of education and interest to enhance life and a high cost of living is taking toll on most people. There is so much bad happening in closed doors, and as long as we live in secrecy and shame, such incidents would continue. Its not politics, Maldives has just woken up to realty of life.

  10. yes, some men are a pain in the ass !!!they are so weak when they really fall in love...

  11. This is clear evidence that women can be as cruel physically even though feminists often portray men as physically powerful.

    Maldivian women are completely lost. Someone should do research about these slogan chanting feminists..

  12. This is why we need investigative journalism in this country.

    The "sensational" title itself precludes the woman's most likely innocence.

    We don't know whether the man tried to rape the woman, whether she did it in self-defense. If so, she does not deserve to be convicted. She would be the victim in this case.

  13. The woman had "ALLEGEDLY" stabbed her ex. It's not been proven, and until so, she's innocent. Why do we not look at the fact that she might have been protecting herself? Hope she gets a fair trial.

    As for being taken to court.. I wonder why gangsters who are stabbing and going around killing each other aren't being taken as well. Why do they not face a trial??

    @Women's rule : Everyone is capable of physically overpowering another. It all depends on what state of mind they are in. please do your OWN research about feminism before spewing such nonsense.

  14. innocent till proven guilty.

    not only death but the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of the man must be investigated.

    from what I've been reading and hearing, the system has failed the woman...

  15. This death shud be wake up call to the LAW enforcement units.... There r many women like the ex wife in Raajje....most just take the abuse and stay silent.

    And oftentimes friends and family of the man beating the wife, ex wife or girl friend knows about the abuse and DO NOT feel it necessary to intervene or even try to stop the violence.

    I doubt if the woman expected the man to die after she struck him once... but that is the poetic justice of Allah. He had been striking her repeatedly for a long period of time...she strikes once and he dies. I hope the girl gets a fair trial that looks into the circumstances of the unfortunate death of a man.

    Obsession over people is also an issue that has to be looked into along with the unchecked and silenced issue of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE....

    The State failed to protect the woman from her aggressor.... she tries to protect herself and it leads to her killing her aggressor...
    Law cannot be taken into one's own hand...but when laws fail to protect you, you do need to find ur own protection, instead of leaving ur self at the mercy of the aggressor to do what he pleases, whenever he pleases... In the end both parties became victims of the unrelenting cycle of violence.


  16. well said Jenny. if the system cannot protect the women in Maldives, then women will arm themselves, they will stab and they will kill. heard about the young girl from Afghanistan who raised a rifle and put bullet holes in the bodies of the men who were trying to forcefully wed her to a man? poetic justice indeed. how hypocritical to see all these people who never raised their voices when young boys were stabbed to death on streets now yelling when a woman raises a knife.

  17. is there anything called law and order here in this tiny country? so if there's not is there a President here? so whose responsibility is to make us safe? is there a parliament here? ... are we all animals now? is this the democracy we want?

  18. Let's investigate if she had any secret meetings with a chain smoking FEMINIST just before the cold blooded murder!

  19. Let's also investigate WHY she CONFESSED to the crime and later pleaded not guilty!!??

  20. @Heck,

    Are you competing to be the most frequent comment writer on minivannews?

    I wonder whether you are employed anywhere. If you do, you are talking such a lot of time out of paid time to log into minivannews every now and then.

    You know Heck, after you die and when the Angel asks you "How did you spend your life?" are you going to answer "Writing comments on minivannews".

    You appear to me as one confused, bitter, sad ass. I wonder what has made you into such a person. I wonder what is the crime you have committed that you are trying so hard to cover up.

    By the way, I'm sure there will be no extra hooralleens and palaces in Heaven for you

  21. The initial response I heard even from good people was - 'people have become evil - a WOMAN stabbed a man to death'. Does anyone stop to think of the desperation out there in this country? MPs from all sides, please take this personally, please go visit your constituents, see for yourselves how they live, listen to them, put yourselves in their shoes. Put your own egos aside and enable some policies that would let the people who elected you live in less of a hellhole, have access to a secure environment, earn a decent living, heal from the traumas of the past. Give them that respect that they deserve instead of watching from your warm seats and castigating the people who lose it - people are not evil by nature - but living under constant stress and without any hope of a reprieve can make people crack. It is our collective responsibility to try and create a more positive environment, but the constant political bickering makes this almost impossible in such a close knit society.


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