Police arrest woman involved in seized drug network

Police have arrested a 28 year old woman for her alleged involvement in the local drug network that was seized on 16 December.

According to the police, the woman was arrested Sunday night (December 22) while she was inside Finifenjambuge in Maafannu ward in Male’, under an arrest warrant.

Local newspapers have reported that the woman was the wife of one of the main suspects arrested in connection with the case.

On 16 December, police conducted joint special operation with the police Intelligence Department and Drug Enforcement Department (DED) to seize a local drug network and raided Finifenjamuge where police officers discovered 243 grams of illegal drugs and large amounts of cash including foreign currency.

A 30 year-old man was arrested along with two other men who allegedly obstructed police duty during the raid.

According to local media, police officers discovered MVR142,000, 630 Indian Rupee, 2020 Srilankan Rupees, seven Malaysia Ringgits, 60 Thai Bahts and US$ 4 inside Finifenjambuge.

On December 5, police said they seized another drug network operating in the Maldives.

During the police operation conducted to smash the network police searched the premises of Henveiru Fahaageaage after obtaining a search warrant, finding drugs and money inside the house.

Police said that persons believed to be involved in the network were apprehended inside the house during the operation.

According to police, a total four persons were arrested in connection with the case including a Pakistani and a Sri Lankan national.