Brother of Vice Presidential candidate Ahmed Thasmeen Ali arrested while under the influence

The brother of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik’s running mate Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, Mohamed Adil, was arrested yesterday while under the influence, reports local media.

Adil, also a director at One & Only Reethi Rah Resort, was arrested at Ibrahim Nasir National Airport upon his arrival from overseas, according to CNM. He was arrested “after his behavior gave away that he was high”.

Police told local media they “arrested a 37-year-old Maldivian from the airport VIP lounge who was intoxicated” at approximately 4:30pm Tuesday (July 23).


Court sentences Humam for six years on charges of using cannabis

Criminal Court has sentenced Hussain Humam of Henveiru Lobby House, who was arrested in connection with the murder of late MP Dr Afrasheem Ali, to six years’ imprisonment on two counts of using cannabis.

The Criminal Court ruling stated that in May last year Humam was arrested by a patrolling officer on suspicious of being intoxicated. Police officers tested his urine which was tested positive for cannabis, police said.

The court said that Humam has confessed in court to using cannabis.

The Court said that in October 2012, Humam was arrested while he was near Jalapeno Restaurant on suspicion that he was intoxicated.

Humam was brought to Male’ Custodial by patrolling officers and his urine tested positive to cannabis,\, the criminal court said.

According to the Criminal Court, Humam  confessed to using cannabis in the court during the trial.

Last month the Criminal Court sentenced Humam to one year imprisonment after the court found him guilty of refusing to provide a urine sample for a drug test.

The Court said Humam has violated the 17/2011 Drug Act’s article 113[a] and was therefore sentenced under 113[b] of the Drug Act.

The trial of Dr Afrasheem’s murder case is still going on in the Criminal Court. Humam is the only person to be charged in the case.

Humam is also charged in another case for allegedly attacking a police officer. He has denied the charges in court.