PPM deny rumours that party called for MDP members to be killed

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has denied reports it made threats to kill Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) members at a party rally last week.

Local media reported that a statement issued by PPM insisted that the party had not incited or called for violence, claiming that the rumours were due to the party’s “increasing popularity”.

According to local media, rumours had spread on social media claiming that PPM MP Shifag Mufeed had called for MDP members to be killed.

In response, PPM noted that Shifag or any other member had not made the comments, adding that the rumour had sparked death threats to Shifaq.


Family of stabbing victim Muheeth to hold 10 minutes of silence

The family of 21 year-old Abdul Muheeth ‘Bobby’ who was stabbed to death outside the Finance Ministry of February 19, has organised 10 minutes of silence in memory of his death.

The 10 minutes of silence is to be held on Thursday at Ameenee Magu from 12:30pm to 12:40pm in front of the Finance Ministry, the area where he was killed.

Muheeth’s family said the event was open for the public to take part, and appealed for as many as possible to take part.

According to the ‘Justice for Bobby’ Facebook page created by his family, after the 10 minutes of silence attendees will be invited to pray.

Muheeth’s family said the event was the beginning of their work against gang violence, and said they have realised that more innocent lives could be lost as the city of Male’ was no longer safe for anyone.

‘’A moment of silence will be observed in remembrance of our dear brother Bobby, who was brutally killed by some evil gangsters on February 19th 2012,” the family said. “Please join with us to honor and pay respect to our innocent brother. Thank you!’’

The ‘Justice for Bobby’ Facebook page has since been ‘liked’ by 13,000 people, with moving comments posted by many family members.

‘’It’s so hard to even look at your photos, I get flashbacks of the night I held you in my arms when you were covered in blood…. I tried… I lied.. I told him ‘Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.. Just be strong. It’s just a scratch’,” said his brother.

“I never realised how many stab marks were on his body until I looked at myself… I was covered in Bobby’s blood, from head to toe… words can’t explain how much it hurts to lose you like that.. I will try as hard as I can. One way or another, I will find justice,” he wrote.

Bobby’s girlfriend wrote: ‘’I saw u in my dreams last night… I’m glad I saw u, we were talking about our marriage.. I’m looking forward for that day so much… The day you and I can be one.. But maybe God has another plan for us, something wonderful for us in heaven perhaps. Miss the way u made me feel around u… Miss the sweet conversations we had… and most of all, miss fighting with u… the fact that i miss u so much and there is nothing i can do about it, is killing me inside.. i want to talk to u, hug u, hold ur hand, and be around u all the time…”

A cousin wrote a poem: “I’m glad he feels no pain now – he lives in a perfect land, I can hear the soft voice and the see the sweet smile on his face, I lie in bed and cry at night, and I don’t feel any better in the morning light, And I will love and miss him forever, until the day we are again together, together in that perfect place above, filled with caring, sharing and love, but until that day comes – I will wipe my tears away.”

Meanwhile, police have a statement saying that cases have been forwarded against Muhujath Ahmed Naasih of Abulagee Ge on Gahdhoo in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, Mohamed Maimoon of Zaithoonige, on Naifaru of Lhaviyani Atoll, and Ali Mushahfau of Sultan Villa on Maradhoo in Seenu Atoll.

The Criminal Court and Juvenile Court have begun the hearings of the case, which continues in court.


Four arrested in connection with murder of 16 year-old boy

Four men have been arrested in connection with the murder of Mohamed Arham, 16, who was found murdered inside ‘Lorenzo Park’ last Wednesday.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed to Minivan News that four men were arrested, but declined to disclose further information.

‘’At this time police are trying to find more clues and information about the case. If further information is revealed it will be very easy to disrupt the investigation,’’ he said.

He said that at the time police had not yet decided to disclose the names of the arrested persons.

Arham’s body was discovered in the park around 6:00am last Wednesday by police officers patrolling the area.

“The body had many stab wounds and other injuries,” Haneef said.

Deputy Head of Specialist Command Mohamed Riyaz has previously told media that a police investigation into the stabbing murder of the 16 year-old boy was making progress.

The Education Ministry, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) and police have condemned the attack on the boy.

Friends of Arham have meanwhile confirmed that he was in the park at night after all his friends left because he was too tired to go home, as he had just finished attending a camp that day.

Arham did not leave the park with his friends and may have fallen asleep in the park alone, and been attacked while he was asleep, according to some of Arham’s friends.

Arham’s body was found with stab wounds in his neck, back and chest with blood all over his body and on the ground, as well as on the walls of the park.

Neighbors living around the park have told the local media that at dawn that day they have heard the sound of someone wailing inside the park, but as it was usual to hear such noises in the area they did not pay much attention.

Mohamed Arham was a student at grade 9 in Dharmavantha School when he died.