Increase in burglaries prompts police warning

Police have issued a notice of warning to all residents of Male’ to secure their houses and property when leaving to islands for Eid holidays.

33 cases of burglaries have been reported in the past 48 hours.

The normally crowded streets of Male’ are becoming less crowded as people have started going back to their islands for the upcoming Eid Al Adha as well as the presidential election, scheduled for this coming Saturday (October 19).

In the statement issued by police station Inspector Ismail Ali, he said the police are doing extra work to patrol the streets of Male’ and trying to determine suspicious activities through intelligence reports in order to stop burglaries before they occur.

”Police are doing nonstop work to attend the crime scenes as soon as possible and to find the culprits and investigate the case,” the police said. ”However, theft is an organized crime and it is very important that police receive full cooperation from the people.”

”We also note that police have been receiving cooperation from the people in this type of cases,” the police notice added.

According to police, in the cases police received over the past 48 hours there were cases concerning large amounts of money, valuable properties and mobile phones.

Police said they had noticed that in most cases the thieves were able to steal valuable properties left in the sitting room or more visible areas, and in some cases they are able to get inside after the homeowners forget to lock the doors.

”These type of cases can be prevented if people are more cautious and use preventive methods such as not leaving valuable properties visible when sleeping.

Furthermore, the police urged people to hide money, jewelries and mobile phones in a safe place and reminded shops and offices not to store money inside their premises.

The police also reminded shop owners, offices and homeowners to make sure they lock their places before leaving for anywhere.


3 thoughts on “Increase in burglaries prompts police warning”

  1. Wonder if the police will ever locate my motorbike. Their attitude wasn't very encouraging. Had the bike belonged to a PPM member it would have been found by now. I hope someone steals Abdulla Riyaz's wife.

  2. The one time i requested them to investigate a theft, i regretted having even raised it, to the Police.

    They were openly uninterested, and the don't care attitude, oozing out of them.

    Good luck, those who seek some calm away, from the Rat-infested Male'-politics, hope those who exploit the multitude of weaknesses in the Police, don't target you.

  3. The Maldives government and the police promote stealing, burglary, robbery and drug use etc.

    Look at the low wages the Maldives, Bangladesh and India worker etc. earns monthly and gets paid monthly.

    Before the end of the month arrives they are starving and need money for food. Some do not get paid as they should - WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO?


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