11,528 ‘concerned Maldivians’ asked CMAG for justice prior to Friday’s meeting

At Friday’s meeting of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) a petition was presented to the group’s ministers said to be representing “a group of concerned Maldivians” unaffiliated to any one political party.

The petition was signed by 11,528 Maldivians between September 18-24, who called upon CMAG to provide them with justice.

“The events of 6-7 February have however dashed all the hopes of the people that henceforth governments will change by free and fair elections,” read the letter.

“We are very disappointed…that the Commission of Inquiry found the transfer of power legal, and warranted to reinstate the power of the former dictatorship, which was ousted in the first democratic elections of 2008,” it continued.

“We plead that if Ministers are not in a position now to give us justice, at least to refrain from delivering us injustice. We hope that Ministers will give careful consideration to the reservations that have been expressed about the methods of work by the Commission.”

“We hope Ministers will not abandon the people of Maldives, and be with us until the genuine voice of the people are heard in a free and fair election,” it said.

The eventual outcome of the CMAG meeting saw the Maldives’ suspension from the group lifted, whilst it still remains on the group’s ‘matters of interest’.