300 flats being built on Hulhumale’ for police officers

Three hundred flats set aside for police officers will be built on the island of Hulhumale’, Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz has announced.

The building work was announced at a function celebrating the 80th anniversary of police services in the Maldives, with the flats being built as part of efforts to “improve the welfare of servicemen and servicewomen”, the commissioner was quoted as saying by Channel News Maldives (CNM).

Additionally, a “mechanism” for police officers and their families to receive medical treatment in Sri Lankan institutions at “minimal prices” will also be introduced in April.

The Police Family Association is also being “revived to strengthen the social relations of police officers and their family ties,” Riyaz said added.


One thought on “300 flats being built on Hulhumale’ for police officers”

  1. With due respect Mr. Riyaz, please name two or three things that the police have accomplished which may have a positive impact on the lives of the simple poor all over Maldives. All what we know is that your institution has been used by politicians for their own benefit.

    Local Criminals are on the streets, international criminals have found Maldives a safe heaven, women are still abused on a daily basis, corruption even within your forces continues....the list goes on.

    The country is broke, IGMH doesn't even have an IV, educational systems have collapsed, offices cant pay wages and here you say the government is to build 300 flats!

    Police + MNDF total votes will definitely guarantee continuation of prevailing stupidity and dictatorship. Riyaz we are not fools, and I pray when MDP takes over, you will be the first to loose your ranks and pay for atrocities committed.


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